Friday, July 13, 2012

Odd German Playboy Interview with Michael

 Here are the scans from Christine. Apparently the interview was done in English, but then translated for the German magazine, and now translated back to us in English by Christine. So that's why some comments and question seem abrupt with improper use of verbs and nouns.
Ok, so I reckon most of us find the W August 2012 cover to be a bit, forced and unnatural looking. Well, you'll find this German Playboy interview with Michael (courtesy of Christine again, thanks!) a bit, forced and unnatural too. With a slight disconnect in some of the comments, mostly due to translation, this interview comes off a little odd, proclaiming too much about stuff that doesn't matter - it's like Better Home & Gardens magazine interviewing a grave digger...  they just don't seem, natural, you know what I mean? I dunno, what do you think? First off, this womanizer talk is freshly squeezed bullshit. But then again, this is Playboy, what are they going to talk to Michael about, his method of acting? Nah. My comments are indicated by (FF:snark).

Michael is doing these German interviews in support of Prometheus opening there in August:

Michael and Damon Lindelof filming Prometheus


Hollywood shooting-star Michael Fassbender about his hunting ground for women and the thrill of risks. Silent and smooth, almost catlike, the 35-year-old slides through the half open door to the suite 234 of the "Dorchester Hotel" in London. He is slender, wiry. His gaze: a mixture of rays, stare and lasers. From 9th of August we will see him in Ridley Scott's sci-fi spectacle "Prometheus" on the big screen. More than almost any other actor of his generation Fassbender is characterized by a chameleon-like versatility and thrilling intensity. That must have to do with that gaze. Taxing and curious. The reputation of a passionate hedonist and womanizer precedes him (FF: sigh). Should one go like a bull at a gate? Why not...

PLAYBOY: Mr Fassbender, are you a womanizer?
Fassbender: One could say that—or what do you mean by a womanizer? (FF: he's so young)

PLAYBOY: Someone who likes it very much to bed very often as many women as possible. (FF:rolleyes)
Fassbender: (laughs) I know how to enjoy myself, but I find that a bit exaggerated.

PLAYBOY: What does that mean you know how to enjoy yourself?
Fassbender: That I know how to savour my life. And that I, if I go out, want to have fun. But I really don't go out on purpose to pick up women. However, should something arise, I'm not definitely averse. Sex is a part of life.

PLAYBOY: Do you have a favourite pick-up line when flirting?
Fassbender: Oh God, no. I haven't got a certain fad. And I only flirt when I'm drunk.

PLAYBOY: Since a few months you are the absolute shooting-star among the actors. Directors are lining up to work with you, and you are courted by Hollywood. Does that increase one's sex appeal?
Fassbender: This attention is certainly good for my ego. And I also don't mind that my popularity has drastically increased compared to my past. But I don't think that I became more attractive for women. Of course because of my many travels and the many new encounters the hunting area has grown slightly larger.

PLAYBOY: With your career explosion have the distractions and the occasional lapses increased?Fassbender: No, maybe they are just a bit more expensive (laughs). The opportunities to crash and lose sight of my goal have always been there—and still are. That's why I eventually focused very deliberately on what is most important to me: the acting. That's why I'm also pretty sure that I'm immune to thirst for fame and egomania. That has partly to do with the fact that I had my international breakthrough relatively late in my early 30's.

PLAYBOY: What did you do differently than ten years ago?
Fassbender: That's the crazy thing: nothing! The only difference was that several directors believed in me. As an actor you're always dependent on somebody to give you a chance to show what you can.

PLAYBOY: So everything is a matter of luck?
Fassbender: Yeah, sure. However, I never lost faith that someday I can show what is inside me. Although... When Ridley Scott called me and wanted to have me for his Alien film "Prometheus", at first I thought I was dreaming. And then when he told me that he knew almost all my films and was especially thrilled by "Hunger", I almost jumped for joy. To be honest: That made me very proud.

PLAYBOY: Is pride typical for you?
Fassbender: No, this is the wrong word. Let's call it: acknowledgement, recognition. For me this is—from the right people—immensely important for my work. This gives me confidence and the strength for new deeds. As an actor I like to take risks, I'm certainly not a resident of the comfort zone. I'm better off if I'm a be a little bit scared when I take on new challenges.

PLAYBOY: You don't seem very anxious.
Fassbender: I speak not of the cowardly fearfulness, but of a creative anxiety, the queasy feeling in the stomach area, which drives one forward and incites one to do things that one has never tried before.

