Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question: Steve McQueen no DGA nom

Director Steve McQueen talking to Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender in 'Shame'.
Many people who visit Fassinating Fassbender post great questions that deserve a serious response, and both the question and the answer should be easily accessible to everyone, instead of being lost in the comment section of an obscure post. When such a question is asked, I will create a separate post for it, just like I am doing at this moment. I'll create the post title as 'Question' with brief wording about the topic.

MLM asked me a great question in the NBR post -
"Simone, any thoughts about the DGA ignoring McQueen for Best Director nomination? It may have been a long shot, but just curious of your opinion?"
MLM, the DGA had an opportunity to recognize Steve and put him on the minds of AMPAS voters when they announced their directors nominees yesterday (Michel Hazanavicius 'The Artist', David Fincher 'Dragon Tattoo', Alexander Payne 'The Descendents', Woody Allen 'Midnight Paris', Martin Scorsese 'Hugo'). They did not do that, and it's unfortunate, especially since Shame is on the tongues and mind of so many people due to Michael's possible forthcoming Oscar nomination.

I strongly feel that Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist will win the DGA for best director (and the Oscar), OR, it could be split and The Artist could win best picture at the Oscars, and Scorsese could win for Director in Hugo. But a lot of people think that David Fincher can win for 'Dragon', since so many Fincherfanboys nearly committed mass suicide last year (still complaining about it to this very day) when The Social Network lost to The King's Speech, and Tom Hooper won the DGA and Best Director Oscar last year... and Fincher showed some attitude about it too. So, I think he was nominated to shut him and the fanboys up this year, but I can't see him winning for a remake of a film that is still fresh in many people's minds, and with Michel Hazanavicius turning out such a beautiful and fun film, I would hope he wins. However, this is Fincher's third nomination, so, we'll see.

But to answer your question, the rating of Shame may limit it for much Oscar nomination consideration, save for Fassbender, and the director's guild would rather be safe and honor more mainstream directors at this time who also have a better chance of garnering an Oscar nomination. There are too many other big name and well established directors of mainstream films that the guild wanted to recognize this year.

Steve will be nominated one day though... perhaps with 'Twelve Years a Slave' next year. We may be surprised come January 24th when the Oscar nominations are announced.

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Dionne said...

great post Simone! Steve will get recognition one day, and it'll be that much sweeter since he had t wait