Saturday, January 14, 2012

Preparing for The Golden Globes

My favorite picture from LAFCA last night.

Michael with 'The Descendants' screenwriter, Alexander Payne.

Winning the award for 'Best Actor' and 'Person Wearing the Shiniest Suit'.

Michael Fassbender looked like he enjoyed himself last night at the Los Angeles Film Critics' Award gala, he received a lovely plaque honoring his full body of work for 2011. That's even more complimentary than being singled out for one movie, but we know that Shame was the tipping point in the final months of 2011 to garner him respect and notice. I know that we have been a little bummed out in the past 24 hours with some award season rumors having some light shed upon them, but don't fret. We are all here to support Michael, wholeheartedly, no matter what. So stay chipper and positive, we will see this through to the end!

I have a few ideas rolling around in my busy mind, and I will share them with you in the coming weeks, after the AMPAS nominations. But before all that, I wanted to remind you about the Fassinating Fassbender Golden Globes Live Chat event, Sunday night, starting at around 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST (or 12:30am GMT). The Golden Globes start at 8pm EST. I will be in the chat room along with other Fassinators, so please feel free to stop by. The chat will be open throughout the entire program. We will all discuss the Golden Globes of course, but if you have any questions you would like for me to try to answer, please share them at that time.

As a reminder, here are the nominees for Best Actor:

George Clooney – The Descendants
Leonardo DiCaprio – J. Edgar
Michael Fassbender – Shame
Ryan Gosling – The Ides Of March
Brad Pitt – Moneyball

Good luck to Michael Fassbender tomorrow night!

Photos: Zimbio


Pamela said...

I am really nervous. I wonder what Michael is thinking about tomorrow's golden globes. Hopefully, he wins because I truly believe he deserves it. Sending all my positive energy to him.

Anonymous said...

The only way Michael is winning is if George and Brad somehow split the "aging hollywood hunk playing a father struggling to do the best for his family in the face of adversity" vote.

I wish these awards were handed out based solely on talent and the performance itself, but unfortunately political heft (both in terms of the campaigning studio and the star) is the primary factor.

Iris said...

Anon you are right. i dont see Michael winning tomorrow. the HFPA is to "in love" with George Clooney.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to relish tomorrow night because it may be the last time we see Michael at a major televised US awards show this season (I'm NOT counting on an Oscar nomination; at this point I'd see it as a pleasant surprise). He'll likely be at the BAFTA awards as well, but unfortunately, it's not broadcast on American television.
I hope tomorrow is memorable!

Simone said...

The Golden Globes are the textbook definition of starfuckers. They have a tendency to nominate performances that are lackluster, JUST to have the celebrity there. However, in the few times when a fantastic performance does win, it's pretty cool.

I typically do enjoy watching the GGs because I like the presentation of it, the whole dinner and champagne thing - and it's a nice mixture of movies and cable/network TV - and it jumpstarts the serious award contention.

The GG could go to the A-listers, or it could go to the 'other guys'. I won't make a prediction, we'll just see. In any event, the FF chat room should be fun.

dshultz said...

Starfucked indeed. I'm glad there haven't been any nominations this year that are as blatantly pandering as Angelina Jolie's and Johnny Depp's nominations for The Tourist, that was fucking ridiculous. But, I mean, hell, even for them to nominate Michael is a credit to their institution. And if he doesn't get an Oscar nom, I'm going to do something violent.

Manuela said...

im in your team.
thanks for site and for all
i cross everything that i can for Michael. i hope they are enough brave for awarding him for shame or only we italians can be so open. Good luck Micahel.

Bluetea said...

OK,this is my first comment on this blog and at the risk of being nasty but...since when could Brad Pitt act? I can't believe that both he and Clooney got nominated for an GG ?! Is it me or do they get nominated every year? Could you spare an thought for me please ? I'm English so won't know the result until hours after you .The agony will be terrible .

Anonymous said... seems like Michael did not attend either the BAFTA tea party or the Golden Globe party. No pictures, nothing on twitters. It's not a great deal to skip those parties, but it's at least good for him to go there and get along with people in the industry.What are you doing there in LA, Michael? (Sigh)

Simone said...

Manuela, it would be nice if the GGs were bold enough to actually give him the win.

Bluetea, Brad is an ok actor, I like him in a lot of his stuff. Just remember, he's an A-lister, so he has carte blanche to be treated like royalty. Again, him being nominated always helps ratings. :/

Anon, ease up on criticising Michael for not attending events you want him to be at. Unless you are in the industry and a PR exec who expected him at a particular party, I think you shouldn't judge him what he does on his personal time. Maybe he wasn't invited to the BAFTA tea party, maybe he went to a more low keyed private event. And he's in LA for the LAFCA award ceremony, and the Golden Globes tonight.

Anonymous said...

He attended the CAA party with other clients like Alexander Skaarsgard. People need to chill.

Besides, I think Michael wants to be seen as an actor like Daniel Day Lewis, not a celebrity like Pitt or Clooney. He wants to be respected for his performances, not his ability to work a room.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:14, perfect response.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why some people fret about him not attending what are basically Oscar campaigns or self-campaign events. You basically attend events like this when it's good to have your name in the headlines or when your agent thinks you should sway X or Y mogul for a possible job (or just to have flightly fun and drink free champagne). The lad's done well this year, he's fulfilled his duties to promote the movie in America and in the UK and it's pretty much in keeping with his philosophy of keeping it all simple. If anything, he talked the talk and is now walking the walk.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, he's going to be in Armani tonight according to Marc Malkin. God help me.

Manuela said...

maybe i missed something but any live stream? site? anything

Simone said...

So far, I found this place will host a live stream of the show -

I will post more when I find them.

Anonymous said...

Gawd! E has started their coverage and their first topic was the hot men in the leading man category. They name them all, except Michael! That infuriates me! What does it take for this guy to get a simple mention? Can somebody tweet Guilliana & tell her to get her head out of her ass and get over her obsession with Clooney. I so want Michael to win so they'll all end up with egg on their faces.