Tuesday, May 15, 2012

See, Michael was pissed off too!

In the US GQ June issue, Michael was asked about the Shame Oscar campaign, and he gave a rather honest and frank opinion. I'm glad he said what he did because it validates most of our reactions here at FF. I know I received some personal criticism for my attitude and some harsh language I used, but now that we know how Michael felt, and you know his friends and family felt the same way... we were just in our sentiments, and I guess, we're all moving forward - this quote offered me closure on the subject :-) . I'm glad that Michael learned a "lesson", and I have too. Now more than ever, we should be proud of Plan B.

Screw the US Surgeon General, smoking is sexy for you!
On campaigning during award season: “At the beginning people [say], ‘You’re going to be going to the Oscars,’ and you’re like, ‘Whatever, doesn’t matter, don’t think so.’ But after a while it does penetrate. After a while you’re like, ‘Anyway, so I’m going to the Oscars …’ And you start to believe it. And I did. I thought I was going. And then I found out I wasn’t and I was upset. I was very upset by it. The first reaction was, ‘What the fuck …?’He sounds frustrated that he had let himself get sucked in. "It’s a vanity thing. It does become important to you. And it shouldn’t." On reflection, he decided that he had learned something about misplaced priorities. "A good little lesson.” - Michael Fassbender, GQ June 2012

Another great quote from the article: "The bottom line is, Michael Fassbender is probably the most talented actor that I've ever been around, and I think the most talented actor of this time right now.... I cannot talk about Shame because I sound like a fucking freak, but it's a film that stayed with me for three weeks. His performance haunted me. I watched it twice, and when I look at the nuance, the delicacy, the tenderness, there was nothing heavy-handed about him. He knows what the balance is. He knows real life, he doesn't know pretend life.... The bottom line is that he should have an Oscar on his mantel right now."  - Charlize Theron


Dionne said...

I love how honest Michael was in the interview. Everyone knew what should have went down, the only people who didn't get the memo were the Academy.

Simone said...

Oh the Academy got the memo, they just didn't want to read it.

They proved that no matter how great a film is and how brilliant a performance is, if said film does not meet their narrow political/social/gender views, it will not be acknowledged.

The true result is that all of us, including Michael, now know the bullshit organization that AMPAS is.

As Michael was quoted a week or two ago, he doesn't want to filter his actions/words, and thank God he didn't this time. It takes guts to be as honest as he is.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why people are so surprised that he was upset about his Oscar snub.i always thought he would be,and that's very human. although we know the Oscar is crap,it's still the higest honor for actors.

P.S i love Charlize's quote :)

Veronica said...

This article is so wonderful! I love what Michael said - very honest - and Charlize’s quote is exactly what we’ve all been saying all along. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this magazine. He looks smokin’ hot in the photos too! (pun definitely intended!)

Zeninca said...

You know what? If they didn't recognize his talent, screw them!

Shame will be talked about for years to come, far longer than any other film at the oscars. The world knows he's good!

Kate said...

I thought it was strange when everyone was commenting on how Charlize was looking at Michael during the Oscar Roundtable, when what she was saying about and to him was so interesting.

It's no secret. She's a bit of a ball-buster and very difficult to impress. But her comments about how everyone on Prometheus was intimidated by him and how much trust he must have had in Steve and her determination to make sure that everyone knew he wasn't wasting anyone's time by using a South African accent--all of it pointed to her having tremendous respect for him.

Hupsakeek said...

I'm glad to read those lovely words from Charlize. Because in an other post I had criticts about her acceptance speech for the Ally for Equality Award in which she only talked about his penis. To get such a compliment on his work and on his being must make his toes curl.
Michael shows he got balls not to filter his words.
Thanks Simone for posting this, now we can all go to sleep knowing Michael is out of the closet on that Oscar thing!

Dionne said...

@ Simone, you're right it takes guts!

I'm thrilled that he was honest, he just said what everyone thought.

Simone said...

You know, some people (and some fans) thought that the snub didn't matter to Michael. They thought our attitude was over reacting and silly. Back then I knew it was dismissive bullshit. Of course he cares! Aren't they looking at the same pictures that we look at when he beams with pride when he holds the awards he has won? He works damn hard and it's wonderful to receive these honors.

