Thursday, January 5, 2012

People and Interview both feature Michael for the first time!!

Nice short interview that reveals a lot about Michael! Click here to enlarge to read.

 The premiere American weekly entertainment magazine took a moment to acknowledge a true talent this week, they have finally featured Michael Fassbender in their pages. And coincidentally, just this morning, I mailed off my free six issues gift card to People! I really like all his responses to this brief interview. He's just so cute and, normal.

Man on Fire. He's been on fire for quite a while according to Fassinators!

Also, Interview magazine collected a clue card today from the Fassy Gods and finally put him on their cover. I have NEVER bought this magazine in all it's 20-25 year history, but I have occasionally skimmed through it. As you can imagine, I now I have reason to buy Interview magazine!

Also, JNP kindly sent me this info about a BBC interview:

Hi Simone, I'm not sure if the link below will work in the US, (I'm based in the UK) but anyway it's a radio interview with the BBC. It gets into it at the 2 minute mark, i have no idea what the beginning dialogue is.
Front Row w/Actor Michael Fassbender and Julian Lloyd Webber on Delius
I'm not feeling very well today. I'm on Day 5 of a 14-Day detox body cleansing program, and I haven't been eating as much and frequently as I should, so I'm fatigued, dehydrated, and feeling dizzy. Someone here at work said I look funky and should take my ass home. I will have to back off a bit for the rest of the day just to recoup. But I'll keep an eye out on things, it's just a bit too overwhelming trying to keep up with the Fassbender Festival today.


Anonymous said...

wow amazing pictures!! specially the interview cover :O so handsome! by the way those detox programs are not healthy at all you should drop them or go to the doctor if you 're feeling bad.. that dizyness is because of the levels of glucose are going down on your blood which is risky... Take care! med student speaking

Simone said...

I'll definitely buy the Interview magazine, but not the People magazine.

Thanks for the tip about the detoxing. I have used this particular product before, it's just that this time, I have neglected eating more properly and I reckon my system is working overtime due to eating foods during Xmastime that I normally don't eat. And I overexerted myself at work, all adding up to me nearly fainting and feeling funky the rest of the day. I feel better now. Still, 8 more days to go. :-)

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