Friday, May 11, 2012

Prometheus Promo from here on out!

We will be providing coverage of Prometheus up through it's debut in the UK on June 1st, and a week later in the US on June 8th (why do we get it later?). So be prepared that when you visit FF, you'll surely read something about Prometheus. As per the current poll, I selected Prometheus IMAX... I don't think I could handle IMAX + 3D, it would be too suffocating and too stimulating. I'm really content with 'just' the regular IMAX version. And when I see it for a second and third time, I'll do the regular version. Yes, I know I'm boring.
My Entertainment Weekly issue should arrive today in the mail.

Over the weekend, Veronica will post an article about her Killarney trip in April - I'm anxious to read it as she has refused to answer even some of my personal questions about her trip, so it will be a treat for us all to read.

Some people have written to me asking if I know anything about Michael working on Quentin Tarantino's 'D'jango Unchained'. No, I don't know anything other than that hit-and-run comment at tumblr a few days ago from a completely unverified source, that Michael was down South filming a cameo in that film, right now. I have no idea if that's true, but once it's been confirmed by other sources, we'll then know if it's true or not.

Secondly, people have been asking my opinion about the hyper talk about that book turning into a film, 'Fifty Shades of Grey', and if I think Michael will take on the role. I am not familiar with the details of this book, but I have heard about it. At, they post an article wholly supporting Michael taking on this role, but it's all wishful thinking. This type of project is not 'him', so, I'm not interested in joining in the speculation about him taking on this project. He's got enough stuff lined up for him already, and stuff we don't even know about, so, let's just support the projects he has in the pipeline already.

Over at the Fassinating Fassbender Pinterest, we have nearly 600 images pinned up there and it's coming along fine. Please let me know if you want access to 'contribute' to pinning images there. It's a lot of fun, and if you go about it at a casual way, you may come across images you might not have seen before, and engage in specific commentary about a particular image that will be thought provoking and entertaining. There are a handful of lovely people who have done an outstanding job in developing the FF Pinterest and they make it a joy to visit when I can. 


Anonymous said...

Michael needs to stay AWAY from 50 Shades. It's horribly written twilight fan fiction that was turned into original fiction by changing the character names. Just horrible.

Simone said...

^ Exactly! The type of fans who following that Twilight shit want Michael in that universe. The people who write that shit write for style, not substance. Michael is all about substance and relevance.

Michael ain't going anywhere near that crap.

Kruschelkasten said...

You still get it a lot ealier than we in Germany, the premiere is sceduled here for August 9th. At least it is mainstream, so I don't have to run around to find a cinema to watch it, like it was with Haywire or Jane Eyre (not to mention Shame).

So don't complain ;)

btw: I have finished my translation of the article in the German arte magazine here.

Dionne said...

I'm ready for Prometheus overhaul! Whoop

@Kruschelkasten thanks for the translation