As much as I was bummed out on oscar nomination day (and I needed a drink later that day), I knew in my heart that Michael and those closest to him were devastated too.

When you know you are good enough for a nomination, and people have been praising your work since September, and you won so many awards and nominations, and people keep telling you that you will get a nomination... and then it doesn't happen, that hurts like a motherfucker.

Dionne said...

Yes! He's human, he has feelings. I'm that much more proud of Plan B, because it shows that we understood how he must have felt, we recongnize his talent, etc. That was a really good idea, in hindsight even better than I thought it would be. Knowing now how he felt, I'm sure the starfire award really touched him. :)

Simone said...

I just finished reading the entire interview and I was very impressed. There were a lot of revelations, and a notable few gave me 'Oh, really' moments... I'll keep those to myself. But it's all good.

Michael is so fresh and real, I can't stand it, I just love it! We're so lucky to admire an actor like him because he's so damn awesome. He's not perfect, he's just a cool mofo!

An excellent interview! And it looks like Daddy Fassbender is a mega Fassinator, bless him!

GQ Interview

Dionne said...

@ Simone, I had quite a few 'a ha' moments myself. His honesty is so refreshing.

"And it looks like Daddy Fassbender is a mega Fassinator, bless him!"

This made me die laughing, I'm crying as I type this. I can picture him reading FF right now. LOL His dad seems so caring and protective. ^ ^

Simone said...

^ LOL! I'm glad I made you giggle Dionne. I want to preface my following opinion by stating that I have no proof or clue who really visits here, but some comments, especially by 'anon' posters make me go,

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'... is that a Fassy friend or family member?

But I would never ever call someone out like that. It's just sometimes, some comments are so...

curiously informative, enlightening, and enduring.


Dionne said...

^ All of this! I love the fact that people from all over the world come to FF. Maybe even those with closer ties to our guy. In any case, I think Pappa Fass is adorable with the Google alerts. lol

émilie said...

This fantastic article throws a different light onto the vid and photos. Yes, they must have been part of the game, they musn't be taken too seriously (as I did).

Allyson said...

After watching the video, seeing the pictures, and reading the debate about the pictures, I was a bit skeptical about reading the article. But it is truly one of the best I've read! Michael's honesty is so refreshing. But what really impressed me was how the author discussed all the full frontal fuss from Shame and how ridiculous it got. To reduce such a powerful message and performance down to a junior high mentality is just sad and completely missing the point. But our guy has handled it with grace and aplomb and that's part of the reason why we love him!

Sidra said...

Love the title of the post! (laugh)
As well as the post itself.
DEF extra proud of Plan B now :)

Brenda said...

@Hupsakeek: Charlize was teasing Michael about his penis because the room was filled with gay men. Charlize knows her audience. ;)

émilie said...

I've just pinned the article and photos from the French GQ in the FF board on Pintarest.

Simone said...

Michael's performance in Shame, I'm afraid, has made it impossible for another actor to be just as brave.

Michael did all the right things going into the Oscar nominations, but still got screwed over. In addition to that, what was suppose to be flattery, turned into an ongoing game of whipper snapper comments about his private parts.[Just do a google search for Michael right now, and 80% of the result are attention grabbing BS word play titles about his penis] Too much of anything is never good, and I have felt for quite a while that the focus on his sizable assets have just become a fodder for jokes, but mature people/fans and Michael, can only laugh about it for so long until it becomes, embarrassing.

Michael's performance and his body have opened AND closed the door on this kind of performance all because of the childish reaction by the media, and the rude indifference of AMPAS and some critics.

Full-frontal females... the sexist display will continue on.

cellardoor said...

Can anyone help? I keep going into the GQ site but because I'm in London it automatically defaults to UK version (even wen I tried your link Simone)
Much appreciate if anyone can help as keen to read
Thanks :-)

cellardoor said...

Ooh have found - appears was just my Internet on phone restricting me
Off to read now yay!

Veronica said...

@cellardoor- glad you got it figured out! Post your thoughts on the GQ article if you like when you're finished. :-)

cellardoor said...

Thanks Veronica
Loved the article - insightful and funny but definite more layers to Michael - beautiful onion man that he is

emmy said...

WOW I love Charlize Theron's reaction about Shame and Oscar Snub !
And I'm so happy to see that Michael is very honest about it !