Sunday, August 26, 2012

Michael Spotted in Spain

I'm going to have to add San Sebastian, Spain to my bucket list.
I am up extra early this Sunday morning because I am preparing for a special service at the Zen Buddhist Temple in a couple of hours. So as I reviewed the tweets that were tweeted overnight, I found this one re-tweeted to me:

Posted on Twitter Aug 25th.

As interesting as this is, and I do appreciate seeing it, I'm just a little confused because the San Sebastian Film Festival doesn't start until September 21. Hmmm, perhaps this is a holiday trip, and/or, they are traveling to Spain to continue filming of The Counselor there.  Hey, what do I know about an American film being filmed in England and Spain?

Michael at the 2011 San Sebastian Film Festival last September.


marcia said...

I don't understand much about those things, but they are probably using spanish locations that can pass up as locations in Mexico. Isn't the book/film in the Texas/Mexico boarder? And the same goes to England an interior home can easily recieve a make up to look like a Texas home (and remenber Brad Pitt was using an outfit_ hat and boots_ very unique in those pictures at Pinterest board). Lol, and maybe it's something entirely different.

Simone said...

Aimee V from Mexico emailed me this information:

Here's a link to an article (from May) in Spanish about Ridley Scott travelling to Spain (mainly Ávila) to visit some locations for this upcoming film The Counselor:

The article is quite long but to sum it up, Scott went to Spain and stayed at the hotel Amerigo in Avila (a Spanish city located in the community of Castilla y León) while spotting locations for The Counselor. Apparently, they were going to shoot some parts of Prometheus at studios called "Ciudad de la Luz" but in the end they didn't because it was too expensive.

It also says that, in case Scott chose to film in Avila, the shooting would be done sometime late in the summer.

The owner of a restaurant in Avila stated that Scott and his team eat there (at restaurant Monastrell and/or la Taberna del Gourmet) and they were very happy with the Spanish cuisine ("Best meal ever in Spain").

So maybe it's true that fassy has travelled to Spain but perhaps this has something to do more with the Counselor than with the film festival at San Sebastian).

I hope this information turns out to be valuable to keep track of the fassinating things Fassy might be up to these days.

émilie said...

The shooting of The Counselor should resume today, if what we read last week was right. I hope we'll have some news, and know if they are shooting in Alicante or still in London. Michael often comes to France but never near where I live! Too bad!It would be a dream to see him in the street by chance.