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Five Reasons Why Fassy will bring Cred to Assassin's Creed

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 I do not make it a habit to refer to MTV for news and info, but their article, 'Five Reasons This is Cool', about Michael Fassbender being in Assassin's Creed, provide excellent points to help calm any concerns people may have about the viability of his decision to be a part of  this film adaptation.

1. Fassbender Adds Credibility

How many actors of Fassbender's caliber have starred in a videogame adaptation? Not too many. The actor found major mainstream celebrity after taking on the role of Magneto in "X-Men: First Class," but Fassbender had already impressed audiences two years earlier with his performance as Lieutenant Archie Hicox in "Inglourious Basterds." And that's saying nothing of the unfortunate oversight in not receiving an Oscar nod for his work on "Shame." Obviously, Fassbender's involvement in "Assassin's Creed" does not automatically imply the film's a hit, but it's a step in the right direction.

2. Game: The Indie Movie

About nine months ago, it seemed as though Sony had already jumped in bed with the new film division of Ubisoft, the developer/publisher behind "Assassin's Creed." According to Variety, the Sony talks are on the back burner, and Ubisoft Motion Pictures is going it alone (with Fassbender producing). One major problem with game-to-film adaptations is the lack of creative control maintained by the game's developer. If you have to pick between a movie produced by a game's creator (a vested interest in the property) or a major studio ("Wing Commander"), it seems like a fairly obvious decision.

3. Fassbender Pulls Double Duty

Perhaps even more telling than his signing on to star in "Assassin's Creed," Fassbender is also co-producing the film through his DMC Film label. So, while Ubisoft has a clear interest in protecting one of its flagship franchises, it's hard to imagine the actor would back a project so fully without believing there's real potential.

4. 'Assassin's Creed' Has Rich And Varied Canon

Say what you will about the transition of videogame narrative to Hollywood screenplay — it's usually horrid — but "Assassin's Creed," at the very least, offers a broad canvas. The series follows the exploits of Desmond Miles, an unwilling participant in an experiment wherein he's forced to live out the memories of his assassin ancestors. Previous "Creed" games were set in locations like Rome and Constantinople. "Assassin's Creed III," due out this fall, takes place during the American Revolution and features a half-Native American, half-British assassin. It's not immediately clear where Fassbender fits into the character lineup, but there's a ton of opportunity for his talents to shine.

5. A Great Actor Could Mean A Better Cast

Despite Fassbender's greatness, he can't act out an "Assassin's Creed" film alone — well, without veering into weird, "Nutty Professor" territory, anyway. Fassbender's hot right now, so his involvement could lead to other fine actors jumping onboard. We're not even sure who's directing the movie yet, but as long as it's not Uwe Boll, "Assassin's Creed" is already way ahead of the curve.

Are you convinced yet? The character of Desmond Miles can do for Michael, what Aragon in Lord of the Rings did for Viggo.
Source: MTV


Anonymous said...

My dream director for this project? Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive).

Simone said...

^ Is that so? I would like to see that happen as well. And BTW, my initial article over at Theatre of Zen is about him.

What a coincidence eh?

émilie said...

Yes, Nicolas Winding Refn. Or Jarmush (Ghost Dog makes me think of Desmond). Or Snyder. I'm VERY excited by this project now!

Dionne said...

I love how everyone, (especially the gamers) are excited about Michael and the film being made.

Anonymous said...

Not Refn. he is to "directorly". this is why i didnt like Drive. you can see the directing. he is way over the top,i hope you can understand what i mean.(although i loved the Pusher movies). i hope Ubisoft will get Joss Whedon or Christoper Nolan.

Anonymous said...

Another great article on the subject: http://bit.ly/LfH0bl

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong link!


MLM said...

These are all great points. Thank you for sharing the article!

Veronica said...

I feel so out of the loop about this project. I’m not really a gamer, so maybe that’s why, BUT I’m glad Michael is doing another film AND that he’s going to be on the production side as well as acting!