Monday, January 2, 2012

January will be Chock Full of Crazy for Fassinators!

To be Michael Fassbender, or just a fan of his, January promises to be an anxiety filled month. Coming off a successful December, with the release of 'Shame' and 'A Dangerous Method', and an impressive array of press articles in various publications, if you did not know Michael Fassbender on Dec 1st, you damn well knew about him by Dec. 31st! Take a look at this For Your Consideration ad for Michael in 'Shame'. Fox Searchlight has listed many of  Michael's awards gathered thus far, 'bragging rights', and to remind Oscar voters, and anyone else who votes for an awards committee, to review what he has won and to go see Shame for themselves.

They will have to adjust that ad soon because surely he'll win a few more. And speaking of that, as a reminder, the BAFTA nominations are on January 17th, and a week later, the biggest prize of them all, the Oscar nominations will be announced, LIVE, with a big hoop-la, on January 24th. I'm still deciding if I will have to call in work late that morning, just so that I can watch the broadcast in peace without pesky work obligations getting in the way. I'll just be a little late. In the event that he is nominated, I'll be ecstatic and I'll want to moon walk in the privacy of my own home. And in the unexpected tragic event that he is not nominated, I will want to scream at the top of my lungs, and kick something, in the privacy of my own home. Capiche? So, I reckon I've already made up my mind: I'm calling in late on the 24th.

Also for the month of January, on the 20th, the long awaited Haywire film will be released! Funny thing is that Shame will still slowly be expanding to other cities later this month in anticipation of Oscar nominations, and if Shame receives proper nomination recognition, that will speed up expansion to even more cities. Hey, there could even be a Fassy Double-billing at some theaters, playing both Shame and Haywire! Go to the Haywire website and you will dig what you see! I just LOVE how they use Michael's face the first damn chance they get. You'd think he was the main attraction, the main headliner... you hear music from a piano first, then you see 'Sexy Michael' appear on the right side of the screen, seconds later, Gina. Loves it! Pure Marketing 101! Lure in the audience with the hottest thing on the planet right now, even though he's in it for maybe 10 minutes. I'm so psyched to see Haywire because there is a severe drought in the ass-kicking female protagonist niche, and I'm confident Gina Carano will go on to fill those shoes. If you're on twitter, follow @HaywireFilm.

Michael on set of 'Haywire'.
Michael getting the snot beat out of him in 'Haywire'.

Two new stills from 'Haywire'.


dshultz said...

I hope your boss doesn't read this blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I've read Academy members aren't thrilled with SHAME screeners, being the stodgy bunch they are, so I do fear a bit for his Oscsr chances. Pair that with his lack of love at the SAG nominations, and I worry he might be kicked to the curb come nomination time; I hear support is stronger for Ryan Gosling and DRIVE than people think...
Since US talk shows won't book a star of a NC-17 film, I'm hoping they'll get him in on a show under tge pretense of Haywire during GG week or week after!

Simone said...

@dshultz - no one at work has any idea of my nocturnal online habits. ;-)

@Anon, thanks for your comments and yes, I'm very aware that Michael and Shame could be snubbed in the highest order. I'm very prepared for him to not be nominated because of the prejudice against and the stigma against NC-17 'mature adult' films.

I can only say that AMPAS will only be giving itself the finger for being too stodgy and snobby to not acknowledge the performance, not the rating of a film.

I'm all for Ryan Gosling to be nominated, and I really liked Drive... a lot. But in comparison to Shame, Drive has a lot of incredible violence, lots of extreme bloodshed. I winced at several scenes and had to turn away from another, because of the violence. But I still loved the film.

Nothing in Shame made me wince or look away.

Now please explain that?

Drive is R-rated.

Shame is NC-17 because of male nudity and simulated sex. Not a gun in sight.

Food for thought. :/

dshultz said...

Simone, you totally said it. By the way, I saw both Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Artist over the weekend, and I have to say, this is a great year for performances thus far. I know Dujardin will be nominated, and has a good chance at winning, but I hope that the AMPAS recognize Gary's brilliant work as George Smiley, he was a marvel of suggestion, implication and restraint. Dujardin, Gary and Fassy give the best performances of the year, hands down.

Dionne said...

I'm like you Simone! On those days I'm going to try to sneak into the back of the classroom. I know I will be late! January is such a huge month for Fassinators! It's also my b-day month so I don't want any bad news. ;)

Anonymous said...

After all the amazing reviews and articles on Michael in Shame, if he doesn't get a nom for the Oscars?? They'll look like fools. Just like the SAGS.