Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF: Twelve Years on Prometheus with The Counselor

I'm trying to be creative by incorporating the movie titles of three films that are in currently in the news and Fassy related from this week! Firstly, it appears that Prometheus is a hit! So far in the states, as of June 13th, according to Box Office Mojo it has earned $65 million in North America, and add that to the $93 million worldwide, it has earned in total $158 million, and counting. It still has legs here in the States for a few more weeks, and it has a few more international markets to open in. Prometheus stands to be the biggest success of the Alien series, even though it is not exactly in that realm... but you know what I mean. I'm going to see it again on Saturday with 2-3 other friends.

Michael's next movie that he is about to start is 'Twelve Years a Slave' and according to news reports all week, it has a boatload of impressive names added on the cast. We already know that Michael is going to be the evil ass slave master bastard, so, announced to join we have Benedict Cumberbatch on board, Paul Giamatti, Alfre Woodard, Sarah Paulson has Epps' pathetic wife, and Lupita Nyong'o as the slave Patsey who is raped by Epps and beaten by him and his jealous wife. Michael is going to be a true asshole in this movie - I refuse to read the script, so I don't want to be spoiled by the high levels of his assholery, but let's just get it out of the way that this is going to be a very difficult film to watch, and impossible to like or find any redeeming values in Michael's character. But it's going to be another great film by Steve McQueen. If anyone can bring a slave epic to life with all it's brutality and honesty, it is Mr. McQueen!

And it has been confirmed the Penelope Cruz has joined the cast of The Counselor and it appears that she will play Michael's girlfriend Laura, leaving the hot Malkina role for Cameron Diaz. Well, whatever, this is going to be a great film... I would have enjoyed seeing the cast with lesser known actors, at least one of the females, but I ain't the casting director.

Plunkett Road intersection in Killarney.
Lastly, since my return from my holiday in Ireland, I haven't written about it because more important Fassbender news had to be reported. I will not offer a full report about my trip there because I rather just have the images speak for themselves. What I will say is that yes, because of Michael Fassbender, I went to Killarney because he literally pointed it out on the map, and trust me when I say the tourist industry of Killarney are happy about this and proud of their boy. However, I have always wanted to visit Ireland, and 95% of my activities there were non-Fassy related. I did have a fantastic meal at West End House, and was treated like a top guest when I ate there on my second day in town. The managers James and Oliver are sweet guys. It was nice being in the establishment that the Fassbender family took care of for so many years. But I'm even more glad that I visited when they were long gone because as a lover of gourmet food, that is what I spent 40 euros on.

West End House.
So, if you ever have the chance to go to Ireland, do visit Killarney because for decades, it has been the main tourist spot of Co. Kerry. The Killarney National Park is a place that I hold dear in my heart, I stayed at the Killarney Court Hotel and had a beautiful renovated room, and I used Deros Tours for the the full day  Ring of Kerry tour was spectacular, and the Gap of Dunloe tour, which was the highlight of my trip - a solo 7 miles, 2 1/2 hour walk was a meditative practice for my spirit. I hope you are able to experience that yourselves one day.

The Ring of Kerry tour, Southern tip of Co. Kerry.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that roles of Cruz and Diaz are confirmed. So far it's all media speculation, there is no official word about who will play each character (besides Michael, who is the only confirmed to play lead). To be honest, there is no official confirmation that Diaz joined at all. The negotiations could go nowhere, just like it happened previously with Jolie and Renner. At least I hope it's also the case with Diaz.

Simone said...

We still don't even know the name of Michael's character yet. The bits and pieces revealed about this project is way too slow.

Dionne said...

I'm glad Prometheus is doing well. For an R-rated film, it's doing better than expected. I saw it in 3D, in IMAX, and now I thinkn I'll see it in 2D to make the experience complete.

I'm so happy that Alfe Woodard joined the cast of '12 Years', she's one of my favorite actresses.

I'm so jealous that everyone's been to Ireland, except me. I too, have always wanted to go before I knew about Fassy.

No comment on The Counselor.

Simone said...

This will be my second time watching it in 3D. I was prepared to do 2D, but everyone else wants the 3D version. I'm down with that.

And believe me Dionne, you'll get to Ireland one day and hopefully sooner than later. The first time I started thinking about going was way the hell back in 1985.

Crikey, that's damn near 30 years of dreamin' about going to the Emerald Isle! o_O

Dionne said...

LOL. I've wanted to go for about 10 years now. As soon as I get caught up on my student loans, I'm soooo going!

Anonymous said...

Simone, we know Michael's character name. It's ... Counselor. :)
Yes, I'm not kidding. His name is never revealed in the script. Everybody calls him Counselor.

BTW I also always wanted to visit Ireland. I wanted to do it many years before I first heard about Michael. Ireland and Scotland. And one day I WILL visit them. :)


Kruschelkasten said...

Hm, I don't think "Twelve Years a Slave" will find a large audience in Europe. The topic is not something that finds a huge interest over here. And the cast doesn't contain any big household names that will lure people into the cinemas despite the topic.
So my guess is, that the film will be in Europe a completely Arthouse release. Which means if it is going to appear on screen it will be through one of the larger film festivals.
Even Michael's success in "Prometheus" or "Shame" won't change that. The promotion of "Prometheus" in Germany hasn't started yet, so I have no idea which names they are going to use (Ridley Scott's and Charleze Theron's at a guess).

The Counselor might be another matter. It's more likely that this will be mainstream cinema and if they get hold of another "Brad Pitt" the promotion will centred around them.

btw I don't care if I see Prometheus in 2D or 3D, I'll be happy if I'll be able to watch it in its Original Version (to find such a cinema will be hard enough).

Anonymous said...

Simone. I don't understand exactly what is happening? I am afraid to look and know what. So I just come here, I hope it's all fine with Michael. I hope he is not hurt by what ever has happened. (Excuse my english please)

I can not wait until the '12 Years' movie will be out, it sounds very surprising.

Simone said...

Anon, just focus on the positive and all will remain fine in Fassbender fan land. :-)

Iris said...

Just wanted to say that the movie opened here in Israel last week. it got mixed reviews, but all the critics here loved Michael and said he is the best thing about it. most of the critic was for the huge plot holes,and the script. but mostly it's positive. people still love Ridley here... :)))