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Praise for Michael in Prometheus

I will post my review of Prometheus on Friday morning. There will be spoilers revealed, but I'll conceal them and alert you properly. As you can see from the current poll that readers have participated in by rating Prometheus, the majority really like it, however, a few did not. I think when Prometheus opens tomorrow in the US, most people will like it, and those who did not, will let their feelings be known. I have been reading many of the good reviews, and even those reviews make reference to some flaws in the film, namely the character development of most of the characters, and a few plot holes.

Likewise, I personally felt that the film could have been a little longer, just to offer some elaboration on a few scenes, provide background and depth as to motives (perhaps this will be available on the DVD/Blu-ray). But by suspending believe, I immersed myself into the film completely, and I very much enjoyed it. The standouts where Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw, and of course, Michael Fassbender as David. I can imagine it is difficult to play an android because they are not human, but mimic being human, along with the absence of crucial elements: capability of expressing true emotions, and having a soul. But does David truly lack these qualities? I'll write about that tomorrow.

For now, here is a nice article that is already preaching that Michael should win awards as David. After you read it, and especially if you have seen Prometheus already, what do you think about his performance?

Note: When commenting about Prometheus and scenes with David, please use the **SPOILER** tag before you write a significant plot storyline. A lot of people still haven't seen it yet.

At last year’s Oscars there appeared to be a significant oversight, to say the least: namely the absence of leading man du jour Michael Fassbender from the Best Actor nominations.

Despite his brilliant performance as sex addict Brandon in British director and artist Steve McQueen’s critically-acclaimed Shame, Fassbender (who was nominated for or won practically every other major acting gong going) was overlooked by the Oscar voting committee. It was wrong, to say the least. Look up injustice in an online dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Michael Fassbender alongside it.
Beyond undergoing a body metamorphosis, Fassbender’s commitment to the role of Brandon was on a par with anything the likes of Brando, De Niro, or latter day talented actors such as Guy Pearce (Memento) or Christian Bale (The Fighter) has ever exhibited on the big screen. Like with all his roles, Fassbender lived and breathed the character in a mesmerising portrayal of a troubled, restless individual that clearly warranted attention, and got it – just not the Oscar it truly deserved.

Showing that you can’t keep a good man down, the chameleon-like Fassbender has since been seen in Haywire, A Dangerous Method and now Prometheus, stealing the show in every film. And before that he delivered strong performances in Eden Lake, Fish Tank, Hunger (another role he should have got an Oscar nod for) and Inglourious Bastards. But, it’s his performance as David in that should see the German-born Irish actor finally pick up the golden gong his stellar acting work truly deserves. It is nothing short of flawless. And given that it’s a performance that will be seen by a mass audience, it seems impossible to conceive that next year’s Best Actor Oscar nominations won’t feature Fassbender’s name among the chosen few.
Fassbender’s performance in Shame could have quite easily been a once in a lifetime performance that saw him pique then disappear from our screens, but in his portrayal of the robot David, a seemingly meek and subservient robot with a dark agenda, Fassbender has created one of those onscreen performances that will be remembered for years to come.

Ridley Scott, similar to other directors, clearly favours Fassbender, with his character David receiving some of the best lines in the film. And he delivers them with aplomb, simultaneoulsy making you laugh while sending a shiver down your spine.

Before Prometheus, people were already talking about Fassbender (some for his acting, others for “physical” reasons) reason but it’s hard to believe the unconverted won’t be in agreement that as David, Michael Fassbender has finally found the role that not only  showcases his innumerable talents to a global audience but will give him a proper shot at winning the Best Actor Oscar he so richly deserves.
Do you agree? Is Fassbender’s performance as David the robot overrated, or is will it lead to him finally getting the Academy Award for Best Actor?

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Anonymous said...

There are more believing that he could get Oscar nom (or more) for this role. I believe BBc was actually the first (BEWARE: review can contain some SPOILERS):

"How does David compare to Ian Holm’s robot in “Alien”? Let’s just say David kicks Ash. Really. Fassbender is an Oscar waiting to happen for this role."


émilie said...

I think David is the character who gives depth to the movie. He's the figure of the creature which turns into the figure of the creator, when the issue of his free-will is raised (there's no real answer to this question, everyone can have his own interpretation of David's motivations). Even when you see the movie again, David remains opaque, and it's fascinating. Michael excelled in this role, giving birth to a character impossible to decipher, moving and frightening at the same time. Obviously he deserves an award for his David, even if it won't console me for the previous snub.

