Monday, January 2, 2012

Another win for Fassy [edited]

From the 15th Annual Online Film Critics Society Awards

Best Lead Actor:
Michael Fassbender - Shame

The Online Film Critics Society is the largest, most respected organization for critics whose work appears primarily on the Internet.

Update: Announced in the early hours of Jan 3rd, Michael has won the Best Actor prize from Capri the Hollywood International Film Festival! Congratulations Michael... this is a nice big win heading towards the Golden Globes and Oscar nominations!


dshultz said...

Well, this being the largest representation of online critics, and the internet being the largest form of media today, Michael seems to have won over the majority of these fellas, and the more of these he wins, the more likely a AMPAS nom becomes.

F.FRANKLIN said...

Congratulations Michael!!!!!!

Dionne said...

Good for Michael! I think the AMPAS nom is on the way!

Emmy said...

I'm so happy for FASSY !!!!!!!!! Congrats Michael ! =)