Thursday, June 7, 2012

Michael on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Another great and short interview, "The humans win... for now!" :-)


émilie said...

Jon Stewart talks too much :D But yeah, the interview is funny. Yet I prefered the Fallon interview, more natural. Stewart is a showman, so he doesn't give his guest as much time to express himself as he deserves. Seems to be seeking the gag.

Simone said...

That's why I'm not a fan of late night shows, all the hosts talk too much and the topic goes off in several directions. But this was ok. I think Jon may have been nervous in Michael's presence. Sometimes people talk too much because they are nervous.

Sidra said...

I got catch a nano second glimpse of Michael yesterday evening after his interview!
There were about 15 fans total waiting outside the studio.
Unfort Michael didn't have time to stop and sign autographs/take pics :(
He apologized however saying he had another one (I guess show/engagement) to go to.
It all happened so fast!
I saw red hair, heard the accent and he was gone! (laugh)

Well, at least I still have memories when I saw him live on David Letterman :)

I have hope that however one of these days I WILL FINALLY meet him :)

Simone said...

Sidra, you should take joy in knowing that you have at least seen him in the flesh, been in the same breathing space with him, twice. Millions of fans have yet to be on the same continent with him.


Dionne said...

I liked this interview but once again so short. You can tell that Stewart likes Michael, and that mean a lot to me as I have a lot of respect for Stewart.

Veronica said...

I’m REALLY glad you got this to post on FF. I was out celebrating my niece’s high school graduation and didn’t get back in time to watch it. Thank you so much Simone for posting the interview!

Hupsakeek said...

Your right Simone. Late night shows or other talkshows are most of the time shallow-brained. But like I said on Pinterest: A good host will take care of his guest and make him/her feel at ease. Hopefully they don't ask stupid questions. Just a bit of chit chat and fooling around. That's how you become (well) known and when the big audience know you're name and are willing to look at your achievements......then they will ask "why hasn't this man won an Oscar?"

MLM said...

Michael is so cute.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a pleasant interview. I don't think that Jon Stewart is as comfortable interviewing actors as he is more political people. There was a nice back and forth between them in this interview, tho.