Friday, March 30, 2012

He just can't help himself

These pictures are from tumblr of Michael on March 28th at a London Park (possibly London Fields in Hackney?) taken of him and a friend sunbathing. Oh how we admire you Michael, you are a fair lad of the Ginger species and while you may not be able to tan per se, getting a good natural dose of Vitamin D does a body good.

I know many of us are cooling down from those ridiculous 'Obsession' photos yesterday, and a few of you were as peeved as I was and signed my satire petition. It was a fun day. And the day ended on an even higher note when I received word that Michael received his Plan B package yesterday, and in a nutshell, he was overwhelmed by the gift. I will share much more about Plan B on Monday, his birthday, when I reveal to all Fassinators what we sent him. I'm so glad that he got it prior to his birthday and it's at home where he can enjoy it forever. He totally deserved it!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww! I'm happy that he liked the gift.

And I'm also very happy he has no qualms about taking his shirt off in public. LOL

Sidra said...

:) :) :)!!!

Can't wait until you unveil the gift with the world on Monday! :D

Noƫlle said...


And really, he liked the gift? I'm so glad!!!

Once again, Simone Plan B was a great idea, and thank you so much to allow the rest of the fassinators to contribute

Dionne said...

Yes, a success! Michael should know how appreciated he is, it's good to know he was overwhelmed.

Also, I'm going to need counseling if this man keeps taking his clothes off, not that I'm complaining!

Ales said...

I do not know if last until Monday unless I die of curiosity :P

I hope he likes gift

The only caveat I have such a photo, his shorts that I do not like

emmy said...

Ohh I'm really happy that he liked his gift and I'm so looking forward to learn more about the gift =DD