Thursday, March 22, 2012

Michael leaving LA on March 21

These are some seriously stalkerazzi pictures of Michael at LAX catching a flight to NYC...where to after that, who knows. But they were all over him. Funny thing that none of those simple human beings had a clue as to who was in their midst. He was right there people. Tsk tsk tsk.

I bet Michael really wants to kick the guy.

Michael Fassbender being ignored by simple human beings.
There were a few images of him eating that I don't want to post, it's rude taking pictures of someone while they are chewing or putting food in their mouth. But the others go with the territory of being an International Super Stah.
Source: Socialite Life


Anonymous said...

Oh god, poor Michael! (He's SO SLENDER!)

Simone said...

I know!

He says he has a fast metabolism, and he's telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

The pic of that pap with the cam right in his face is crazy!
I love tho he looks just so normal and he's not with a freakin' entourage!
I do love the 4th pic of him eating :D

On another subject, he has the strong, slender yet muscular body of a ballet dancer :D

Anonymous said...

@Simone: "Funny thing that none of those simple human beings had a clue as to who was in their midst. He was right there people. Tsk tsk tsk."


The last pic, those girls were right next to MY dream man and they had no clue! lol

He's a chameleon not even just in his roles that's for sure, he's good at blending in!

Anonymous said...

The 3rd pic from the bottom he looks like he wants to beat the crap out of the photographer! lol.

Don't blame him!

Veronica said...

This reminds me of one of those shows that does the whole, “Stars are just like us!” features. I love seeing that kind of stuff. I think it keeps fans from putting the stars they love up on a pedestal.

I also think it’s hilarious that no one else seemed to recognize him. It’s kind of like when you see a teacher outside the never seem to recognize them outside of their “normal” environment. I think for me, I just wouldn’t be able to believe that I was seeing someone famous.

Simone said...

I like that he doesn't have minders with him 24/7/365. He has them, just not for real world everyday things. I like that about him.

@anon 12:27 - I agree, he does have a male ballet dancer's body. Perfect! Long, strong, and lean.

Dionne said...

What beauty is this that I've come home too? *tear* Those arms... that smile... thank you Simone!

Tracy said...

I am happy to see Michael's candid pix, but at the same time hope he is not harassed

Ales said...

I do not know whether to fly to NY, if they did would have some pictures, do you think. Michael is now being followed by paparazzi, so also in NY would he traced.

MLM said...

*Sigh* Michael's been sighted in my hometown lately, and our paths have not crossed yet, :-(.