Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael at the Golden Globes

I can't wait for Brendan and Michael to work together.

Last night, Fassinators across the globe had high hopes that Michael Fassbender would pull off his first major American award win at the Golden Globes, but it was not to be. As predicted, the Golden Globes gave the award to George Clooney, an actor they all love and have no shame in putting on kneepads to let him know this, as frequently as possible. I know a lot of fans were very, very disappointed, but this is far from over. The one really interesting thing that came out of the Clooney win, was that George, in his usual 'Let me make you laugh because you love me' moment, gave a giant salute to Michael Fassbender's performance in Shame. Although it made many of us wince, as well as Michael, it was funny. But what will come out of it is that A-LIST AMERICAN ACTOR/DIRECTOR GOD GEORGE CLOONEY gave America a reason to really go check out Shame now... to see why it's been proclaimed that Michael can probably golf with his hands tied behind his back! ;-) This my friends, is the benefit of Michael attending the globes and not winning the actual award, but he won recognition, got a hearty applause, and high-profile camera time. And he looked very handsome too. I'm sure Michael and George will work together one day, soon, I will put a bet on it.

The next step are the BAFTA nominations on Tuesday, tomorrow, and then on Thursday are the London Film Critics Award. Michael is expected to be nominated for a BAFTA, and there are strong predictions that he will win the LFCC. And while he's in London, he will attend the sold-out Q&A screening of Shame at the Hackney Picturehouse on the 20th!  And then, next Tuesday, are the Oscar nominations. Some pundits don't think Michael will be nominated as they hold the SAG snub in high regard. But I know he will be nominated, and if Fox Searchlight can up their game a bit and promote Michael as much as they are promoting Clooney, Michael will have an even better shot.

In Hollywood, the old adage is that, as long as they are talking about you, it's good PR. In Michael's case, with Clooney's crazy on-stage comment about Michael, a LOT of people are going to be talking about him now, and will see Shame, and recognize the true brilliance of his performance, outside of his beautiful body, and properly award the right actor in February. The thing about the Golden Globes that I will say to close out this discussion, is that it is an organization that is highly scrutinized by bloggers and critics because it is the one award that is so easily bought by the studios (see the Weinsteins/Fox), and they have NO shame in showing it, and rewarding the actors/actresses and films of particular studios. It's a travesty really, I know some people who just refuse to watch it because it's so well established that the GGs are fraudulent. So don't fret and be upset that Michael didn't win the GG, and don't hate on Clooney, he's ok... just not all that. We Fassinators need to stay positive and support Michael in what will be a very long next 5-6 weeks.

Here are some photos of Michael from last night, I will post more at my tumblr later in the day. And finally, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the chat last night. It was a lot of fun and I had room for 50 participants and at one point, it was at maximum capacity, so I will have to purchase the 100 capacity option for the Oscars.


Anonymous said...

Another nice writing, Simone :-) 'As long as they are talking about you, it's good PR' - this is what I want to say about Mr. Cloony's comment. It would've been nicer, of course, if he had added some words recognizing Michael's great performance. But all in all, this kind of comment from someone at the center of the industry will draw extra attention to Michael and Shame. I think It's like a free advertisement. About the Golden Globes, I can't agree with you more. The Golden Globes being the Golden Globes. So typical and predictable. I hope the BAFTA, the LFCC and the AMPAS, they all will show me the proof that they are better than the HFPA.

Simone said...

Thanks Anon! the GGs will be a distant insignificant memory by Wednesday.

I'm very excited for Michael now - more US theaters will be showing Shame in the coming weeks, and it's doing so well overseas. Now, I just have to get my hands on the Interview magazine!

Vicky B said...

As much as I love George, I really wish we could have seen michael win last night! I did love the joke, though. Goodness gracious!

emmy said...

"I'm sure Michael and George will work together one day, soon, I will put a bet on it"

Yes, I'm sure as well ^^.

I'm disappointed of course but I'm very excited for Oscars and Baftas as well. I love your article Simon, I'm totally agree with youu !
And I loved George's salute ^^. But Michael and ESPECIALLY his mother were very embrassed (it's a normal thing) :p. Michael was really handsome and adorable ^^

BTW: I'm sure Michael WILL WIN the BAFTAS.
Really, I'm sure !!! =)

dshultz said...

This is a dream I have. Oscar night, 2012. It's time for Best Actor in a leading role. The nominees names are mentioned, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Jean Dujardin, Gary Oldman-(it's my dream (:). "And the winner is, George Clooney!" George goes up, grabs his award, and then, as he begins his speech, he says. "I'd like Michael Fassbender to come to the stage. Michael, this is your award." Complete silence. Michael, confused, isn't sure what to do, and remains seated. George says "what the hell" runs off the stage, grabs Michael, gives him the award, and pulls him onto the stage, and goes back to his seat. Michael, reasonably flustered, stammers his way through an acceptance speech, and walks offstage.

Oh, and my other dream is... "And the winner is... oh my God! It's a tie! Michael Fassbender and Jean Dujardin!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Simone, I wonder if your livechat question to Scott Feinberg changed his opinion in any way? He updated his predictions today (post-Globes) and Michael has been moved back into the top 5:

Simone said...

Awesome! Thanks for the link! I don't know if my little chat had anything to do with it, but, it's nice to see Feinberg changed his mind.

ps. I don't think people really had any idea how much of an effect Clooney's 'joke' on Michael has push his profile through the roof. It's amazing!

Simone said...

Oh, for those who want to read the little Feinberg chat script, follow this

@Dshultz, your dream is nice, but it's a lalaland dream sister. Number one, George's ego is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big to share shit like an award. Secondly, it's against the rules of AMPAS to sell, trade, or giveaway an Oscar. LOL!

However, your tie fantasy of Dujardin and Fassbender is quite lovely. I adore both guys and that would be fabulous to see Oscar night!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed! On Tumblr, the gifset of Clooney's joke has over 15,000 notes since last night. O_O

Oh, and it even inspired this golfing article!

The BAFTA nominations will be announced in a few hours (early morning UK time)... can't wait!

Simone said...

Yes, that tumblr gif is fun to watch! They got it up within minutes too. I posted a note when there were 850 notes, so it has exploded overnight.

Thanks for the link to the golf article, I reckon the golf industry is having a laugh as well.

Anonymous said...

FYI: the BAFTA noms will be announced live on this stream:,2537,BA.html

Simone said...

thank you!

Kiara said...

I'm so disapointed that Michael didn't win ! His performance was better than George's.

I hope Michael will get an oscar by the way. Him or Jean Dujardin because Jean is an amazing actor too !