Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Admin Team Member: Emilie (updated)

Hello everyone, I would like to inform you that FF has a new admin team member today. Our friend Emilie has been not only a very active poster here at FF, but she has also demonstrated a commitment to the blog and at pinterest, and has become to me, a wonderful and trusted friend. Please welcome her on the team!

Now, the reason why I have asked Emilie to join us is because of a horrible comment that was posted here around 1am EST. I have always wanted an Admin member who was in a different time zone, preferably in Europe, to help me and the other admins with another pair of eyes to delete spam or hateful comments. When I woke up this morning, I checked my emails and I saw a comment that greatly offended me. Sadly, it sat in the 'London is the Winner' thread for 8 whole hours until I deleted it this morning. To spare offending anyone else, I'm not going to share the details, but, typically, an anonymous poster posted a comment like '(xxx.tumblr page link)... have you guys seen this offensive tumblr page. I wonder who made it'?

Well, shithead, you created it! The tumblr page link title was offensive in of itself, but I clicked it on to see what was there. The page was created around midnight, and conveniently, the anon poster posted a link to that tumblr right here at Fassinating Fassbender. I took a screen capture image of the page, and I copied down the url, and then sent an email to tumblr telling them that the same insane poster who posts at IMBD has taken her/it hatred to tumblr and created an extremely vile and malicious tumblr page, which in fact, went against their term of agreements as they do not allow racist/hate themed tumblr pages to be created. I then notified Dionne and Veronica, who were no doubt still in bed, and then I made a tweet about how there is no tolerance for racism in the Michael Fassbender fandom. And then, that's when I sent an email to Emilie to ask if she would like to be able to join the admin team to monitor post activity, and she immediately agreed, especially after I shared with her the details and link to the offensive material.

What brought all this on? Well, apparently this racist asshole at IMBD, has become enraged by continued discussions by some passionate fans at IMBD and the 'teacup' forum, who are very happy about the current situation regarding Michael's private life, specifically, his current girlfriend. Links have been posted at those webpages to an article posted here at FF which references Michael and his current dating partner, and him wanting to get married and have kids one day. The racist asshole has since become unhinged at the mere thought of Michael's private life ambitions, and in IT's attempt to attack his supporters, the racist asshole has been posting racist messages at IMBD, and as a last ditch effort to really put the IMDB people in their place, it created that awful tumblr with the horrible manipulated image of Michael and someone else. A lot of savage creativity went into the photo manip, clearly demonstrating the mad state of the racist asshole's mind.

I saw the writings on the wall for the past few years in regards to Michael's private life and his dating preferences, some ill people who really are not fans of his, use this opportunity to espouse their racial hatred, and this blog will not tolerate such crap! All respectful fans of Michael Fassbender have a right to come to Fassinating Fassbender and not be harassed by bigots and idiots without a life. We come to this blog to post respectful thoughts and commentary about Michael's career. All the other places on the net that host ongoing and active threads about his personal life, have rampant bullshit all throughout the threads, and it has always been our intention to NOT have such ongoing discussions like that here. We're a fan page, not a gossip page. Sure, if there is a valid reason to make reference to Michael and his dating partner, we will not shy away from it, because to do so would look like censoring and trying to ignore the pink elephant in the room. Referencing aspects about his private life if brought up by Michael in a public interview is fair game, but to go out of our way to engage in regular discourse about it is not what Fassinating Fassbender is about.

From this moment on, the entire team of FF will be more vigilant in removing hateful comments, spam and other garbage comments to keep FF a fun, lighthearted, and mature place for respectful fans of Michael Fassbender to gather.

Thank you,


Update: ps. Anonymous posting is no longer allowed. If you have something to say, find a pair, and post with a name. No more hiding out of laziness or fear of standing behind your words with a name. Posting anonymously has been abused for the last time at this blog.

Update #2: An email inquiry disagreed with the anonymous posting option being removed. This is not what I wanted, but it is now necessary. To help you continue to protect your privacy, here's a clue: There's nothing preventing a person named 'Sally' from creating an account with the name 'Lucy'. Ok? Good.


émilie said...

Thanks Simone for your kind words. Of course I share everything you've written in this post, and you can count on me, I'll be vigilant. I'm upset by this crap and it mustn't happen again.

Simone said...

You're welcome Emilie.

After further consideration, and after nearly four years of seeing cowards abuse the anon posting setting, I have removed the anon posting ability. If anyone has anything constructive to add to a post, they will have to register in order to do so.

Dionne said...

Thank you so much Simone, I know the it/thing poster you speak of. She is off of her medication and desperate for attention.

Emilie Welcome! I can't think of a more dedication fan of Michael's and supporter of FF. I know I will enjoy your contributions to FF and look forward to interacting with you in the future. Once again, welcome.

Let's not let the disgruntled diseased troll ruin our mood. Happy Fassy Saturday guys. <3

Dionne said...


Hupsakeek said...

Thanks Simone for taking good care of the blog. I'm glad I didn't see any of that crap because it's no good for my blood pressure. And I totally agree on not posting anon. Welcome Émily!

marcia said...

Welcome Émilie!!!

Chele Belle said...

Wow, ya go out to get a breath of fresh air and all kinds of crazy takes hold. I am sadden to see petty, jealous, small hearted trolls rise up and try to derail the Fassy Fandom. Here's hoping they find another target soon enough.

Jhessye said...

Rock on Emilie! Holding it down. Cheers!

Veronica said...

I feel terrible that I missed the horrible posting and being able to get it off the blog. I can’t believe how long it was up there before it was noticed, but I never thought we’d have to stalk FF 24/7 to keep this sort of stuff from happening. It’s a shame the “Anon” option had to be removed, but its a necessary evil when you have sick people out there. I’m really hoping this whole mess gets removed from Tumblr, but so far it’s still there.

Veronica said...

Whoops! Forgot the most important thing about this post - WELCOME EMILIE! :-)

Kruschelkasten said...

@émilie: Good luck.

Emmy Emm said...

OHHH WELCOME EMILIE !!!! This is sucht great news :))) See you soon on our MF French Forum !!! (J'ai enfin une connexion internet stable :p) =)