PLAYBOY: One overcomes fear if one challenges it?
Fassbender: Exactly. I well remember a kind of key moment in terms of coping with fear. That was a few years ago when I was out of work again. In order not to sink into self pity, I assigned myself with a new task every week, I had to deal with. One day diving was on the program. So I went to the swimming pool and up the 10-metre tower. After much hesitation I jumped feet first into the water. Then I wanted to try a dive. But I dared not to do it. I was on the tower for maybe 20 minutes and was about to descend the ladder, when a boy asked me: "Are you scared?". I said, "yes, you have no idea!" He said: "Just dive in. The first time you might hurt you. But that's not as bad as you think. Just jump again. And you will see that it gets better with each try." I jumped, and that was one of the best advices I ever got. In the imagination it's often worse than in reality. (FF:cute story)

PLAYBOY: And this experience has made you a daredevil?
Fassbender: That was the beginning. From that day on, I got more and more courageous. By now I've become a real thrill-seeker. To expose myself to physical risks and dangers gives me each time a surge of adrenaline. Then I feel very intensely that I'm alive.(FF:I hope his insurance co isn't reading this)

PLAYBOY: Skydiving, bungee jumping, diving with sharks? (FF:Sharks like other sharks)
Fassbender: About that. Bungee jumping is not likely. I don't like to hang like a yo-yo on a rope. Lately, I have great fun doing Sky Diving. If someone high above the clouds tells me: "Come on, take your parachute and finally jump off the plane," that gives me the ultimate thrill.

PLAYBOY: Any other vice we will not tell your life insurance company?
Fassbender: I'm totally fascinated by speed. But I want to feel the pace really up close, preferably on a motorcycle. When I accelerate my machine, I feel this unique thrill that comes when you barely have something under control — and it could very easily spiral out of control.(FF: he's a cute speed freak)

PLAYBOY: You drive in motorcycle races?
Fassbender: No, but if I'm out and about on a lonely highway, then I sometimes test my limits. When I am travelling with friends or relatives I drive civilised. Last year I finally fulfilled my dream: a motorcycle tour through Europe with my father. We drove about 7000 kilometres.

PLAYBOY: What kind of machine you have?
Fassbender: Unfortunately, last year my Triumph Speed Triple was stolen off the street in London. Now I bought a brand new BMW, the R 1200 GS/Adventure. Quite fantastic.

PLAYBOY: Have you ever toyed with the idea of becoming a racing driver?
Fassbender: There was a time in my life when I've actually toyed with racing. But then I kept my hands off it, not least for my mother's sake. However, I'm doing go-kart races.

PLAYBOY: Have you ever won anything?
Fassbender: No, unfortunately not. During the last race I even rear-ended someone, and I was given a penalty round. My finish therefore was accordingly.

PLAYBOY: We haven't talked about your new movie "Prometheus".
Fassbender: ... This is perhaps a good thing! Because Ridley Scott has impressed upon me to give nothing away. The little that I can tell is that it's a prequel to the "Alien" saga.

PLAYBOY: You play an android?
Fassbender: Yeah. Ridley described the role like this: "You're like a kind of space butler, who ensures that the spacecraft flies, and who takes care of the crew." So I'm more of an intellectual android — in contrast to the one Rutger Hauer played in "Blade Runner". "Blade Runner" is my favourite Ridley Scott film, although my parents forbade me to see it while I was a child because of the realistic depiction of violence. So I grew up with "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones". I started to watch films by Ridley Scott, David Cronenberg and Quentin Tarantino at the age of 17 or 18 — and they left a powerful impression.

PLAYBOY: Now you have made films with all of these directors...
Fassbender: (smiles) Pretty crazy, is it not?

Interview: Ulrich Lössl; Playboy Magazin Germany August 2012
I know some of these interviews have to make Michael come across as a real cool bad ass woman magnet. But, that's false, it's only to entice people who know nothing about him, to be intrigued about him and go see his movie.


émilie said...

Thanks Simone and Christine! Does the interview has pics?

Simone said...

I asked Christine, and I'm waiting for a response.

Anonymous said...

The translation does feel a bit "off" (it doesn't sound entirely like "his voice", ya know?), but I don't get what the big deal is. They were really leading him with that "womanizer" BS, and I thought he deflected well. Sex IS a part of life and I like the fact that Michael is sex-positive.

marcia said...

They just wanted to make Micheal sound more Playboish bad a** to sell the magazine. And we know this is not our Fassy!

Anonymous said...

Are you a womanizer?!

What kind of question is that? It would take a very foolish man to answer yes to that question.

Perhaps something got lost in translation, because there is a world of difference between a man who has a natural way with women, and one who is just out to use and dog them out.

From the slant of this interview you would think that Michael changes women as frequently as he changes his underwear.And while you never know what goes on behind closed doors, he seems like the type that likes having a GF as opposed to running around.

Kelly said...

I don't know about this interview. If I had to rate it, it would get a side eye instead of a thumbs up. When was the interview conducted? It doesn't hold water like the GQ interview. Like the one line "His gaze: a mixture of rays, stare and lasers" Huh? Lol!!

