Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes Coverage - Michael Fassbender at the GGs

Hi everyone, the chat room will be opening up at 7:30pm EST and we will just chit chat about the show, and all things Fassy! There will be some moments during broadcast that will allow us to see Michael in the audience, and it's going to be fun! I think that the Best Actor award will be announced, of course, closer towards the end of the evening, so, be prepared to stay up for a while.

If you're like me and don't have cable/satellite TV (by choice, as I don't watch TV), you can watch the red carpet and the Golden Globes at this link here. You will need to download a safe program (my Norton anti-Virus gave it approval to download), which will take just a few moments, and you will be able to see it streamed online, live.

It has been announced at twitter that Michael will be wearing Armani! He's worn Armani before, and he looked smashing! Check back here in about an hour and we'll get going!

chat closed = thanks for participating!


dshultz said...

Well, bullshit that Clooney won, but what the fuck, it was bound to happen. Since the AMPAS balls aren't that much bigger than the HFPA's in my opinion, I doubt they'll give it to Michael, though he'll hopefully be nominated. So, I want Jean to get it.

Anonymous said...

Well...those are hours of my life I can't get back. I guess Clooney mentioned Little Fassy in his speech? I turned the station as soon as George came out of Natalie's mouth. And The Descendents for best picture? Yeah, not so much. And it was the Harvey Weinsten show apparently.

Simone said...

Believe me, I share your frustration, but I prepared myself for the bullshit as the golden globes love their A-list movie stars, and you can't get any bigger than Clooney.

However, the GGs have a very poor track record in comparison to the Oscars.

At this point in Michael's career, just being nominated is excellent PR, just look at the joke Clooney made of him. It is disappointing, but that's how Hollywood is, it's really incestuous and fucked up, but sometimes, true wins do come out.

I know when Meryl Streep won over Viola, I knew Michael was going to get screwed over by Clooney or Pitt. It's all about ratings and PR.

I have a feeling that Michael is fine and going to enjoy the rest of the evening and do his own thing.

it'll be ok, let's just roll with this for however long we can over the coming weeks. Michael's performance is the best of the year.

Anonymous said...

That joke Clooney made was the second best thing that could have happened tonight. Great exposure. (Pun intended)

Iris said...

I love George Clooney.(please dont throw the tomatos at me!)i think that he is a mediocre actor, with the right director and script he can be good, but two oscars no way! i actually think he is a better director, i love "Goodnight and Good luck" and "confessions of a dangerous mind". but he cannot hold a candle to Michael's talent. and i agree with you Anon, although he looked like he wanted to dive under the table.

Anonymous said...

Shame that Michael didn't win but I think no one was really surprised, these award shows aren't talent contests, they're popularity contests.

Simone, if you get any info related to Shame's blu-ray release date, could you please give us a heads up. It's on Amazon but there's no date yet. Do you have any idea when about it'll come out?