Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creative Fun with Fassy

Isn't this a marvelous idea? I have been inspired and I'm going to copy-cat this idea big time. All you have to do is buy a tumbler that allows you to insert any kind of image inside it, and you're ready to go! But what's so awesome about this tumbler is that is using that gorgeous picture of Michael drinking a cup of coffee/tea from the June Esquire photo shoot. Have you created something cool using images of Michael? I know I have seen some of these at the arts and crafts store called Michaels, and I'm going there this weekend as I need to buy some framing materials for an art project related to my pictures of Ireland.

About an hour ago, some guy tweeted that he saw Michael in London on a bicycle wearing a Potholing hat. I had to google potholing hat and it's just Britspeak for Baseball Cap. Can't those people speak like us regular folk? LOL!

My summer class is winding down but I'm not out of the woods yet. I have a final exam due next week and then I'm done. But I'm so damn tired of reading and writing, but I'm doing very good in the class.


émilie said...

Be brave, Simone! Soon you'll be on vacation! I haven't created anything with Michael on it but I've got a photograph album full of pics of Michael (my fav ones of course!) and I often have some photos of him developed along with the photos of my son!

Veronica said...

I love the drinking cup with a photo of Michael drinking on it. What a clever idea! I would definitely buy one of those if they were ever for sale! I think it would also look great on a regular ol’ coffee mug.

Kruschelkasten said...

I've done such a cup with photos of Alan Rickman. I used a cork background picture and "pins" and "tapes" to "stick" single pictures onto that background. I used the paper inside the cup as a stencil and printed the whole think on photo paper at home. Maybe I should use the stencil for an exchange with MF pictures.

@Simone: That language problem reminds me of a line in "My Fair Lady" about areas where English has completely disappeared ;)


Melissa said...

You can order travel mugs where you insert the photos on Amazon. They run from $6-$20 USD.

Dionne said...

I'm not creative. I'd buy something like that though. ;)

Petra said...

I am new to the Fassbender fever. It was recently obtained and I have to blame FF and LSA for it. I took my creative flair and made a video for Michael. I wanted to make something that reflected is personality,style,showmanship and raw sex appeal.
Please stop by like or comment,let me know if it was hit or miss. The song is by SADE. Thanks so much
Michael Fassbender-Couldnt Love You More

Emmy Emm said...

What an amazing cup ! Love it =) Wonderful idea !!!

Emmy !