Thursday, July 19, 2012

Irish American Magazine: The Year of Michael

I saw a tweet the other day from @irishamerica magazine, and they said they were going to feature Michael Fassbender. I tweeted them back asking if he was going to be on the cover. Low and behold, they replied back just now and said yes, and the interview is live at their website. I'm sure you'll enjoy this interview!

By Patricia Danaher, Contributor

August / September 2012

An interview with Michael Fassbender.

Michael Fassbender looks tanned and relaxed as he strolls into the bar at Claridge’s Hotel in London to join me for a drink. Sporting a bushy red beard, he is thin and slight in appearance, and like the chameleon he is on screen, he glides through the hotel undisturbed by importunate fans. For someone who became so famous as an actor in 2011 – starring in a slew of movies as diverse as X-Men, Jane Eyre and Shame, among others – he is remarkably still able to fly below the radar when he’s on the street, in his civvies.

After his annus mirabilis last year, there is no resting on his laurels. Fassbender’s plate this year is every bit as diverse. He stars in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the long-awaited $200m prequel to Alien; he’s doing another arthouse movie with Steve McQueen, Ten Years a Slave, about a freed slave who is caught and re-enslaved. He’s also about to have his first stint as a producer on a feature film on the Irish legend Cú Chulainn, with his London-based production company Finn McCool films. Oh, and he’s also part of the Irish male acting aristocracy starring in Brendan Gleeson’s film adaptation of Flann O’Brien’s At Swim Two Birds.

Overnight success was a long time coming for Michael, and when it did alight, just over four years ago, everything changed really fast. After causing an international sensation playing a mesmeric Bobby Sands in the low budget feature Hunger, for which he lost 30 lbs, Michael Fassbender went from being a jobbing actor and part-time barman in London to one of the most sought after leading men in Hollywood.

“I haven’t had much time to think about it, to be honest,” he says, giving me that sideways, impish grin. “When I was working behind the bar and doing any sort of odd jobs, the idea that I could actually make a living from this was like a dream. To be in a position to be working with all the big names that I have like Tarantino, Cronenberg, Soderbergh, Jarmusch, Scott, it’s kind of unreal.”

Fame brings many perks, but these days Fassbender (35) is very low key about those he chooses to enjoy and how he spends the currency of celebrity. Falling out of nightclubs and dating starlets has never been his thing, especially not since he broke out as a star. As someone who loves motorbikes and cars, road trips with his dad and his friends are where he gets his kicks, easily avoiding the other clichés of fame like the plague.

“I did go to Monaco to the Grand Prix recently and because of the position I’m in, I was allowed to stand beside Michael Schumacher in his car on the grid – that was pretty amazing and something of a childhood dream. I’ve been a fan of motor racing for 20 years. Other than that, I keep it pretty basic. Nothing has really changed in my everyday routine. It’s always about telling the story well that matters to me – the fame that goes with it is not enjoyable to me.”

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Source: Irish America


émilie said...

Thanks for the interview!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the article. It doesn't seem like they really interviewed Michael; more like cut and pasted from previous articles. And it's '12 Years A Slave', not '10'.
In other articles, Michael said that his German wasn't very good. Perhaps, he was just being modest, but now this article says that
he's completely bilingual.

Simone said...

As I read the interview anon, I felt the same way. A lot of the stuff they wrote, we've read it before. However, it is a common practice to use quotes from other interviews to fill in an article. But the way the writer wrote this interview, it's as if he said what he said months and month ago, fresh to her during this interview, and that's not the case. Just a few bits seemed new.

Overall, nothing much new here, but, nothing offensive either.

SinglefashionGirl said...

Did I miss something or did the article basically that he and Nicole ar splitsville?

Simone said...

yeah I read that portion and that doesn't seem to ring true. Note how it was the writer's assumption, she did not quote Michael. As far as I'm concerned, he's not single.

Hupsakeek said...

Thanks for posting this. Like you said, a lot of copy/paste. I expeted more from it because he`s on the cover and I`m always a bit irritaded if they do not do their homework properly. That`s their job, but anyway ...the cover is beautiful :D

Singlefashiongirl said...

And now the bit about him being mostly single is out of the post! He didn't confirm he was dating Nicoe for quite some time, so it could stand to reason he sees no point in talking about the breakup until a new girl lands on his arm! It's very suspect! I don't believe a journalist would write that while in earlier articles he talks about her confidence.

Anonymous said...

I noticed there is another article in that issue that has a pic of Michael in Hunger and talks about the historical perspective of that movie:

Jesse said...

It kind of ticks me off when they just copy and paste as such. I also hate it when they assume things... but I do like the quotes, especially the one about the lines on his forehead.

Simone said...

Jesse, I agree, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news. The 'forehead lines' quote is old as dirt too, at least 2 years old.

I know, wtf?

But, I like knowing that he wishes he could have a dog.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am confused as I had always assumed from the various interviews I have read that he speak passable German. I read somewhere his dad made fun of his accent in Inglorious Basterds. So now some posters are saying he doesn't speak it. And the interviewer is saying he is fluent. What?

Simone, you have been following him longer than I have. (My Fassbender obsession started last year maybe around this time) What is correct?

This interview should have his license pulled. Still the "forehead line" quote is cute. I've never heard it so I love it! Homework was not done for this interview. Pathetic!

Jesse said...

There is still so much to learn of Michael. I also wonder what kind of dog he'd want?

I'm sure Michael knows German as I've seen videos of him talking to some guys in German as he signed autographs. I also remember him saying he understands German very well, although he's a bit rusty at speaking it.

Sam said...

Michael and Nicole are still together. Folks don't need to get too excited quite yet. lol