Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Condolences to the Scott Family [Updated 3x]

Tony Scott, the brother of director Ridley Scott, has died last night of an apparent suicide. He was a prolific director in his own right, and co-produced many projects with his older brother Ridley. Understandably, Tony's death will have an impact on the current filming of The Counselor, starring Michael Fassbender.

Update 3: The rumor about Tony having cancer has been denied by his wife. ABC Network has once again been negligent in being hasty in reporting erroneous information in a sensitive and high profile story.

Update 2: Per Variety:

'Counselor' suspends production after Scott death

Ridley Scott directing vehicle shutting down production for the week

By Rachel Abrams

Scott Free drama "The Counselor" will shut down production for the rest of the week due to the death of Tony Scott.

Brother Ridley Scott is directing the project, which stars Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender. Shooting got under way this summer in London with a script by Cormac McCarthy about a lawyer who attempts to get into the drug business. Additional cast includes Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Rosie Perez.

Scott jumped off a bridge midday Sunday to his death; ABC News later reported that he had inoperable brain cancer.
Twentieth Century Fox will distribute "The Counselor" with Ridley Scott, Steve Schwartz, Nick Wechsler and Paula Mae Schwartz producing for Scott Free and Chockstone Pictures.

Update 1: It is now being widely reported that Tony was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.
We here at Fassinating Fassbender express our condolences to the family and friends of Tony Scott. Read more about him The Wrap.


émilie said...

It's so sad...Condolences to Ridley and his family.

Dionne said...

RIP Tony Scott

miapatagonia said...


Thank you for your due diligence in updating us on Tony Scott's suicide.

I had read about this tragedy in the New York Times and got pissed off by some of the readers' comments that were so judgmental and condescending. It sad that some people can't fathom how depression or personal demons can cause a person to take his/her own life.

I'm swimming through some rough waters in my life right now, and I realize that some demons--feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, that despite the accomplishments and dynamic, full life-- can't always be slayed, and that some people run away from life and love all the time. We should grieve for this talented man, not judge.

My condolences to the Scott family.

Jhessye said...

I found out from my friend that Tony had committed suicide. DUDE RIP.