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Russian Esquire - Michael Interview

Ask and you shall receive!  Thanks to Vera I. from Russia who kindly scanned the Russian Esquire article on Michael, and translated the text! Keep in mind that translations can use different terms that the interviewee did not verbally say. ;-)

Rules of life (by Michael Fassbender)

Best interviews are those, in which you are not expected to sell anything.

When I was around seventeen, I thought “What if I could become a lawyer?” But I got rid of the idea pretty soon. I’m too slow e reader. Who needs such a lawyer, who running his fingers slowly under lines?

When I got naked in front of the camera for the first time, I did it for my mother. I remember my mother was always complaining: “Really, it’s rubbish. Women are walking all around naked, and men always put on pants.” So, mother, keep it in mind: all this is for you.

I remember my sister pestering me “You are always dying in those films of yours.” What could I tell her? You know, I told her, you have to begin with something.

I did not settle in Los-Angeles for one simple reason – these people and this city lack sense of humor. I’m scared to think what I could have become if I stayed there.

When you become famous, people start giving you things. As presents. You thank them, but inside you are like “Why the hell did you not give me anything, when I could not even buy a bus ticket?”

With blood like mine, I should have definitely become a schizophrenic a long time ago. My German half always wants to control everything, while my Irish one constantly tries to break loose and to debauch.

The Germans are always bothering me with stupid questions about Ireland. Like “Is there even a couple of decent writers in this Ireland of yours?” And I’m like “ Are you serious? James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Bekket…should I even stop?”

We are living in an awful time. Nobody wants to listen to Metallica at lunch.

Everybody is insane. Everybody. And the one, who thinks he is not insane, is double insane, since he is doing the craziest thing in the world – denying that he is insane.

You can be serious about yourself. You can be serious about your work. But you can’t be serious about both.

Believe me, if I seriously want to go and do some wild thing, I do not slightly care if it will appear in the tomorrow’s newspapers.

I love speed. Speed is danger, and danger and speed are those things that have charmed me since childhood. When I was twelve, I could only think about the day I will turn seventeen and could get my driver’s license. But I also wanted to drive when I was four – like every child wants at the age of four. I did not really care what I wanted to drive – it could be a car or a tractor, but here’swhat I want to say: have you ever thought why children want it so much? Psychologists say it’s a phase of growing up. But if it is simply growing up, why don’t children at the age of four want to drive and don’t ask to give them a kettle to boil? Well, maybe someone asked for a kettle, but not me.

I hope that the next generation will look at us and say “How the hell did they manage to do this shit?” They will think and do everything differently.

Gods have always envied people. Because it is beyond them to have what we have – an opportunity to die.

Death is the best motivation for doing something important in your life.

Having played David in the Prometheus and having watched Blade runner quite a few times, I have grasped it: those androids really have something about them.

It is very difficult to just sit down and write a good script. It is really simple to just sit and criticize.

Tarantino is a man that feeds on films, breathes films in and exists thanks to films. It can be just anything, even some weird staff from Sweden dated 1963, but you bring it to him, and he’s like “Ah yeah dude, I have watched it”.

Most scary movie I have ever seen is The Jaws. You can live a thousand kilometers from the ocean and only swim in the pool, but you still will be scared, because fear is irrational.

Filming of X-Men:First Class has remained with me. For example, I learned how to bend metal with my gaze, but is still took some time.

I love it when amateur actors take part in a film. They are the only ones you can learn something from.

I always work on my roles as a viewer. It is the viewers who come and watch films, not the actors.

I have always considered porn to be an enormous atavism. I just can’t understand how porn can exist in a world where everything has become easier and more accessible. If you need to go somewhere, you just turn on your computer, buy a ticket and jump on a plane. Today it’s so simple to get somewhere, eat something, drink something or fuck someone, and then you just find out that only in the US there are 24 million people addicted to porn.

A good kitchen should always have good oysters.I’m quite good at cooking, but I never cook for myself. To my mind, cooking for just yourself is a summit of selfishness. When I’m alone, I just buy something in take-away, but I really enjoy a chance to cook for someone.

I like the wrinkles on my forehead, because they are what my life is. This one was given to me by a girl, who broke my heart. How could I ever want to get rid of it?

It is so easy to make someone happy. When you go to the subway in the evening and buy a ticket, you ask a cashier “How are you?”/ And he goes “Fine, thanks. And you?”. And that’s it. You walk away and you will not probably meet again. But you gave something important to each other, which is a small piece of attention.

It is really important to step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

My London apartment is very small, and the only thing I dream of is to install a spiral staircase there. Well, it will bump into the ceiling, but I will still have a feeling that there is something up there.

I clearly understand the meaning of lethargy. It is so pleasant sometimes to lay down in a den, turn the music on, play ping-pong, and then, being hungry, get out of it and make it a hell for everybody.

If I go dancing, I go DANCING and not stepping to music.

I still can turn on Slayer blasting.

I still have not figured out why people even shoot films.
Folks, eat sardines. They say there’s calcium in them.


émilie said...

Thanks! Love the pics too.

émilie said...
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marcia said...

Thanks Vera I. It was very nice of you. I think in those last interviews Michael is starting to speak a bit more about himself, saying things he never told us before and it is very interesting. And i love the pictures too.

Dionne said...

Yay, this one was a very good one! I love it when we get new info, and not the same questions over and over. lol :)

Kruschelkasten said...

Thanks for posting this interview. And thanks for the translation.


Fingersmith said...

Oh, this one's adorable, he says such random things sometimes, like the one about the staircase... Lovely man! Thanks Vera for the translation and Simone for posting!

Vera said...

Ha-ha-ha, I feel like I have a little explanation to do about the...well..certain wording and strong words. I'm sure you all noticed them and they were really in the original text.
I feel a little awkward about this since we can't possibly know whether Michael said them or not. But they were included in the original article. One of them was a really really strong one, which we do not even dare to use in public much. And I could not find an alalogy in English, so I used another word instead. At first I did not want to include these words but then it would not be the same as the original, so I kept them.
I've really been thinking quite a while about it today and at some moment I thought why would a reporter include something like this if Michael did not actually say it. But again we do not know.

Simone said...


Believe me Vera, we all greatly appreciate your translation service, and I welcome the additional information about the meticulous manner you employed to translate this as accurately as possible.

So, with that said, I can say that Michael is as cute and, frank as ever. I really enjoyed some of his responses, he's very... forthcoming.


émilie said...

I love his comment about Irish literature.