Dionne said...

Ugh, it is Playboy after all. Maybe something's lost in translation, plus once again: it is Playboy...

Kruschelkasten said...

I really like to hear the original interview which must have been conducted in English. I guess it was shortend and compacted, and then translated into German and now back into English. Kind of weird.


Simone said...

^ I believe this is the case. As we know, Michael doesn't have a strong grasp of conversational German, so it was conducted in English, then translated for the German publication, and it has been translated back into English for us. A lot can be lost in back and forth translations.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the interview!

And as that saying goes, "When a man tells you who he is... believe him!"

I think this article is showing off the other side of Michael- the badass flirt who loves a good time and women (when he is not taken).

Nothing wrong with that!

Veronica said...

Simone, your additional comments in this article crack me up. You hit the nail on the head with everything that was said in the interview. I’m REALLY hoping most of the issues are related to translation!

Anonymous said...

Oh well this is where I jump ship. I know he is no saint and I'm fine with a man sowing his oats when not saying he has a girlfriend...but how can you talk about "hunting grounds" in one interview and having a strong girlfriend in another?? I'm assuming both interviews happend during the same press junket. Why talk about your girlfriend and then talk about not being adverse to sex where ever it may come?

Again when single its fine but when talking about your girlfriend it makes me kind of less of a fangirl.

As a woman, I don't think the girlfriend deserves this.

Simone said...

^Anon, I really hope you aren't taking choppy words from 3rd generation translations to heart and making a judgement call upon Michael based on some high moral ground you want him to be on.

What fan does that?

Cut him some slack and just take this interview with a grain of salt and consider the high probability that a lot got lost in the translation.

Anonymous said...

i'm having a bad fan day.

Again when only live once...

But when you say you have a girl it seems rather disrespectful.

I dont think he is a saint I just hate when men are so oblivious to other people's feelings.

Simone said...

Again, you're making an assumption about his truth thoughts and intentions. Words are taken out of context and misinterpreted. Spare yourself and stop wringing your hands over what Michael may or may not mean. Read the most respectful and fair interviews of him and you will see an entirely different person. This "playboy" interview is one of poorest, and it would be misguided of you to judge him or get upset with him and his personal life based on a half-assed interview.

Snootiegirl said...

Yes, Playboy interviews tend to be about sex and other topics that might be taboo in other publications. However, in my time reading them in the US magazine, they also tend to be very respectful, insightful, and fun. There isn't a big backlash about what people say there because it's an 'adult' conversation in the way that regular interviews of famous people aren't. They don't ask the same 5 dumb questions that everyone asks. They don't turn it into an article all about their experience meeting the person. And they don't seem to go into it with any preconceived notions.

Having said all of that, this German Playboy interview seems to violate several of those conventions. I wonder when he'll have his US Playboy interview. THAT will be something to read.

I suspect that Michael suffers from something that I do as well--the inability to make up lies on the spot. I'm honest to a fault. If someone asks me a question, I want to give them a real and correct answer. It's just this yearning in me. And it seems he's the same way. He wasn't to actually answer the question instead of equivocating. Perhaps this dodging skill will come in time, but I sure hope not. He'll find himself very jaded if that happens, I suspect. Then it's time to take off into the wilderness of the real world and avoid the hollywood stuff for awhile.

As for the 'womanizer' push of the article, they are trying to sell magazines, pure and simple. Interviewing people like Michael makes them money and gives them something to do for a living. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that there are probably some people on Team-Fassbender (his PR people) who encourage him to try to use these interviews to keep people interested in him. After all, if he doesn't give interesting answers, then the interviewers will stop calling. And then he can't promote himself and his movies. Then the movies will stop calling. Acting might be an art and a passion, but at the end of the day, moviemaking is a business. And we in the public tend to forget that it's not just the talent and the directors and producers who make a living from moviemaking. There are thousands and thousands of people who draw paychecks from this industry--just like any other industry. Michael does his part to keep the business running by giving interviews. That's part of his role in this organization.

As for the 'need for speed,' I wonder . . . when he finally falls hard in love and then experiences the joy of children (should he choose to do so), will those experiences give him that 'alive' feeling just as much as skydiving and motorcycle driving? I would bet they will, for someone who seems to feel as deeply as he does. I'm sure as an avid observer of the human condition, he knows that some emotional experiences are the most profound and life-affirming. Ah, so many things yet to come in life.

Simone, you post the best interviews!! Thanks bunches.

Simone Cromer said...

Thanks for bumping up this article Snootie. I believe you're right... Michael is a very honest person, and that says a lot about who he truly is and how he's managing in this business that unfortunately changes a lot of people, and not for the better. This is why we adore him.