Friday, April 6, 2012

Commentary: I'm a closet Fassinator

This is how I feel when I write for FF.
I have a confession. As most of you know, I have been a fan of Michael Fassbender for five years now, and I have been blogging about him for four of those years. Yet, I'm in the closet about my fassination with Michael to my family and many friends. I have two friends who know about my fassination; my TIFF cinephile BFF Glenn in Toronto, and my long-time friend, neighbor and cat-sitter, Laurie, the lady I converted into a part-time Fassinator (these are people who are friends of die-hard *real* Fassinators who escort them to Fassy films and act as patient listeners when we need to verbalize things Fassy). It's one thing to have many online acquaintances who share your appreciation for Michael, and it's another thing to have offline friends who really know you and serve as surrogates for online acquaintances to more thoroughly discuss stuff about Michael Fassbender.

My co-workers don't know about my hobby... my classmates only know that I'm a blogger, but I don't tell them about whom. I do mention to people about a Fassbender movie I plan to see starring "my favorite actor". Although I live in the same state as my family, I live about 40 miles West of them so they don't see me regularly, or know a lot about my daily life. They all already know my addiction to Pearl Jam (since 1991/2 thank you) and then lovingly tease me about that. They know I work, I go to school, I sell Avon, I travel, etc., but they do not know the depth of my blogging Internet presence. So I dare not open a new Pandora's box of delightful teasing if I tell them how much time I devote to writing about an actor. Don't get me wrong, they won't make me feel bad or anything, this is just my hobby that is totally separate from my offline life. And I came to a realization that my not sharing with everyone I know about this blog is an indication that I have a healthy balance of my interest in Fassbender, and in my dedication to my offline life (work, university, many other fun activities, family and friends).

To carry over offline the same level of devotion to FF that I have online, would not be sane. It would be unhealthy and ridiculous. I need a break from writing/talking about Fassy. There are so many other great things to enjoy in life and talk about. My studies take up so much of my time that when I'm in study mode, nothing else can penetrate my mind which can throw me off my goal of maintaining my current 4.0 GPA. When I'm not writing for FF, I can happily say that I have an internal switch that I can turn off, albeit temporarily, and focus on matters in my real life. And when I have the time, I flip the switch back on, and I give 100% to Fassinating Fassbender. So that is why I now realize that I'm a closet Fassinator. Writing for this blog is pure fun and a source of escapism from an otherwise chaotic life. It's cathartic to come here and update it and read comments from fellow fans that enjoy the latest postings.

I know I will be writing for FF for many, many years to come, and I hope this blog evolves into something larger or become a part of something that will find a larger audience. But in the meanwhile, I like being a closet Fassinator because it's my personal business to nurture and protect, and allows me to recharge during downtime so that I can give it my all when I'm ready to. Life's too short to focus on one thing, we're all more complete and happy pursuing multiple activities that cultivate our minds.

Are you a closet Fassinator?


émilie said...

No I'm not. I understand what you mean but as far as I am concerned, I speak too much of Michael and I'm not able to divide my life in separate parts. All is mixed up and sometimes I wish I were a closet Fassinator :)

Simone said...

You can always make the decision to scale back a little in how active you are in speaking about Michael. My primary reason for staying in the closet is to prevent Fassy Fatigue.

Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

I certainly am :) I tell people that he's my favorite actor and will describe movies if they ask about ones I've seen but I don't go further than that. Being a guy I would rather save myself from the awkward stares and criticism from other people if I were to share how much I appreciate what he does. So if I have to stay in the closet, I'm okay with least I know I have friends in here with me lol


Jhessye said...

No I am not either. I talk about Michael to other people to a degree. That's really awesome that you can write about that though Simone. Shoot and you are busy too. A 4.0 GPA, A job, doing school and this. Yeah that's a full plate. Anywho, I just know that Michael Fassbender has a transcending energy about him that just captivates me. not just when he is acting. Like that stuff makes you examine your willingness to change. For me, my influences range from family members to celebrity figures I have not met. Michael Fassbender, Jason Lewis of Expedition 360, Jane Goodall, Steve Irwin, Alastair Humphreys are some major influences in my life as a human.

Kruschelkasten said...

I think everyone has a lot of closets: for actors, books, music etc.
Some open them readily and think they must persuade others to have the same closets. I have a friend who is a huge Tolkien fan and can talk about his books and the poems ad infinitum. She has finally accepted that I'm only mildly interested.
On the other hand some people, who have the same closets as I, expect me to accept everything without criticism and with the same enthusiasm as they do.
For that reasons I like to keep my closets mostly closed until I know I don't have to come up with an elaborate reason why I like e.g. Michael Fassbender. Not many accept the simple answer "because he is good actor". So I talk about his films and that's it.
If that makes me a closet Fassinator, so be it.
So whether you stay in your closet or not keep up blogging.


emmy said...

Fassy is definitely my favorite actor and I'm talking a lot about him BUT my life is not only about Fassy so YES I can say that I'm a closet Fassinator yes. :))
BUT I can say that my life is about another obsession Acting & Period Dramas (especially Jane Eyre) ^^

emmy said...

Fassy is definitely my favorite actor and I'm talking a lot about him BUT my life is not only about Fassy so YES I can say that I'm a closet Fassinator yes. :))
BUT I can say that my life is about another obsession Acting & Period Dramas (especially Jane Eyre) ^^

Hupsakeek said...

After seeing Hunger in 2008 I start "following" Michael (and Steve).This means that I wanted to know when there was a new film.
The people close to me know that, since then, Michael is my favourite actor and they understand that I have to see/have his movies. After seeing Shame (february 2012)things changed.I wander around on the internet to listen to interviews end Q&A's with Michael and Steve about Shame. And I discover this blog and became a "fassinator".
The first thing I check is the blog and news items about Michael (and Steve). There is one person who knows about this daily routine and that is my male collegue/friend whom shared my love for movies and music. He teases me with my "addiction". I can hide being a fassinator because I have a LAT relationship so 5 day a week i'm on my own and can watch as many interviews, films and so on. When I want to see Shame 3 times on the big screen there is no one to know or judge it. So Michael has lingers in my mind since 2008, but in 2012 he became part of my life (and I mean this in a healty way). What an ACTOR and what a beautiful person. So yes I'm a closet Fassinator but I'm glad that there is one person (and, of course my fellow fassinators) who knows about this and respect it.

Marjan aka Hupsakeek, The Netherlands

melissa said...

thank you for the sanity and I love coming here because it helps having others that share it. Not many of my friends know that I am a Fassinator but I'll never give it up for this is the reason I have internet to begin with, well that and studing too but for the most part I like the fact I can contact other friends that have similar intrests.

Anonymous said...

Def. in the closet (no one knows how many pictures I have on my computer :)!) but it must be leaking out around the edges, because someone at work said "I like Michael Fassbender, too!" to me the other day.

MLM said...

Great post, Simone!

Everyone who comes within two inches of me know about my complete and undying admiration for Fassbender. They also know that I love Rex Harrison, Marlon Brando and Timothy Dalton, and that Michael is cut from the same elegant, regal, hyper-articulate and masculine cloth as these other gorgeous thespians. I can talk about any of these actor with complete authority, so I guess I'm a geek.

The only thing I can think of being in the closet about is my equal passion for NFL football which falls on deaf ears with 99.9% of my circle.

Dionne said...

I don't think I'm a closet Fassinator, but I know people don't now how much I adore him. My family thinks I like him for his looks, no matter how much I tell them it's his acting first. It's kind of frustrating but then again, I've converted a couple people. I know I can come here, and people will get me. So, I don't really care if others do or don't.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am.

My closest friend knows about this but she's the only one..
often laughs at me. (:

Tracy said...

I am not, I always attached clips of YouTube about Michael in Facebook, so my friends all know, my hubby also bought me magazine with Michael on the cover, hahaha

Katerina said...
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marcia said...

Yes, i'm a closet Fassinator just bc most of my friends don't like movies the way i do and if they knew they would think that's bc he is cute not bc he is a great actor. I also use his pictures as wallpaper on my computer :)
Finally i got to watch Shame and A Dangerous Method in teathers (Shame twice), they are great and interesting and critics love them, not even mentioning the nude scenes( in Shame). One of them actually write good things about Steve's previous works (before Hunger)but i went to Wiki and now i'm not sure if he didn't copy/paste his opinion from the english Wiki :/
I liked both films very much but you guys are right: Shame is a film you watch now and then different of X-Men, that i just turn on the dvd and go do my things. I specially liked the last scene on the subway i think it is very meaningful, about cycles that may or may not repeat themselves( i guess they let it to us to decide). The bearded guy sitting behind the woman(in the same last scene) is the producer_ Canning?
Michael is very cool as Carl jung, i enjoyed his role a lot. Frankly i'm surprised Kiera knightley didn't end up with a dislocated jaw, she and Viggo were also great.
Cinema news says Haywire will be here at the end of the month. Let's see :)
Thank you guys and thanks Simone i loved this post.
XOXO, Márcia

Simone said...

I'm glad this topic has prompted some very cool comments and provoked some lurkers to express themselves. I'm glad I'm not alone in my closet. ;-)

Princess Consuela said...

I totally understand what you feel, I have been in closet about my fascination over a certain f1 celebrity, but unlike you I don't write about it. I just spend a lot of time googling his life, and talking about him in forums and etc. It's been almost seven years now, and I kind left it a little aside now, but I understand you when you talk about you online and your offline life. With actors I have fascinations that comes and goes, when I first saw Fassbender was because of my crush for August Diehl. I went to the movies to see him in Inglorious Bastards, and I gained another crush! I know by heart both their lines in German and English from that memorable bar scene in which both performed beautifully. About my fascination for August, well it ended when I saw him in that dreadful movie with Angelina Jolie, Salt. I still like his work but, he lost his magic! 

Manuela said...

Happy Easter everyone!
Im going crazy with all these fassy`s stuff. thanks Simone! so what can i say i adore cinema world and most of all 2 dudes tarantino and Mr.Fassbender. Fassy is number 1 for me after Hunger after IB i fallen in love with him. i love his movies (except 300 i really dont like this bloody one) and finally other Steve`s work (Shame) made this star shining more than ever. im happy no matter what he is more noticeable now. so can i call myself fassinator since 2008? i hope so

dshultz said...

I have a few friends who are aware of the extent to which I adore Michael Fassbender, but I generally keep it on the down-low, I don't want to give anyone a reason to ostracize me. though, if they knew just how awesome Michael is, they'd probably thank me for it.

Judith said...

I am too. I guess I am a bit afraid of people's reaction. You know like they would put me in the same category of the teenage girls who love Bieber! I recently found out that a girl I know is a Fassinator too, and it felt good until her boyfriend said: "well guys, you look like two stupid teenagers. Let's face it you only like him because he's sexy" And when we try to explain that not only but mostly because he was a brilliant and amazingly talented actor, one of the few, he did not believe us. So I'm a closet Fassinator except with this one friend and here obviously and I'm happy to have found you guys!
However I am a real sci-fi fan and with the coming of Prometheus I can talk as much as I want about Fassy and the fact that he is a good choice of an actor ;) And even my PhD advisor think I should work more at length on Prometheus when it'll come out.

SpudseyBudsey said...

I guess I am a semi- closeted fan. My friends know that I am a fan of his but they don't know that I lurk on pages like FF. lol.