Friday, February 17, 2012

Michael as Cuchulain, An Awesome Celtic Warrior

Now this is one project that seems legit, signed, sealed, and going to be delivered! Just when some of us were hoping that Hollywood didn't ensnare Michael Fassbender all to its greedy self, Michael and his production company are going to develop an incredible Irish action film! I have never heard of Cuchulain, but I did a quick google search and it's a myth that I better get acquainted with soon because it looks very intriguing. I really enjoyed Centurion, so Cuchulain should surpass that.

Source: Variety

Michael Fassbender preps Cuchulain project
Thesp develops pic with Ronan Bennett

By Adam Dawtrey

LONDON -- Michael Fassbender and screenwriter Ronan Bennett are developing a feature film about the legendary Celtic warrior Cuchulain, with Fassbender set to play the leading role.

Cuchulain is the central character in the Ulster Cycle, an epic series of Old Irish legends that date from around the 8th century.

Set in the northern part of Ireland, the saga relates the story of the Ulaid tribe headed by King Conchobar, and particularly its conflict with the rival Connachta tribe led by Queen Mebh.

The most prominent figure in the legends is Conchobar's nephew Cuchulain, who has semi-divine ancestry and superhuman fighting skills. In the most famous story, known as the Cattle Raid of Cooley, he is the only man capable of resisting the vast army sent by Medb to steal Conchobar's prize white bull.

Both Fassbender and Bennett, whose writing credits include "Public Enemies" and the recent Channel 4 TV series "Top Boy," come from Northern Ireland.

They have raised development finance for the Cuchulain project through their London-based production company Finn McCool Films.

Oh, and btw...


Flora said...

Sounds really interesting! Also, as it's presumably set in Northern Ireland (where Michael is NOT from, Variety!), that must mean it's a different film to the one he's also developing that's going to be set in Kerry. More Irish films starring Michael are very good news, though!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, sounds like he might even be getting a writing credit on the screenplay!

My family is from county Kent in Ireland, and this legend is a HUGE part of our cultural tradition.

Flora said...

On a separate note, I hope he doesn't do too many of these kinds of action films, purely because there's less opportunity for actual acting in them. 300, Centurion, X-Men: First Class and its imminent sequel, Robocop (I SO hope that doesn't happen), and this... too much running about, too many silly costumes, too many sfx and not enough dialogue for my liking.

I mean, I obviously hope this is better than that, but I'm just not a fan of action films, and I'd really rather see him showing what a very good actor he is in something less... blokey.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe and his performance in Gladiator.

Simone said...

Flora, you have a rather strong opinion about action films, and it's obvious they are not your forte. Try to withhold such judgemental words about a project that Michael is about to take on before even seeing it. Michael is no fool, this is a film that he will help create, so give him the courtesy to wait and see what Cuchulain will be like. I am very exceited about this film.

@anon 4:08 - thanks!

Flora said...

Anonymous, if you've been reading this blog for the last month, you'll know that the Academy Awards are not held in very high regard here! Also, one example of a good action film does not negate all the terrible ones that get made.

Simone: I did say I thought it sounded interesting and hoped this would be good in both of my posts, but I don't think it's unreasonable to hope he gets to do more proper acting and less running about in costumes in the future. He is a serious talent, and I would like to see him get to use that talent and really stretch himself. He was the best thing in X-Men, but I don't think even his biggest fan can claim it was a fantastic showcase for his acting ability.

Ales said...

I am curious how it comes out, Michael was the actor who played the main character and would be produced :)

I also hope that we will hear the Irish accent.

I love Gladiator Although not yet watched the Centurion but I'm going :P but I hope it will not be Robocop

Where exactly will be shooting?

márcia said...

I'm a fan of action films and also non-action ones, imo Michael was the power of X-Men. Once i heard someone saying it was a Magneto film and i totally agree with it :) I just can't wait to see how this Cuchalain film will be develop. Thank you, Simone for the update.

Anonymous said...

Cuchalain is like Beowulf, Gilgamesh or Achilles. Much more than action, but rather a powerful cultural parable. Don't denigrate my country's history, please.

Anonymous said...

I guess my definition of action film must be different, because I would never call Gladiator an action film. Historical epic drama (although with lots of historical inaccuracies), yes. The same about e.g. Braveheart.

If those films are action films, then I guess Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Henry V must be an action film, too.

Not that there is anything wrong with action films, I'm just surprised that films like Gladiator would be put in that category. Die Hard or Speed are action films for me.

And somehow I don't think that this Cuchulain project is going to be anything like Die Hard. ;)


Anonymous said...

It might be The Lord of the Rings with Michael :D

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME news and it's about time someone took up the cause of presenting one of the foremost sagas of the world. I am so glad it's Michael, it's the story of his country & his people & he will bring the respect and artistry to this film that is needed. Long overdue and I can't wait for this important story to finally come alive in cinema for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

It might be The Lord of the Rings with Michael :D

OMFG THIS!!! Yes, yes, YES!

Anonymous said...

I don't like Centurion very much but I think it's much better than many blockbusters of Hollywood. I believe that Michael can make a good action/legend/fantasy film.

Jhessye said...

I was just looking at this on Wiki Page about Cuchillian. Looks very interesting. I am excited.

