Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enough Already! (The other P word)

Hi all! This will be my last post prior to my holiday in Ireland/England. I wanted it to be on a very high and happy note, but I'm starting to get very irritated and annoyed by what I perceive to be a verbal sexual harrassment of Michael Fassbender in the media as of late, all due to the promotion of Prometheus. The straw that broke the camel's back is with this MTV (rolleyes) interview with Charlize Theron hijacking the interview into a different direction by talking about Michael's anatomy from Shame, instead of staying on fucking topic of PROMOTING two of her films, 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Prometheus'.

She should have stuck with her comment made in the equally guilty of writing about Michael's Privates (I'm using this P word instead of the other to not add to the google search fray of 'Michael Fassbender & his P-word') GQ interview by Chris Heath, by not talking about Shame as she will sound like a "fucking freak". Well Charlize, as much as I dig you sister, you need to chill out because you're sounding like a stalking fucking freak.

This is getting embarrassing for people (fans and family alike) who care about Michael's reputation of being a brilliant actor who should have an Oscar at this very moment. One can only laugh about private part jokes for so long until it is very uncomfortable, and crossing the line on sexual harrassment. Maybe some women would enjoy it, but can you imagine a female actress going topless in a film and having DD cup size breasts and having EVERY interview/article, random people, and co-stars talk about how much they want to play with them? Do you know how horrified that woman would be and feel? Well... imagine how Michael may feel right about now?

To the media and Michael's co-star friends, shut the fuck up now, please? Michael is a man, and a fellow human being who deserves to be treated with respect. There's so much more to him than his private parts... which thanks to ya'll, he rightfully may never be so bold in doing nude scenes again in film in the future!


Ok, now that I got that off my chest... I'm at work at this very moment and I'll get off at 1pm EST, and my plane leaves at 6:50pm. Needless to say, I am VERY excited! The planning for this trip has taken nearly six months and I reckon it's going to go fast, but I'm going to enjoy every damn minute of it! Thanks for the holiday well wishes, I leave you in good hands with Dionne and Veronica! I may pop in to post a comment, but otherwise, I tend to be internet free for the next 9 days. :-)





Anonymous said...

I've never seen a male actor objectified the way Michael has. It's shocking.

Anonymous said...

You are totally right Simone, it is disgusting. But there is hope. Steven Soderbergh's movie Magic Mike, which is all about male strippers, is coming out this year. Soderbergh claims that there's enough male nudity in it to make up for all the lack of nudity in over a hundred years of film. And looking at the cast, it's just a bunch of pretty faces, which Michael is not. Let them be the butt of the media's and others perverse jokes.
Michael will always have our support, though. I hope he knows that.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the post. I've had enough of that topic the first time it appeared. It's disgusting and immature how some media, celebs and random folks are treating Michael.
But I disagree about GQ interview. Chris Heath is on our side actually. A big part of the interview was him expressing the same disgust and outrage. I'm not sure why he is put in the same place with Charlize, Clooney and immature media, when in fact he is actually the one, who pointed out how unfairly Michael is treated.

Sidra said...

"To the media and Michael's co-star friends, shut the fuck up now, please?"

I agree! It's like people have never seen a "the other P word" before! Bet whenever its mentioned, Michael prob. nonchalantly rolls his eyes and is smiling but saying in his head, "STFU about it already!" (laugh)

On another note,

Simone, have a wonderful vacation!
Be safe! Have fun!

Jhessye said...

have fun. It's nice to vent!

Simone said...

@ Anon 9:33, yes, I agree, Chris Heath did a great job in that interview, it's one of the top five interviews of Michael that I enjoyed reading. However, when I re-read it, Chris drops the p-word constantly, and makes constant reference to Michael's career turning exposure.

He skillfully used professional compassion to talk about the juvenile chatter about his anatomy, but he himself still fell into that rabbit's hole of writing on and on about Michael's anatomy. The way he described it pointed out to me that it was a primary focus of the interview. Don't get me started on the pictorial for that interview, the faceless woman touching his crotch just reinterated what was heavily written about.

In the end, it was a great interview, but Chris played the p-word game like everyone else... he just did it with 'compassion'.

émilie said...

Go and see the FF board on Pinterest, I've just pinned a new photo, from Têtu magazine. Have a nice trip, Simone, and fuck to all the idiots whose jealousy shows itself through stupid penis jokes!

Hupsakeek said...

Your damn right Simone! In an older post I wrote that I resent the speeches by George Clooney and Charlize Theron about his "tool" becaus it has put a magnifying glass on this part of Michael. This fact has make him known by the big audience instead of his excellent acting. We all know that it's a great joy to look at him for several reasons, but most of all it's a great joy to watch him on screen as an actor! The past two months I find it very disturbing the way Charlize react to and talks about Michael. She act like a hystirical "fan". Such a complete contradiction to the thing she said about him in GQ magazine. Could she be a schizophrenic???

Dionne said...

Lord, I'm so over the P jokes. It's been months and they're still going strong. Move on already, this is one of the reasons I don't care for Charlize.

I've been hearing some things about the casting of '12 Years' but until I get 100% confirmation on Fassy's role, I won't be posting on the topic.

Have a wonderful and safe trip Simone!

Veronica said...

I’m so glad I’m not the only one to be done with all the “P” jokes and comments. It really HAS turned into harassment. I don’t want his talent to be glossed over for the ridiculousness in media sexual stimulation. He’s an ACTOR, not a porn star. BE QUIET about his private parts!

Can I get an AMEN? lol

Dionne said...

AMEN! :)

Simone said...

^ Amen! and bon voyage! xoxo

cellardoor said...

Simone totally agree re boob comment - simple but unequivocally the truth and it is embarrassing if charlize thinks she is being cool. Yes he's got a big one but really is that all it takes? Sheesh the way they act it's like everyone in hollywood is teeny!! To be honest until more people just get naked ( men that is - ladies we r sorted!) it will be this frat boy behaviour. My respect to Michael, Ewan mcgregor & sam Rockwell ( to name a few & ginger boys - hurrah) who got naked without a fuss because they r actors & it's simply part of the job) oh that there were more like them

pati said...

Have a nice trip !!!!

Jud said...

Oh My God Simone thank you so much for this post I saw the interview of Theron and felt the same. Enough is enough, it is not even close to funny anymore, it is very irritating, and reductive. Michael is not just a P-word he is a brilliant and very talented actor and people should focus on analyzing and criticizing his performance. And yes by doing so Charlize Theron sounds like she's obsessed by him, and she is losing her credibility as a serious actress talking about her colleagues in this manner.

On these words have a very nice trip, and can't wait to talk about Prometheus and Michael's performance in it soon Cheers.

Caroline said...

Enjoy your trip. You'll be in my part of Ireland and at the moment we're having a heat wave so hopefully the weather will remain for your stay here.

Greetings from Ireland. Cork/Kerry border to be exact. x

emmy said...

Have a great holiday Simone =))