Sunday, March 25, 2012

Michael in LONDON at the Jameson Empire Awards!

What a nice surprise to come home from the gym to images of Michael winning the Empire Hero award at the Jameson Empire Awards in London today! This event totally slipped my mind I'm embarrassed to say, but, all is well as Michael was there in person to collect yet another award!

Michael is becoming a pro in 'awards holding'.
The ceremony took place at the popular Grosvenor House Hotel this afternoon, and Tom Hiddleston won for Best Male Newcomer (I hope there is at least one picture of Michael and Tom together, tumblr will explode). You can read about the awards at this link.

When presenting the award to Michael, Jane Goldman said, “The winner this year has often been described as sex on legs, but as it happens he’s also intelligence, charm, passion and vulnerability on legs as well. Film has always been his passion - he appeared in a stage version of Reservoir Dogs 14 years ago; since then he’s appeared in a Tarantino film. Whatever the genre, he grounds his characters in reality. He lost 3 stone in Hunger, he spanked Keira Knightley in A Dangerous Method and in Shame he bared all. But in each case he transcends actorly stunts. But perhaps his greatest performance of the last 12 months is the patience he’s shown in the face of continual questions from journalists about his physical assets.
Well, this is kind of unusual, because the first job I wanted to do was be Superman, so a hero award is official now, thanks to Empire. It’s a magazine I actually always did read and follow as a film fan. And Jameson is my favourite whiskey, so this is pretty special!” - Michael Fassbender

Congratulations Michael! And btw, FF readers, we now KNOW that Michael is in London and you know what that means in regards to his Plan B package! Yes! Perfect timing!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, how HANDSOME. I hope his acceptance speech is online soon!

Simone said...

I love the first image. He looks a bit tired and overwhelmed, but very happy as well.

émilie said...

He's so cute on these pictures! And his speech sounds like him: humble, funny and irresistible! :)

emmy said...

Congrats to Michael !!! =)
So happy for him but really he looks tired he must have a little rest now .... ^^

Dionne said...

He is a pro at holding awards. lol
Maybe he'll be able to rest for a bit with our gift, before taking off again!

Noëlle said...

Awwww Fassy, so cute!And that speech!
Glad for him, he deserved it.
But, god this man is machine, rest MF, you need to rest some times.

Veronica said...

I’m so glad he’s being recognized for all his hard work. This award is definitely well deserved!

Ales said...

As always, looks great, I love him with a beard.

I question whether it will be at the Tribeca festival??

Sidra said...

Perfect timing indeed! :D