Simone said...

Roger Ebert just gave Prometheus 4 Stars!


Roger Ebert

Jud said...

Simone you talked about "suspending believe" in your article but I think you meant suspension of disbelief. And indeed the all movie stands on our dear Coleridge's notion (ok I admit I'm a fan of Coleridge's work on that)of willing suspension of disbelief, which allows the spectator to let himself be invaded by the universe created by the story. But in order to do so, there needs great actors who will provide a performance that distance them from any characters they played before and/or from themselves as "real" person and I think that's what Michael marvelously achieved in this movie. Besides it is crucial (and proven) that sci-fi relies on willing suspension of disbelief. I do not know and I will not try to think about whether his performance will lead to an oscar nomination (I guess I don't want to be disappointed like I was this year), but I know one thing as a sci-fi scholar: he transcended the depiction of android and his performance clearly equals (I would not dare to say surpass) Rutger Hauer's performance in Blade Runner. Finally as a sci-fi fan I'm a bit skeptical considering the almost-predominant absence of sci-fi movies/series during award seasons.

Simone said...

^ Thank you Jud, yes, I meant "suspension of disbelief".

I think that viewers get so caught up on dialouge nuances, character attitue that can turn one off in real life, and plots within a story that don't seem plausible. They focus so much on the flaws and judge a film based on what they expected it to be, and they can't enjoy the rest of the ride.

So my suspension of disbelief, along with just a wonderfully visual film just took my breath away.

I too think it's too early to talk award stuff about Michael's role in Prometheus, although you know I know he has the right stuff. If you thought Shame was off-putting to some awards, they are also snobby against Sci-fi.

Your comment Jud about how Michael's David transcended the high bar set by Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner is very true. That movie is brilliant, and it shows androids, especially 'Roy' (that was his name, right, wanted to be human, to have a soul, and was affected by how humans treated him. That's what is key for David. He knows that his fellow shipmates don't like or trust him, so how does that make him feel... truly?

I look forward to having great discussions with fans about Prometheus and Michael's performance.

Sidra said...

I will be seeing Prometheus now probably Monday- can't wait to see his performance- as well as the movie as a whole!

Simone said...

Here's another great 4-star review from a Michigan website:

"Although the film isn’t always thematically tidy – it begs for a second viewing to sift and sort it all out - it’s still fascinating and complicated, and a masterpiece of visuals and special effects, which contribute to its intense, hypnotic nature (Scott shot it in 3-D, often effectively). “Prometheus” will reward all audiences. But those who love “Alien” will be rewarded just a little bit more."

emmy said...

I totally agree with this review !!!! =D

Hupsakeek said...

After seeing the film I wrote on Pinterest that SF isn't really my genre, but the film is beautiful made.Émilie wrote that it lacks something to be a masterpiece, and I totally agree on that. Perhaps too high expectations because of the publicity campaign? The first hour was fascinating but the second hour: a lot of action but no depth in dialogues. I found the second hour a bit hasty. This is also the part where you hope that David's character will deepen. A missed opportunity. I found it a good film but with a fantastic fassbender. I must see him a second time to try to get some answers to questions I have now (especially about David). He managed to let his character linger and ,for me, this mean that he played his role superb. An Oscar?
Yeah, why not.(Do not to forget his performance in the "short film" about the introduction of David). But personally I think he deserve him more for his role as Brandon. If he gets him for David there will always be a tiny part of me who thinks "is this to compensate their major gaffe from last year?", and that would not do justice to his outstanding performance. Like I mentioned before I'm not a SF-fan but Michael has made me a FANdroid, and for that achievement he deserve a price! And of course A BIG an Oscar? We'll see, but I hope so.

Sidra said...

So I finally saw Prometheus!!!

And I LOVED it (& actually more than I thought I would- I was afraid b/c the trailer was so amazing the movie would be so-so- but I was dead wrong!).

MF was great as usual- a little TOO creepily good as David-
BUT... I don't think his performance is Oscar worthy.

Like another commenter said, he should have been nominated for Brandon in Shame more so.

If he's nominated for David (which would be so cool of course) I will see it as the Oscars making up for not nom-ing him for Brandon.

But Prometheus was WOW to me (I actually prefer it to Alien)
I want to see it again especially for the beautiful visuals.

Here's my video review of P: