Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scenes from London Prometheus Premiere

As I mentioned previously, I was able to visit Leicester Square about a half hour after the red carpet, or blue carpet rather, ended. I tried to change my Aer Lingus flight at Shannon airport, but they wanted 140 euros for the change. Um, never mind! So after I arrived at Heathrow around a quarter to 7, I luckily got my luggage quickly, and then hopped onto the Heathrow Express which was just waiting for moi. I arrived at Paddington station around 7:30, wasted time and money taking a taxi to a new hotel in the Paddington area which was really only a 3 minute walk. Doh! I checked into the hotel, which the room was hobbit size, compared to the Queen's deluxe room I had in Killarney. I changed shirts and ran out of the hotel to catch the Bakerloo to Leicester Sq.

Just as I was approaching the Empire theater, this is what I see:

No more blue carpet, it's been rolled up.

Inside Empire theater main entrance way.

I went inside the theater just to take a few pictures.

The screening was in that very theater, it was heavily guarded.

This is where celebrities stood to have their picture taken by paparazzi.

However, as I decided to stand around to see what happens next, like, perhaps get a glimpse of Michael coming out of the theater, I met up with two Fassinators. One of the girls, Bernadette, is an artist and she showed me a sketch she did of Michael which she got him to sign. It was beautiful. She could either sell it for an arm and a leg, or frame it and keep it for herself. I reckon she'll do the latter. She told me that she took a lot of pictures of Michael on the blue carpet and she got a picture with him that she showed me. Lucky girl. She smartly gave me her business card, but I didn't have any of mind to give her. At the time, she hadn't heard about Fassinating Fassbender, so I told her about it and I informed her that I would be emailing her once I get back home. And I kept my word and asked for her permission to include a few of her images from the Prometheus premiere here.

You can see the rest of her images from the Prometheus premiere at her Facebook. Thanks Bernadette!

As a reminder, Michael will be on TV tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at 12:35am on NBC.

I have started to post images from Killarney at a new 'Killarney' board at Pinterest. Please go check it out, and more pictures will be added over time. I will post some of my most favorites right here starting tomorrow.

The Fassinating Fassbender contest will be posted on Thursday, with the winner possibly announced as early as later that day or by Friday, June 8th, which is the American release date of this fantastic film!


émilie said...

Thanks for the pics and your comments! Your photos of killarney are great, too! I watched the red carpet "live" on my computer but I must confess I felt a bit jealous of the people who were in London :D
I can't wait to speak with you about Prometheus (I've seen it twice and I'll go a third time this week!)but no spoiler, so we have to wait!

Simone said...

You know what, I'm spoiled by TIFF. The both times I met him, I was very close to him and no harrassing pap and screaming fans. So, the Leicester Sq red/blue carpet is a tad too much for me, plus, I have a life and don't have all day to camp out for a good spot.

I'm excited to see Prometheus again this weekend. As long as people don't go into the theater expecting an Alien pre-quel, they will enjoy it.

Hupsakeek said...

Thanks Simone for the pics. Tonight I'll will have a look on your Killarny board. I didn't see the premiere live on the net, because I was watching Prometheus ;) I go watch it again (hopefully this weekend)because I still had a lot of questions ..and to see David again. And I'm looking forward to the Prometheus talk on your blog!

Simone said...

Some films need to be seen several times to understand all the layers. I look forward to our discussions about the film as well.

kt said...

(Forgive me for posting this out of context to your blog entry Simone---there wasn't enough space provided at FF Pinterest to post this there...)

For better or for worse, one of the aspects of living your life “out loud” as it were, as an actor who makes a living in a public medium, is that you are creating work which not only lives a life in the context of the story it serves, but also lives on in an afterlife of still moments. As Hupsakeek states on the board, Pinterest *is* a visual medium, it is the nature of the beast that we have limited ways to express ourselves herein: in snapshots of those still moments, and in captions/commentary which bring context of our choosing. As of this morning, there are over 1300 pins on the FF Pinterest board, and as Simone accurately points out, images involving nudity are such a tiny fraction of the body of this board…and only one aspect of it. And as all have pointed out, nudity is not shameful, and neither is the celebration of it. This pinterest board is a celebration of *all* aspects of an actor and a human being we admire greatly, and in even a casual perusal of the comments we share, you can see that the pinterest board is not merely about titillation (it’s an aspect of it, sure---but it’s not it’s raison d'etre). One of the aspects of Michael I admire most is his willingness to expose his emotions, his body, to use all of the tools at his disposal to provoke us, his audience, to see ourselves in him, the vessel. As it has been pointed out, most accurately and repeatedly, Michael truly is FEARLESS, in his professional life. Thus his body, his nudity, has become a huge part of his persona, of how we identify him, and identify to him. But as Émilie very accurately states, Michael, the man, the actor, is to no one here merely a body---he is a soul, he is a mind. And just personally speaking, I have my Pinterest account linked back to my Facebook page—a page accessed by my friends, and my family. I am not the least bit ashamed of anything on the board…I am extremely proud of our Pinterest board, and proud of the willingness and openness of it’s *AWESOME* contributors (who I am proud to count as friends) to celebrate ALL aspects of the body of work and body of man that is Michael Fassbender.

Simone said...

Kt, thank you for your eloquent commentary about what the FF Pinterest is all about, and providing a widely shared point of view of what being a fan of Michael Fassbender, the great actor, is all about.

Please continue to freely carry on as usual at FF Pinterest. ;-)

Dionne said...

I'll go check the Pinterest board out in a bit! You were really close Simone, even though you didn't get to meet him this time you were still closer than I've ever been!

Anonymous said...

So I watched Lawrence of Arabia 2 times. I tried to be like Michael but it is a really LONG movie. He is so dedicated to his work.

Can't wait for tonight on Fallon and tomorrow on Stewart!

And I will be watching on Saturday. Can't wait! So excited!

Simone, glad you got a glimpse of him. I would turn into a squeeling teenager, I think, if I saw him. Or maybe I would not be able to speak……

Anonymous said...

He was on The Today Show! Today, June 5th with Noomi.

marcia said...

"12 years a slave" :http://blogs.indiewire.com/shadowandact/06f11560-af46-11e1-bcc4-123138165f92