Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Best Actor @LAFCA

Michael at the LA Film Critics Awards ceremony, Friday night to collect his Best Actor award!

"One guy locks his wife in the attic, one tries to figure out his dreams, one manipulates metal, the other manipulates himself.” - Michael @LAFCA

I participated in a live chat at The Hollywood Reporter with Scott Feinberg and asked him this question, which he kindly answered with a frank assessment.

Here is a follow up comment to my question, from Nina:

This non-Michael related question CAN be applied towards Michael's predicament:


Anonymous said...

the SAG screeners...the SAG screeners...this is only thing that comes in my mind. It's like someone's shouting out loud "the SAG screeners!!!!" in my head. Fox Searchlight, how could you....I can't even finish my sentence. But I want to think there's still hope. It ain't over till it's over.

Anonymous said...

but he's nominated for the golden globes.. isnt' that a clue he will be nominated for the oscars as well? I don't think he will win it, but he has won a lot of awards for his role in shame all over the world...I think he will get the nomination.. When we will find out??

Anonymous said...

The Oscar noms are on the 24th. If he doesn't get a nom, I'll be spitting nails.

I don't even have words for the whole SAG mess. Actually I do but I don't want to get into a whole conspiracy debate.

It's pretty sad when everybody knows that it's not always the best performance that wins you the award.

Anyway, I watched the live showing of the dinner...boring is all I can say for most of it. And I noticed that Michael had taken off his tie by the time his award was finally presented.

And in that 2nd photo, he reminds me so much of Ralph Fiennes. And I want pics of Michael with Uggy the dog!

Anonymous said...

I found out that Summit sent out screeners of Bichir's "A Better Life" to SAG and AMPAS members waaaaaay back on September 8th. It seems it was still fresh in their minds when the SAG nominating body voted, but I HOPE that a deluge of additional screeners in mid-to-late December pushed it to the back burner.

I can't find ANY information of when FOX Searchlight sent "Shame" screeners to SAG, only AMPAS (Dec 23rd). I HOPE this doesn't mean that they entirely missed the boat.... but if so, at least Michael didn't miss a SAG nom because they saw his perf and didn't like it. It looks increasingly like they just never saw it. :/

(Next time THR has a chat, someone should ask Feinberg if he knows if and when Searchlight sent out "Shame" screeners to SAG.)

Simone said...

Anon @ 9:48, I'll be pissed off if Michael doesn't get an Oscar nomination either. But then I'll also be relieved to just move on from this awards season. I won't bother to watch the broadcast either.

Anon @ 10:38, thank you for that additional information, at least it justifies and explains where Bichir came from, it wasn't so out of the blue if SAG were sent screeners way back in September.

But with all this screener talk, it just reiterates how spoon fed and co-dependent these voters are who pretty much rely on receiving these screeners to watch performances that studios want them to see. it's no wonder that small films or Indies with not a lot of money, are overlooked, all because a studio doesn't have the money, or the savvy business sense about how to play to these voters by sending (spoon feeding to them) what they need or SHOULD see.

Every year, I learn something new and I've been following this stuff for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

See, that's just the thing: FOX Searchlight has a reputation (along with Weinstein) at being remarkable marketers/strategizers during the awards season. In fact, last year they struck a ground-breaking deal with Apple to provide screeners to SAG and AMPAS members digitally over iTunes (the films required a secure password to be accessed). This directly translated into major acting nominations for both James Franco (127 Hours) and Natalie Portman (Black Swan).
Searchlight didn't do it again this year because a SAG member broke protocol and leaked his iTunes screener of "Black Swan" online.
I'm amazed they didn't have a better screener strategy for "Shame" in place this year, to be honest.

Iris said...

It's super weird for me that the only place Bichir is nominated is SAG (i know it's beacuse of the screeners)... but that's Hollywood for you...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, apparently well timed screeners are more important than any major critic association precursor.


Simone said...

anon @2:09, you hit the nail on the head.

With all due respect to Bichir, he hasn't won one critics award for his performance, but yet, a damn screener gets him a SAG. I have 'A Better Life' in my netflix queue, so I will see it.

We will know for sure on Jan 24th, Oscar nomination day, if the timing of the release of the Shame screener fucked things up for Michael.

Anonymous said...

I think some people overestimate the pull critics have on the film industry. Sure, film reviews (especially in major publications) are media exposure, which can in turn evolve into an enduring narrative about a performance/film, but as a whole, I think the Academy is more insular. For instance, many people believe Julia Roberts single-handedly earned that Oscar nod for Javier Bardem last season because she held private screening parties of his film for her peers. But all the prognosticators had predicted Robert Duvall in that 5th slot based on precursor support. Bardem had nothing but a BAFTA nom under his belt before the Oscar noms were announced.