Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'll be able to see Prometheus in London!!

Simone's mind was in outer space la la land!
You know, I like me, I really do, but sometimes I blow my mind with my silliness. All this damn time I have been planning to watch Prometheus when it comes to the States on Friday, June 8th. Note, it opens a week earlier in London (and I even had the nerve to complained about that) on June 1st... meanwhile, I'm just moving right along in planning my Killarney/London trip.

Not twenty-minutes ago, I'm just emailing my friend Lucinda in London trying to firm up our Friday and Saturday plans (June 1 and 2). She suggest the Criterion Restaurant for dinner, and I'm wondering if she wants to get a pedicure at the OPI Nail Bar at Selfridges (the Lord knows my feet will be jacked up after all that hiking in Ireland). And I then non-chalantly write, 'And maybe we can see a movie'... and then my brain went silent...

Maybe. Maybe? Then it fuckin' dawns on me... the movie event of the year, Prometheus will be showing there in London while I'm town! {sigh} I just don't know about me sometimes.

Then I experience several psychosomatic reactions at the implications of what I just realized. I will be in London as Prometheus debuts there a whole week before it comes out in the States. My face gets hot, my mouth goes dry, my neck muscles tighten, my pulse quickens, and adrenaline is rushing through my body. I can SEE the movie whilst in London ya'll!!!!!!!! Doh!!!!!

Why, why, why am I just thinking about this now? LOL! I'm so excited!!! So I just tweeted this embarrassing revelation and @becky_monster replied back and told me that tickets are being sold right now at BFI, Cineworld and Curzon Soho (where I saw Hunger back in 2008). I'm at the Curzon Soho site right  now figuring out what time/day to see it. And I'm anxiously awaiting to hear back from Lucinda to see if she wants to come with me.

So there you have it, Simone got a clue today and it's sad and pathetic, but, I finally got the memo and I'm going to see Prometheus in London on June 1 or 2nd. Yeah, go me, even if I'm a dense dumbass!!!!


Isn't he lovely?
 Earlier this morning, I was alarmed by an anonymous question posted to me at tumblr by either a troll or an idiot, asking me a very stupid question about Michael's temperament based on the GQ US interview.

Look, I know that in the world of celebrities, people are used to being lied to and having PResque responses spoon fed to them. Michael Fassbender is a grown ass man. A very intelligent and sensitive human being. He revealed a LOT about himself from that interview, and many people will pick up only little bits from that and make judgments or ask irrelevant questions. I think some fans are just not used to reading interviews featuring a real live 35 year-old man who doesn't filter himself. Michael was raw like sushi in this interview, and I admire him being like that,  that's why I like the dude. If you're used to underdeveloped personalities like Justin Beiber, then you are in a new universe when it comes to Michael Fassbender. Cut the man some slack, read and re-read his interviews, just like how he re-reads scripts, so that you can have a true understanding of all the glorious layers that he peels back about himself. We do not know, nor should we know everything about him. But what we do know of him, makes him a fascinating person, and it's very exciting being a fan of his and enjoying his great body of work.


Dionne said...

LOL Simone, it's okay we all have brain farts. In the end you will get to see Prometheus and that's the most important thing!

About the anon troll, Fassinators must be vigilant against the libelous drivel that deluded minds will come up with. We know the type of person Michael is, he's our guy, he has layers and a personality. He's our wild Irish, charming, unique, charasmatic, German, Uber-talented man-god also known as Michael Fassbender and we have to keep that in mind when people try to say otherwise.

Simone said...

Oh no Dionne, this wasn't just a mere brain fart, I had many of those on a daily basis. What I experienced was a new level of brain fuckery that I have to analyze. I dropped the ball somewhere, had my mind too much on what to do in Killarney, and when to meet up with Lucinda in London, and having money left over to see Prometheus when I got home. Only to realize that the dang movie will be there for me to watch.

There's no excuse for this brain meltdown, but... it's all good. :D

Veronica said...

Oh my gosh I’m so jealous you’re going to get to see Prometheus a week before the rest of us! :-) And to see it in London - double awesome! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Killarney when you get back. FF is going to be experts on the place.

Hupsakeek said...

Hi Simone,

I was ment to be.Somewere in your subconsciousness you booked your trip.....Now you can enjoy Prometheus even more!

Long time ago Marilyn Monroe said: “Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn't that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.”
Unfortunately there will always be people who wants to talk/think negative about other people. They can't understand that there are beautiful, natural, but most of all intelligent people exist (even famous people). They live in a small world.

April said...

Simone, in the midst of an already-heinous workday, you just made me laugh out loud. Have a wonderful trip, and thanks again for all the work you do on the blog.

émilie said...

Surely a stupid question, Simone: can't you go to the London premiere?

Simone said...

Emilie, it's only been a few hours since my brain realized I can even watch the movie in London... I will not be able to do the premiere. My heart couldn't bare it, it would be insane. Besides, I'll be leaving Ireland on Thursday afternoon (May 31st) and won't arrive in London until at least 7pm at Heathrow... so nope I can't go.

But that was an example of a good question. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh nice, i am happy for you. i have to wait until June 14 to see it, not cool! :((

Anonymous said...

This is too funny, but don't be hard on yourself. You were too focused on your trip.

As far as people not having reading abilities, I know what you mean. On another blog (filled with gossip) some woman posted that from the GQ interviews British and Men of the Year she understood that he uses women. I was like, what?

Surely she must be from some alternate universe because those interviews don't say that at all. Sigh… some people need to learn what commas are about.

Have a wonderful time on your vacation.

Dionne said...

LOL Simone you're too much! I hope you have a blast :)

Sidra said...

Very cool you'll be able to see P while on your trip :)
AND before us American moviegoers can see it- I'm jealous! :)

Simone said...

My being hard on myself was 70% out of exasperation and 30% self deprecating humor. Alas, I have redeemed myself in my eyes by placing a call to Curzon Soho Cinema where I had to book tickets via phone (the website kept refusing my cc info). So it's all good, I got the email confirmation and Lucinda and I are going to see Prometheus on June 2nd... days before my fellow American Fassinators. Ha ha!

Dionne said...

I'm jealous that we Americans will have to wait! Rrrgh, but I know it will be worth it.

emmy said...