Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Hot Holiday Break

If you live in the United States, most likely, it's hot as hell wherever you are. And if you live in the US, you are probably on a holiday break because it is the 4th of July on Wednesday, our nation's 236th birfday. My summer class session has started on Monday, and it's a bitch already, and it's only been one day! But perhaps, that's just due to my brain overheating due to the humidity and heat combination. So to help cool down... or possibly get you even hotter, here are just a few nice images of Mr. Fassbender to tie you over for a couple of days. These were posted by the lovely ladies of the Fassinating Fassbender pinterest board, and if you pay a visit in the next 48 hours or so, we may just pin up image number 2,000! Also, some very eye opening images have been pinned up revealing Fassy's bestest BFF in the world! And be warned, he's gorgeous!

Anyway, back to Michael, while he's down in Louisiana filming 'TYAS', I hope he's able to enjoy and partake in some 4th of July celebrations, Southern style!

 White is right on Michael!

This is Greek text, right?


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. :)

And nope, the text accompanying the last picture is actually Russian.


Simone said...

Russian? Doh!


Anonymous said...

Is his BFF the guy directly behind him (standing next to the woman)? If so, he does look like a cutie.

Veronica said...

With power outages here in Maryland, it’s super hot, and this is not helping Simone! LOL!

Now that I’m all hot I guess I’ll go take a cold shower. I don’t know how we’ll handle the summer with no Fassy flicks to tie us over...

Simone said...

@Anon 2:09, that woman is Mama Fassbender, and yes, the handsome guy next to her is Fassy BFF.

@Veronica, sorry for raising the Farenheit even more for you! :p

Dionne said...

Fassy's BFF Emerson is very handsome indeed. Also, the white is always right on Fass, not that there's too much that isn't though. ;)