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Michael Fassbender German Instyle Magazine Interview

Michael has another German interview but this time with the German version of InStyle magazine. It was from the same interview segment rounds from London's Claridges Hotel in promotion for Prometheus. But this interview reveals a bit more that should make some fans, giddy. Thanks again to Christine for translating and sharing this with us!

Very, very, hot

Actor Michael Fassbender ("Shame") reveals which women have influenced him in his life, about his dreams, and why motorcycle tours make him so happy.

The shooting of the alien epos "Prometheus" wasn't yet over, when Ridley Scott had casted Michael Fassbender already for his next project "The Counselor". So impressed was the director of the actor, who was born in Heidelberg and grew up in Ireland. Since Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and Steve McQueen's "Shame" Michael Fassbender gets more and more offers from Hollywood. Nevertheless, the 35-year-old being interviewed in the "Claridge's" hotel in London appears very modest, and after a polite greeting with a firm handshake and an impish smile, orders us a mid-morning tea, "because this is usual in England".
Nice that the success has not gone to your head!
(Laughs) No, not really. I still have stage fright before every movie and the fear of failure. But I enjoy the advantages that my job offers now. In May I was invited to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco and met Michael Schumacher. I have been following the races for twenty years, so a real childhood dream came true!
How did you get into acting?
By chance. I was an average student and had no outstanding abilities. I thought I could be a lawyer, but I was afraid of the mountains of files. After that I wanted to study architecture, but I fell through the technical drawing test. Finally a schoolmate took acting classes, I joined in and knew: this is the right thing!
For all your shootings you travel a lot. Where are you at home?
I live in London, since I was nineteen. I moved here because of drama school and I am very happy in the city.
Where else are you happy?
In Brazil and Hawaii. The nature in Hawaii is fantastic and the temperament of the people of Brazil is just taking. Everything is sexy, everyone enjoys his life. A great atmosphere!
Where you can relax the most?
On road trips. I love to explore new routes and areas by bike. I find that much more exciting than jetting from A to B in a plane. The trip itself is the most enjoyable experience.
And a trip for two? You are now 35 and in a relationship with your "Shame" colleague Nicole Beharie. Think about getting married?
It is difficult for me to maintain a relationship. My job involves a certain amount of selfishness, I can choose when and where I shoot a movie, and sometimes it lasts until four o'clock in the morning. I run/live a large part of the relationship through the phone. This is not always fair for the other partner. I've been getting a few wrinkles from lovesickness. But I hope I'll get married anyway and have children.
Sounds romantic. Are you a romantic?
I think so. I think it's nice to sit in the garden or on the beach and watch a beautiful sunset and if you can share that with someone you love, it's so much better.
You grew up with an older sister. Did that shape you?
I learned from her a lot about women and I understand the female point of view better, thanks to her. But I've also learned a lot through friendships with women, not only through sexual relations My mother also influenced me a lot. She loved films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and has always been very supportive and inspiring. I am proud of her (laughs). After all, my parents are happily married for 39 years!

Interview by Aniko Navai for the German edition of InStyle, August 2012


Anonymous said...

Was this a cover story? That is, is he on the cover of the mag? Thanks!

Simone said...

InStyle magazine does not put men on their cover... which is rude and discriminatory. The Fassinator who sent this to me surely would have included the cover if he was on it, but I'll ask her.

Anonymous said...

I Think Nicole and him gone make it .....marriage plus kids...they will be pretty lol and hopefully we will see some more pic of them out soon.

Simone said...

I like Nicole, I hope to see some pics of her before the year is up. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lovesickness haha whats that? What does he mean exactly? Just curious?

émilie said...

I was wondering about the "lovesickness" part, too! Thanks for sharing this article

kim said...

lovesickness meaning you are apart from the person you're in the relationship with so much that you begin to miss them a lot. Sort of like're away from home so you begin the miss it.

pati said...

He likes Brazil !

émilie said...

@Kim: thanks for your explanation!

Dionne said...

*swoon* I love it when he talks about relationships. I'll just pretend that I'm watching that sunset with him...