Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update on The Counselor

I have difficulty understanding this casting decision of Malkina going to Cameron Diaz. Am I alone in this?

News from Twitchfilm:

When last we heard tell of the Ridley Scott directed / Cormac McCarthy penned The Counselor, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem had just joined the cast while Pitt's other half - Angelina Jolie - was openly petitioning for the role of Malkina. Given her interest and the marketing bonanza that would come from pairing Pitt and Jolie on screen that seemed like as near a sure thing as these things ever are but it just did not happen. And now Twitch has learned that the role has gone instead to Cameron Diaz.
The role will certainly be a darker part than we're used to seeing from Diaz but, surely, after years of playing eye candy with only the occasional foray into more substantial material Diaz must be ready for the change.

Cameron as Malkina? Yes or No?


Anonymous said...

To be honest, this news has almost killed my interest in the project, which I thought would be impossible. If they wanted a blonde bombshell to play a Columbian (?), they could have at least cast Charlize Theron. She can actually act and has great chemistry with Michael.

Noƫlle said...

for me, it's a big NO!
I can't see her in Malkina's role. And I shudder when I think at her last role in Bad Teacher...

However, I believe Ridley Scott is not mad, and that he had seen something in her, that he had,'t seen in the Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz when they tried for Malkina's role.
I'm going to have to trust Ridley Scott on that one

Simone said...

In Cameron's defense, she is half Cuban, and with her dyeing her hair brunette, perhaps she can convince me she's Malkina.

As disappointed as I am in yet another A-lister being connected to this film, I'm still interested in seeing it, so don't throw your cards in yet 'Anon'. This is a Michael Fassbender film, where he is the lead, so do still support his work.

Kate said...

1) It's obvious no one reporting on this story has a reliable source. A Variety reporter says his source says she's playing Laura (which I personally think she's even worse for). None of them are considering that she could be playing Ruth.

2) She's no worse/better in my opinion than Cruz/Jolie for Malkina. Many Argentinian women are blonde/white. I don't even think she needs to dye her hair. Even if the script describes the character as brunette, I doubt that's really an important trait for the character.

3) She is a capable actress given the right material. Yeah, she wasted years doing rom-coms, but she played sexy/crazy/tough really well in Any Given Sunday and Vanilla Sky.

Dionne said...

I saw this last night and was too pissed to post about it.

I don't know exactly what's going on, I trust the director but this is too much.

I guess he threw out the previous Malkina description? I would have rather saw Penelope in this role. I knew Jolie couldn't do it because she's filming Maleficent.

If this is indeed true, I don't know what to think of this. I kind of agree with Anon 9:02 about killing my interest in the project.

Nothing against Cameron, but let's be real. A bottle of hair dye, and a tan will not magically give her better acting skills.

Anonymous said...

Oh god! Cameron? LMAO This is a joke right? Oh yeah, really looking forward to this project. Bwaahahaha

According to The Insider there may have been some confusion. Diaz may be up for the role of Laura, while Cruz is still up for Malkina.

If Cameron is Malkina, I'll have to wait to see this crap on DVD. You know she's going to ruin the film, and it'll hurt Michael too!

Anonymous said...

Hell NO!!!
I don't believe this is truth, I mean really?

Simone said...

The more I think about this, the more I get peeved.

It's like, they hire Michael off the bat... but then studio people are like, 'Well, no one really knows him, so, he's going to be the lead, let's get 4 A-listers to co-star with him, that way people will really go see this movie'.

This is bs. A-listers cost money, there goes the film's budget. I thought Penelope Cruz was out of negotiations and just speculation, but if she's in it... WTF... did her husband Javier get her the gig.

I need to just take myself outside for a long walk in the sun for lunchtime. I'm irritated.

Sidra said...

If it's true... Eh... She just seems so wrong for the part. It'll be interesting to see IF she can pull off being badass Malkina but I doubt she'll be able to- compared to other actresses who have aced being extremely tough, cool, controversial characters- and could have easily if they were Malkina.

Zoe Saldana and Olga Kurylenko were who I was crossing fingers to be considered to play Malkina (although sadly they weren't even considered).
I'd rather see as someone commented, Charlize in the part rather than Diaz.

BUT in the end, I'm seeing The Counselor specially for Michael- so Malkina could be a puppet and I'd still see the film (laugh).

Sidra said...


I agree when you say,

"It's like, they hire Michael off the bat... but then studio people are like, 'Well, no one really knows him, so, he's going to be the lead, let's get 4 A-listers to co-star with him, that way people will really go see this movie'."

Sucks big time.
But hey, then more people WILL see it- and more people will take notice of Michael as such a wonderful actor.

