Monday, July 30, 2012

Keeping Up with Michael

From 'Haywire', no explanation needed for posting this.
If you do a Google search on Michael Fassbender, the latest news update features a highlight of another German interview that will be released this week. Christine, who has kindly been sending us German interviews info, informed me that she will share with us another interview when it is released this week. It appears that German magazine Für Sie has interviewed Michael and other than extracting the hot juicy info about him wetting himself in class when he was 7 years old (because the evil teacher wouldn't allow him to leave), I don't know how much more fresh this interview will be, but, we'll take it. Be on the lookout for a translation of the interview which will be posted here. Also, at Awards Daily, the readers there have so far done a Half-way awards nomination vote, and so far, the majority have listed Michael as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor from Prometheus. I know it's too early for this awards chit-chat, but that's what they do over  there, and it's also an indication of how much those folks enjoyed Michael's performance. Go check it out.

Remember when Michael was snubbed by SAG and Oscar for his Shame role, and curiously, and most likely, replaced by an unknown Mexican actor, Damien Bichir? Well, I just couldn't be bothered to watch that movie because I was so incensed about the snub. Of  the five actors who were nominated, four of them were no surprises, and straight the fuck outta nowhere this Bichir dude pops up. I'm not hating on him and it's not his fault he was chosen over Michael. I finally watched 'A Better Life' yesterday, well, 70% of it anyway, and I was able to say, yeah, this guy is a good actor. But this performance was not Oscar caliber. The film focused on an illegal Mexican immigrant man who was working his ass off to provide for his son, so that he would have 'a better life'. The story is not new, and as I was watching it, Carlos, played by Bichir, got a big break, only for all hell to crumble under his foot and place him in a sad vicious circle that so many unfortunate people like him, fall into. It was getting so sad and predictable, that I had to take out the DVD after I fast forward it through the remaining scenes just to see if my predictions were true, and they were. In summation, A Better Life is a story told a thousand times, Damien Bichir was good in it and very convincing as a guy you sympathized with, but he and the story was not special. Michael Fassbender got gypped because people in LA guilt tripped over this movie and wanted to honor a Mexican actor whom we'll probably never watch another one of his films. Bichir has been in the business for 30 years, so, maybe the nomination was his prize. But his prize came at a suspect time and that just doesn't sit right with me. But oh well, at least I saw the move and have closure on the entire snub saga. Have you seen 'A Better Life'?

Lastly, I received an email from a person who does not regularly visit FF, so when she emailed me, she expressed a concern as to why I haven't mentioned one word about the Aurora, CO massacre at the Dark Knight Rises midnight screening of July 20th. Well, as she revealed, because she doesn't read FF often, she over looked my mentioning about my new blog 'Theatre of Zen', as well as the link on the blog roll, my pimping it at my FassFass twitter, ect. She said she knows that FF is all about Michael, but for someone like me who loves film and tiff, I should have written about it. Well, I DID at my new blog, and very thoroughly. I pointed that out to her and directed her to the blog. I don't want to use FF to annoyingly push ToZ, ya'll know I got it up, I guess just after squeezing my brain to write an essay for my summer class had me on high alert, and to read the email from someone who assumed that I was dropping the ball in my online writings, just irritated me a bit. I know she wasn't being mean, it just came off as condescending a bit, telling me her expectations of me when she stated herself, she reads FF 'off and on'. Well, if you read FF regularly, you know there's much more to me than my happy fassination with Michael Fassbender. I do have a life and MANY, many other interests. Some of you are reading ToZ at your leisure and are kindly leaving comments (much thanks for that). Only if there is something sort of related to FF, I will mention the update of ToZ here, but other than that, they are two separate blogs. I don't even have a link to FF from ToZ, but I have one here to there. As August approaches, ToZ will be updated very, very much as I prepare for tiff. If you enjoyed my tiff commentary in the past, please come over to ToZ to participate. Thanks!


emmy said...

Hi Simone, I just want to say that I'm still reading every single post of FF =).

Dionne said...

Poor Fass, I used to hate having to wait to use the bathroom until break time. That's why my mom wrote a note and said "my baby can go to the bathroom whenever she needs to". :)