Monday, June 18, 2012

Comic Strip Bio of Michael

I received an email from cartoonist Steve McGarry this afternoon, he brought to my attention a very nice comic strip biography of Michael Fassbender that was published in the New York Daily News over the weekend. This handsome biographic was printed at an ideal time as millions of people are becoming more aware of who Michael Fassbender is!

Steve has given me permission to post the image here, and you can also view it at his Facebook page and post a comment about it, as well as view his other work.

Thanks Steve!

Courtesy of Steve McGarry

Edited to Add: I just found this article at Moviefone about the state of film criticism as a late. It focuses on the upcoming 70th birthday of film critic Roger Ebert, who has recently given Prometheus the highly prized 4-star review (he also gave 'Shame' 4-stars), and how the internet is overrun by wannabee film critics who have downgraded and crowded the 'art of film criticism' by bonafide film critics (true critics who analyze films frame by frame). Although one do not always agree with a film critic like Roger Ebert, but come on, the man has been doing this longer than I have been breathing on this earth, AND he won a Pulitizer Prize for film reviews! So if HE thought Prometheus was a fantastic film... it was a fanfuckingtastic film, a'right?! Oh, and here's another nifty article from UK film critic, Robbie Collin that bitch slaps loud-mouth nit-pickin' Prometheus haters. After I saw it for a second time Saturday night, I can say that I absorbed things about the film that I overlooked the first time around, and I have a greater appreciation for the film. It still give it a B+, and after watching it in IMAX 3D, I'm so totally going to buy me a blu-ray for either my birthday in September or for Christmas cuz I gots to watch this film, via the Director's cut, as it is meant to be viewed, and that's on blu-ray!


Dionne said...

How cool and accurate! Some people are so talented and creative, while others like me enjoy the product.

émilie said...

@LOL Dionne! I'm like you, unfortunately not the creative kind, but I love and admire what talented people have to offer! Thanks for this!

Jesse said...

I agree with the both of you. It's very nice, I'm glad Michael has such talented fans!

Sidra said...

This is so cool!
Although I just combed through my Sunday Daily News and didn't find it :(
Not to worry, I printed at work the strip :)

Veronica said...

This came up on Facebook the other day (a friend of mine posted it) and I fell in love with it. I’m planning to print it too, Sidra! I think the comic will make a lovely addition to my office. Anyone else?