I personally think he was beyond fantastic in X-Men First Class as Magneto. He brought such a rawness to Erik Lensherr, a man who was tormented by the holocaust therefore desiring to torment his tormentors(even I am dizzy from typing that). Anywho i am excited for this.

And Simone- thanks for posting that picture. gosh lee!! Fassy is so fine! WOO!

Anonymous said...

Jhessye: I thought his portrayal of Erik Lehnsherr was brilliant. In fact, I think of all the characters that he's played, Erik and Bobby Sands (Hunger) had the most in common.

Both were men marginalized by their society, fiercely protective of the rights of their people, and willing to do anything (including making themselves into a weapon) to facilitate freedom.

Fascinating and complex characters, both.

Noëlle said...

It sounds like a very interresting project. And Michael is going to help producing it !!!

I would like to see him in such a role. He could show us again, how versatile he is.
I loved his performance on X-men First Class, and I would enjoy see his good acting in an actin movie.
Plus, he'll impersonate a legendary Irish figure

Sounds good to me!

To Simone: THAT PIC is Perfection

Anonymous said...

This physical description of Cuchulainn definitely sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings:

And certainly the youth Cúchulainn mac Sualdaim was handsome as he came to show his form to the armies. You would think he had three distinct heads of hair – brown at the base, blood-red in the middle, and a crown of golden yellow. This hair was settled strikingly into three coils on the cleft at the back of his head. Each long loose-flowing strand hung down in shining splendour over his shoulders, deep-gold and beautiful and fine as a thread of gold. A hundred neat red-gold curls shone darkly on his neck, and his head was covered with a hundred crimson threads matted with gems. He had four dimples in each cheek – yellow, green, crimson and blue – and seven bright pupils, eye-jewels, in each kingly eye. Each foot had seven toes and each hand seven fingers, the nails with the grip of a hawk's claw or a gryphon's clench.
— Thomas Kinsella (translator), The Táin, Oxford University Press, 1969, pp. 156-158

Anonymous said...

Tell me where Michael now resides? in Atlanta?

emmy said...

That's an excellent news =) I'm so very excited for this project !!! =D

Katerina said...

Me too Emmy, I am really excited for this movie. I hope we do get to hear his sexy Irish accent, that would be icing on the cake!

Katerina said...

I can see him commit to this project and bring it to a whole new level that many people would be pleasantly surprised.

Naoise said...

Oooh I'm quite excited for this. It's been ages since i've heard the stories of Cúchulainn (Sigh, primary long ago. :P).

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:18 Michael lives in London.
He was only travelling a lot to Atlanta recently for some project, nobody knows which (presumably 12 years a slave).

Simone said...

Here's some additional information:

Michael Fassbender is emerging as a superstar right before our very eyes thanks to films like "X-Men: First Class," " A Dangerous Method" and "Shame" (where something else also emerged right before our very eyes). So what can he do to top his stellar 2011?

How about become an honest-to-goodness living legend?

Just when you thought things couldn't get better for Fassbender, indieWire is reporting that Hollywood's newest A-lister is set to play legendary Irish hero Cuchulain in the upcoming film "Irish Myths."

Cuchulain (which is pronounced kind of like "coo-Cullen" for you "Twilight" fans), is a mythological hero in Ireland, credited with all sorts of awesome feats of bravery and wonderment, such as killing a giant dog, single-handedly defeating an entire army and slaying his own son (whoops). He is also known for his crazy berserk rages, so ferocious they make Wolverine look like SpongeBob SquarePants.

Of course, "Irish Myths" is still in the very early stages, so there's no telling just yet what the finished product will look like, but with Fassbender on board (and involved in the project's development), it appears to be aiming for a "Clash of the Titans" vibe, only, you know, with good writing and acting.

But they better get working on it pretty soon. Because at the rate he's going, Fassbender himself might be an even bigger legend that Cuchulain by the time he's done.

Anonymous said...

"Irish Myths"? They're TOTALLY going for a lord of the Rings vibe. Bet you money they will approach Weta Workshop for the special effects.

Ales said...

Oscars soon, I wonder how this time the dress or suit and will come with his parents and sister can

Anonymous said...

Do we really think Michael will go to the Oscars? He didn't attend the BFCAs (Critics Choice Awards) and he was actually nominated for those.

Anonymous said...

That article has the pronunciation wrong; it's Coo-HOOL-lun.

Granted, Gaelic isn't the easiest language to get a handle on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cool, fun role! The description of Cuchulainn sounds amazing & beautiful but a bit scary! Can't wait to see MF come to life as it!!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Michael will attend Oscars. What for? He would only waste his time.

Anonymous said...

It was just confirmed on twitter that Benedict Cumberbatch was invited and is attending, and he wasn't nominated. Who knows... Michael may just show up because he wants to mingle with people he has projects in the pipeline with.

Simone said...

You really want Michael at the Oscars don't you?

Don't hold your breath.

BTW, he's been mingling for the past 6 months, but was snubbed anyway.

MLM said...

Grrrr, Simone, the picture is divine!

Michael is perfect for a project like this! He's got the acting chops, voice, regal-bearing, and physicality to play leads in big, historical or mythical dramas with lots of battles scenes. I'm drooling over this idea.

Simone said...

Here is a Guardian article about Cuchulain with additional mythical information: