Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Michael and Viggo talk about Oscar snubs

This video has been posted on the internet today and it was eventual that someone would ask him about the Oscar snub. Michael gave his honest opinion, and I'm glad he didn't hold back. So, we can all move forward. Oh, kudos to what Viggo said about David Cronenberg constantly being ignored.

Awards season is well and truly underway in Hollywood but there are two big names who won't be holding an Oscar this year. Michael Fassbender and David Cronenberg were both omitted from Academy Award nominations. Fassbender's role of a sex addict in Steve McQueen's "Shame" has been a hit with both critics and audiences. The Irish actor also stars in Cronenberg's new film "A Dangerous Method". Fassbender joined other stars of the film including Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen for the UK premiere in London (on Tuesday, January 31). Fassbender says he was disappointed not to receive an Oscar nod. SOUNDBITE: Michael Fassbender, saying (English): "Well of course there's that moment where you're like 'Hmm, (swear word omitted).' But like I've said before I'm living a pretty charmed life. A statue is nice but the fact I get to work with talented people is so much more nourishing and amazing for me." "A Dangerous Method" is Mortensen's third collaboration with Cronenberg. The two worked together previously on "Eastern Promises" and "History of Violence". Mortensen said Cronenberg is repeatedly getting snubbed by awards bodies, not just the Academy. SOUNDBITE: Viggo Mortensen, On Cronenberg, saying (English): "Once again David was ignored by BAFTA, by Oscar, by Golden Globes, by everyone, by Directors Guild. And I think it's really puzzling because he's recognised as one of our greatest living directors and many mediocre talents get nominated and sometimes win every year." "A Dangerous Method" tells the story of the birth of psychoanalysis with Mortensen playing Sigmund Freud and Fassbender as Carl Jung. Knightley plays Jung's formerly hysterical patient Sabina Spielrein, who becomes Jung's lover and later a psychologist herself. Fassbender is nominated for a Best Actor BAFTA however and the awards ceremony will take place on February 12. "A Dangerous Method" hits British cinemas a couple days before on February 10. Cindy Martin, Reuters


Anonymous said...

Both of them had great responses. Michael switched focus from the award itself to the fact that being a sought-after actor is more than enough, and Viggo was very right to point out Cronenberg's inexplicable snubs this year.

Simone said...

I agree. He was disappointed, but moved on quickly to be grateful for his fantastic life and career. Cheers to him!

renandelpech said...

Come on people, Get it over! Yes he was not nominated for and Oscar, move on!.

This is not the end of the world, Is not the end of his career. Shame is not his best movie. He will have MANY movies more even better.

I want to see all the people who is speaking bad about the oscar next year or in two years when Michael finally will be nominated. I'm pretty sure all those oppinions about Oscar being overrated and silly are going to change radically.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Michael is out of Aronofsky's "Noah" project, with Russell Crowe replacing him in the title role. Aronofsky was aggressive in pursuing Michael after Venice (he was on the judge's panel there), so either Michael bowed out because of schedule conflicts (the mysterious Scorsese project?) or the rumors that the studio wanted a bigger name than Michael to be the lead in a $130 million film were true.

Manuela said...

we understand u Michael and f*** them all! u r the best! if they want to nominate for boring stupid movies they r welocme! Shame is the best movie of the year! u r the best of everything last year!
p/s Viggo was somekind scared near of Fassy))) seems he si real fire)))

Simone said...

@renandelpech, don't come here telling people what to do!! If you've been paying attention, this was a newsworthy event that a lot of people have been talking about! Michael was asked his opinion, he gave it, and I posted it. You don't like us talking about the snub, too bad, don't visit this blog!

No it's not the end of the world, and no he wasn't nominated, so you need to chill out!

It's so offensive and annoying having someone tell us to move on. You MOVE ON if you don't like the topic at hand!

Simone said...

@anon, thanks for the Noah project update.

Not director is going to be able to work with Michael. If they want Russell, they can have him.

Anonymous said...

It's funny what Freud says to Jung in the trailer : "I can assure you than in a hundred years time our work will still be rejected."