Sunday, July 8, 2012

German Interview with Michael

Fassinator Christine kindly translated this interview and scanned the magazine article image. Thank you!

"Who is that?" JOY correspondent Frances Schoenberger asks casually, as a bearded man turns up in a crumpled jacket, while she is waiting in the "Claridge's", one of the finest hotels in London, for the interview with Michael Fassbender. "Nowadays, they let everyone in," jokes a colleague. But it is - surprise! - Hollywood's new rising star himself: He speaks with an Irish accent, seems very confident, absolutely "down to earth" and incredibly charming. His warm smile and his intense eyes one recognise immediately. Born in Heidelberg he looks with the beard not as good as without, but no doubt there is a special aura around him. No wonder that women fly on the 1.83 meters tall Aries man. But he does not seem to care much. He is obsessed with his work, a workaholic.

JOY: You've played yourself all the way up in a very short time. From August 9 you excel as a human robot in the science fiction blockbuster "Prometheus - dark signs" How has the success changed your life?
MICHAEL FASSBENDER: It depends on what goals you have in your life - and I still want the same thing: to learn; to work with people, who inspire me; to spend time with people I love, and be able to spent more time for go-kart driving (laughs). I'm 35. Ten years ago I would have been even more impressed by being famous. Today I do not care anymore. Fame is not necessarily what brings great joy. However, there was a great experience at the Grand Prix in Monaco when I stood alongside Michael Schumacher, as he climbed into his car. It was a childhood dream of mine, of which I have dreamed about 20 years.
Was acting also a dream of yours?
No, I always wanted to be a guitarist in a heavy metal band. The first instrument I learned, was a tin whistle, a flute played in Irish folk music. Originally, I wanted to play the violin, but it was too expensive for my parents. They encouraged me to the accordion, because we had one at home anyway. The instrument was huge, my head almost disappeared behind it. So I played a couple of years. As a teenager I started playing the guitar. It was an absolute key experience for me as one day Steven Hart, a good friend of mine, visited. During our joint practice in the garage, he played such a stunning solo, that I became aware that I should come up with something else.
You did not have enough talent for music and therefore wanted to be an actor?
(Laughs) Exactly. In school I was only mediocre. At first I thought, I'm going to be a lawyer. But I'm a slow reader, and with the thick file that would be difficult. Then it turned out that I'm also not suitable as an architect, because I had failed in technical drawing. When a former classmate, who was studying at the Irish Theatre School 'Gaiety School of Acting', staged a piece of my college, I joined in and suddenly I realized: That's exactly what I want!
How did your career come fully under way?
At 19 I moved from Ireland to London to go to drama school. I live there still. For years I've fought through all sorts of jobs like bartender. I just do not give up and believed in me. Then in 2007 came the breakthrough when the director Steve McQueen offered me the main role in the prison drama, "Hunger", although I was completely unknown.
This director has turned your life pretty much upside down, has he not?
Yes, Steve McQueen is a genius - I love him. Last year I shot with him the drama "Shame," in which I stripped to the buff. Our next project is the slave drama "Twelve Years A Slave", in which Brad Pitt also plays along. Unfortunately before every new movie I still have the fear of failure.
Do you have any philosophy of life?
Yes, treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved. Probably it sounds kitschy, but we should all love more.
Speaking of Love: What must a woman have for you?
I like strong women like my girl friend Nicole. I like her confidence, she is an equal partner.
Your parents have been married for 38 years. How do you feel about marriage?
In my job, it's difficult to live a relationship, let alone to be married. And I'm a romanticist: to sit in the garden or a sunset at the beach is always nice if you experience it with another one.
You were born in Heidelberg. Do you speak German?
Unfortunately not. My parents, who speak both fluently German, wanted to teach me - in vain. My mother is Irish, my father is German. They met in London and moved together to Heidelberg. When I was two, we moved to Ireland. As long as my German grandparents were still alive, as a child I often spent the holiday with them. I like the city of Cologne, the bohemian atmosphere there is second to none!


Dionne said...

Fassy, you modest wonderful creature you. I really love this man, thanks for the scan Christine.

Anonymous said...

I love his honesty!

Simone said...

I agree, his honesty is refreshing. That's why we like him so much. He's the real deal.

émilie said...

Thanks Christine and Simone!

Danni said...

Awesome! Thanks for the translation and scan! I love how he didn't really answser the marriage question though. He was quite vague. lol

marcia said...

Thanks Christine, this is such a lovely interview, Michael is always so nice and true!

Alex said...

when the interview was conducted? and when the magazine was published?

Simone said...

@ Alex, according to Christine:

The issue is sold since 6th of July. It is a monthly magazine so it will be available until early August. A rough guess at least until the 3rd (maybe a week later). The price is 2 Euros.

Kruschelkasten said...

@ Alex: In the text they mentioned the "Claridge's". So I guess the interview was conducted during the world premiere of Prometheus.


Anonymous said...

@Alex He already had a beard and they were interviewing him in the same London hotel, in which a lot of other Prometheus interviews were conducted, so interview had to be taken between May 30 and June 2.