Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FassFass tumblr Photo set

I posted a lovely buffet of newly released Michael Fassbender photos from Henry Leutwyler tonight at tumblr.
Updated: Here is the complete set un-watermarked!

Favorite #1

Favorite #2

Which one is your favorite from Henry Leutwyler? You can't pick the same ones I did! LOL! Just kidding.


Lex said...

Argh this much goodness is too much in the early morning...! Must.click.another.time! Thanks Simone!

Anonymous said...

The best ones are those you chose and the third one below your number one choice. Very good photos!

dshultz said...

Do I have do pick favorites? One thing I really Like about Michael is that he's not a "take your shirt off" kind of sexy, he has the same amount of sex appeal whether or not he is fully clothed (unless he's playing a sex addict). By the way, I was just checking out "The Envelope"'s Oscar predictions according to 5 different critics, and they all list Fassy as a Best Actor Oscar Nominee!


MLM said...

If I was Vogue's photo editor, I'd have a hard time choosing one or two for the editorial piece. So glad to see the unpublished ones from the photoshoot. The photographer was right to say that Fassy doesn't have a bad angle. His features are classic and so photogenic. He looks like a Russian prince.

Anonymous said...

OMG my heart skipped a beat. I like the ones where he is looking all rakish and dashing in the suit. I so want this man to be my lord and master!