Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Promotion of Michael in Prometheus

Each spring, the movie studios start hard core publicity on their anticipated, and highly expected to be, blockbuster hits. This summer, we will have Michael staring in a film that I for one, have been a fan of its predecessor since the early 80's, and loads of fans the world over are anxious for it too. Prometheus PR has started officially last week and based on the trailers we have seen, we are in for an exciting and awe-inspiring film adventure. And based on the prominence of Michael so early in the promotion of this film, it gives me pause to wonder just how large and influential his role as David the artificial person, is in Prometheus.

I have read from excerpts of WonderCon that David has been awake on the Prometheus for two whole years before the human team members were awaken from cryostasis. What was he doing all that time? Michael says that David used his 'imagination' to keep himself occupied. It is also alluded that David is treated as a butler of sorts and is not held in high-regard by his ship mates because he's artificial and so much more intelligent than they are. This character plot background gives me the impression that David is going to be the root cause of the catastrophe that awaits the crew of the Prometheus, and possibly help ensure the success of the procurement of the alien life form on that planet, or aid in the destruction of his human peers. Whatever his mission is, be it a clear agenda, or a secret plan, I think that Michael Fassbender's character will be the one that is most talked about and closely watched in the film. What do you think?

I received an email from Siobhan, a contributor to FilmInk Magazine, and she directed me to a digital link for overseas readers to read online, the article for Prometheus. Go check it out right here.

Lastly, a funny thing has been happening lately. Are you familiar with the term, word association? It happens when a word you know becomes psychologically associated, in your mind, with a person, place or thing. For instance, whenever I read the word "fascinating", I think of the word I created for this blog, "fassinating". Immediately I think of that comparison, and I laugh and remind myself that in the context of my reading 'fascinating' that is the correct spelling of  the word. Also, when I see "Michael", I think of Michael Fassbender. Here at work, I'm scanning a huge HR file of an employee with the first name Michael, but it made me think of MF. When I see references to Ireland, Germany, I think of MF. Last week when I was looking to buy some garlic salt, I saw the ginger spice... and, duh, thought of him,... again. Yikes!

Am I alone in this fassy related word associations? Please tell me that I'm not. ;-)


bbybellz said...

MY Friend, let me inform you... No, you are absolutely NOT alone!

Anonymous said...

Michael also mentioned that David has a very "childlike" quality about him. I think that if he is responsible for the turn of events that expose the human crew to alien influence, it will not be because of malicious intent. Maybe David does something he thinks will make him "more human" and it inadvertently opens the floodgates. That would make his character so much more tragic than if he was just a HAL-like presence.

Simone said...

@bbybellz - Whew! thanks for confirming that. :-)

Yes anon, I do recall the 'childlike' comment as well. I can't state how excited I am to see Prometheus. I swear I will see it multiple times before it leaves theaters.

Beckymonster said...

You've seen the viral regarding 'David' I assume - - not only is Michael doing the voice over but he's actually in it.

At a guess - this would have been filmed after they had finished work on the film. I shan't say what gives it away for those who haven't seen it yet but...

It's both wonderful and disconcerting at the same time and I cannot wait for the final film - been a long, long time fan of Sir Ridley Scott and cannot see what he does here.

Tina said...

Dear Simone,
You are definitely not alone!!!
Quite often i remember of thing related to him and i start laughing like a dork!!!
Is this called "obsession"? ;)

Dionne said...

I'm beyond excited for Prometheus, I can image how many more fans Fass will gain because of it.

Also, Simone you are not alone. Every time someone says fast-forward. I automatically think Fass-forward. lol

Veronica said...

I’ve typed the phrase “Fassinating” so many times into my iPhone that it no longer auto-corrects to fascinating.

émilie said...

Sometimes I have the feeling I'm connecting EVERYTHING to Michael (example: giving a lesson to my pupils, we sang a song by the Beatles, it made me think of Twist and shout sung by Michael). Yeah Tina, I think it's obsession!
Have you read as I did that there could be an "avant-première" for Prometheus at the Cannes Festival?

Simone said...
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Simone said...

@ émilie , that's funny you think of that song and Fassy springs to mind. It makes sense though. And Veronica, my spellcheck still has the audacity to try to correct me when I write 'fassinating'. I mean, how rude, right? :)

But in all seriousness, and I know it's just semantics, but we're not "obsessed" per se... we're experiencing 'Fassyism' when these psychological word association situations occur.

Yeah, that's what's happening.

emmy said...

"Am I alone in this fassy related word associations? Please tell me that I'm not. ;-)"

NOOO YOU ARE NOTE ALONE that's for sure :p

And I'm sure Prometheus will be HUGE and Fassy/David as well =D

Ales said...

As you can see Simone you're not the only and I already forgot how to spell correctly Fassinating

Where now is Michael??

Anonymous said...

You're not alone, Simone, you're not alone.

When I read X-Men comics, I can't stop think about Michael T_T. Do you think me crazy?