Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Für Sie Interview with Michael

Thanks again to Christine for translating this latest German interview from Für Sie

How will he be? In his films Michael Fassbender (35) seams to get quite often nasty - and always incredibly sexy. Maybe the fame, including legions of women languishing after him has already gone to his head? Nope, in real life Mr. Fassbender ("Michael, please!") is a really nice guy - and a perfect gentleman, who during the breakfast interview in London's posh hotel "Claridge's" tops up gallantly drinks and always holds eye contact.

Your "Prometheus" director Ridley Scott says about you: "Michael is the real deal." What makes you better than any other actor?
Well, I have no magic potion that I pour into my coffee (laughs). I invest a lot of time and exert myself. Maybe that's my recipe: passion, enthusiasm and hard work.

"Prometheus" asks a lot of big questions: Where do we come from? Are we alone in the universe? Would you always want to know everything, or should some things better remain hidden?
Knowledge is precious and education is vital. I'm not the type who ponders constantly and is looking for answers. But if I knew where to find them ... My curiosity would always win.

You are famous for being in front of a camera with nothing being embarrassing for you. And in real life? Can you please tell your most embarrassing experience ...
That was probably when I've peed my pants. That was last week (laughs). No, rubbish. I was about seven years old: the teacher wouldn't let me go to the toilet, we were only allowed to go in the big breaks. Then she gave out tests and I had to go to the desk. I couldn't hold it anymore. She was probably more embarrassed than me.

Did the other kids laughed at you?
No, surprisingly not. Of course, everybody had noticed it, but nobody laughed. Well, at that age children are still nice.

You seem relaxed. How can one annoy you?
It might sound stuffy, but I'm annoyed by taxi drivers, who I have to explain the way! And over-eager waiters who keep wanting to rip your plate off, although you are not yet finished. What could be nicer than to relax and enjoy a good meal?

The best advice your parents gave you to take with you?
"Do as you would be done by." So that I could do everything I want, as long as I don't harm anyone. They have taught me that I shouldn't live my life to fulfil other people's expectations.

Was there a personal star-moment when you thought: Now I've made it?
Recently I was at the Grand Prix in Monaco, and Michael Schumacher and I shook hands before he got into his car. At that moment I felt like a little boy on Christmas. Otherwise I'm very down to earth. But I'd be lying if I denied that I lead a luxury life. I am allowed to travel, stay in nice hotels, meeting many of my heroes. Nevertheless, I often think: My God, why do they let me in here? It's still all a bit surreal.

Do you ever worry that with the success you lose all of your rough edges?
No, everyone needs to look after themselves and constantly work on themselves. That never stops. One should never rest on one's laurels and make oneself comfortable. The same goes for relationships. Otherwise, you will quickly get high-handed.

Is it true that a woman passed out in the cinema while she watched "Shame"?
Yes, but certainly not because she has seen me naked! The poor woman has simply become sick.

Why should especially women watch "Prometheus", even if they have no interest in science fiction?
Because only watching this movie will make them true women (dies laughing). And of course, because the film is centred on a strong woman, played by Naomi Rapace. So "Prometheus" is a girl power movie.

If you ever meet an alien, what would you say?
Welcome! What about a cup of tea?

Interview by Ulrike Schröder, Für Sie

BORN: 2nd of April1977 in Heidelberg, grew up in Killarney, Ireland. From his German father, he got the discipline, from his Irish mother the "party gene".
FAVOURITE FOOD: Oysters - even as a child. His parents have a restaurant, where he jobbed as a boy to raise his pocket money.
HOBBIES: table tennis, motorcycling, Heavy Metal.
HIS MOTTO: "Do what you want and not what others say."
HIS CAREER: He dropped out of drama school and wanted to open a bar in London, where he still lives today, when the battle movie "300" and "Inglourious Basterds" became his breakthrough.


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