Veronica said...

I’m going to have to agree with Sidra on this one - I’m going to go see this film because Michael is in it. I don’t really care who plays anybody else. If he’s the lead, then I’m going to support him as a fan.

Although I do have to say that I’d go see the film after it hits the cheap theaters if there was a puppet involved. LOL

Simone said...

Oh, believe me, I'm so there, afterall, how many of us saw Jonah Hex at the theater?

the sound of crickets

Well I did, so I will go see The Counselor too. Heck, Miss Piggy could play Malkina for all I care.

What I do care about is the bs theatrics in getting all these People magazine superstars to star in this movie with Michael. We're biased to think he can open a movie all by himself with some great lesser known stars, but obviously Hollywood doesn't trust him that much yet.


meelichka said...

A bit disappointed with the choice of Diaz, as there are sooo many other actresses out there that are talented and not so well known. But we know that this happens all the time.. Diaz is washed up, unless she can bring back some sort of flair she had in Vanilla Sky, I just don't see how this character is going to work for her.. :/

Jud said...

I'm not going to lie I'm very disappointed with the casting choices too. I feel like it is going to be a name dropping film, and that Michael will have to support the whole movie on his (talented) shoulders. Not that the others are not talented, but too many A-listers (can) kill A-listers/the movie.

I thought Ridley Scott was free enough to pick up any actor he wanted, without the pressure from the studios, but hey, who knows...

I will still go see the movie for Michael's performance and for McCarthy's script.

Dionne said...

Yeah, I'm definitely going to watch for Michael!

Simone, I saw Jonah Hex and that was hard for me because of Megan. lol

marcia said...

Maybe Cameron Diaz is a good actress and never showed it, maybe it's a studio pressure whatever it is i will watch the film anyway. And i think Michael is so good that Hollywood ppl got uncomfortable, only the directors like him not the suits.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Michael Fassbender fan, but I have to agree with studio execs, that he is not able to open a movie on his name alone yet. He is a brilliant actor, but he is not well known enough to the public. Just look at his past movies. Most of them were small indies, and the few blockbusters were an ensemble movies and/or part of popular franchises. Michael's status could change after Prometheus, but he is not there yet (but I'm sure he will be there pretty soon).

I also disagre that suits don't like Michael. Tim Rothman (as the rest of Fox) seems to be literally enamored with Michael. Just looks in how many Fox movies Michael was or is going to be involved. It looks like they see his potential and want to groom him to be the next big star, but they know he is not there yet, and you know, they have to think about money after all.

Actually surrounding Michael with talented A-listers (and so far all the choices were pretty good) is a smart move. They can act (so it's a smart move artistically), they can bring people to cinemas (so it's good for business), but it's still Michael who is the lead. He will headline the film with his name, and the rest of them will help him to sell the movie with their name recognition.

I must admit I'm also disappointed with Cameron Diaz casting, but I agree with Kate, that it's probably media not knowing what they are talking about. She supposedly is going to replace Jolie, and do you remember that at first it was reported that she was going to play some small role. Only later they started talking about Jolie playing Malkina. My take on it is that they couldn't imagine Jolie taking a small role, so they decided that it must be a mistake and she has to play lead.
I wouldn's be surprised if it turned out that Cruz is going to play Malkina and Diaz will get smaller role of Ruth (if any, according to Deadline Hollywood she is still negotiating, it's not a done deal yet).

And what happened to rumours about Ruth Wilsom joining the cast? I think she would be good for the role of Laura.

Anyway, whoever is in it, I'm going to see it in cinema and then buy a DVD, as long as Michael is in it.

Anonymous said...

^ Of course I meant Ruth Wilson. Sorry for all typos, it was a long post :)

Simone said...

^ Anon, thank you very much for your well thought out analysis of the casting situation with The Counselor. The valid points you have raised are based in reality, and I appreciate you reminding us of the rationale behind this process, which can easily be overlooked.

I guess with four A-listers rounding out the top 5 roles, to many of us, it just seems a bit too much. The audience will come for a film done by Ridley Scott, written by Cormac McCarthy, and starring Michael Fassbender. Two mega-stars would have been just the perfect mix, but it just seems like overkill in having all these big names to support Michael's lead role.

But like you said, in the end, it's his movie, he's the starring role, the strong A-list team will only help him make The Counselor a great movie. I still would have preferred to see two of these other roles given to lesser known actors. I don't know what factor Ruth Wilson has in this, but it was just my speculation that she may have been in discussions about this film when she was spotted having dinner with Ridley and Michael a couple weeks back.

We'll all know soon enough what is firm on this film.

Again, thanks a lot for your opinion.