Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prometheus on Blu-ray & DVD out on October 8th

Blu-ray cover art for Prometheus
 I mentioned a couple months ago after watching Prometheus, that this was the movie that has forced my hand to purchase a Blu-ray player. Apparently both the Blu-ray and DVD of Prometheus, which will come out on October 8 in the States, will feature 35 minutes of deleted scenes. So off the back, owning a personal copy of Prometheus for home viewing is a must for those who enjoyed the film. I have seen presentations of Blu-ray at entertainment stores, but on one specific occasion, back in 2010 when I was at Selfridges in London, I watched on a large flat screen the blu-ray of Avatar. I was literally mesmerized while watching it for a few minutes. I have already seen that movie a couple of times, so I was familiar with the scene that I was watching on blu-ray, and the difference of clarity and almost life like reality, was a complete 180 degree upgrade from DVD. I knew I would eventually buy a blu-ray player, but I was still in no rush, and on top of that, I figured the price would come down when I was ready to buy. Fast forward two years, I'm now at that purchase point. I won't get rid of my DVD player, I'll retire it to my bedroom where I have a TV that is patiently waiting for me to find use for it again.

As you can see, this is the cover art of the blu-ray of Prometheus, and I quite like it. I think it's a great idea to focus on the imagery of an Engineer, after all, it is his kind that gave life to the humans in the world of Alien. Using for the blu-ray cover the poster images that were used for marketing would not be fresh, and let's face it, the Engineer is a really cool looking character. Now check this out, it has been reported that Prometheus, along with the other four Alien films, will be a part of a boxset titled, 'Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus'. Lord help me if this is in my budget, I swear I will buy it! I personally own the first two films, Alien and Aliens in the format of... ahem,... VHS... and because of that, in recent times, I have only seen those films when I streamed them from Netflix. It has been my intentions to get with the 21st century and own these films in modern formats, and this boxset may be the ticket to that!

So, with 35 minutes of deleted footage, which may help those who disliked the film to connect some dots, and with behind the scenes filming footage and cast interviews, especially regarding Fassbender, this is a MUST have!

Are you going to buy the Blu-ray or DVD of Prometheus, even if you didn't like it?

Source: Digital Spy


Beckymonster said...

Loved the film and have already ordered the Steelbook in the UK -

Now all I have to do is *finally* upgrade to HD and Blu-ray! I've been meaning to do it for most of the year but this pushed me into doing it!

émilie said...

Like @Beckymonster, I have already ordered the blu ray and DVD (the limited collection). I loved Prometheus. I have the previous Alien films in DVD. I really don't like the second one (very boring) and my fav one is the first one, that is Ridley's.

Vera said...

I have not seen any of the Alien films (and frankly speaking I did not sleep so well after Prometheus) because this kind of films often scares the shit out of me. But I really liked Prometheus and (still some scenes cost me quite a few neurons ))) ).I'm going to by the DVD, but I think Blu-ray will have to wait since I don't really have much Blu-ray stuff for the player yet.
One of the main reasons I want the DVD is that I want to watch the film undubbed. And the additional features of course.

Dionne said...

I want to see behind the scene and deleted footage. Can't wait