Friday, August 24, 2012


Worried about Fassy crap on the web? Don't lose any sleep over it.
Although I usually think Thank God It's Friday, let's use Fridays for Thank God It's Fassy! I don't know about most of you readers, but Michael is the only actor I really pay close attention to. My time and life is not monopolized by fun fantasies of several different actors... it's just one. And I have mentioned this before, but I'm really glad that Michael is not one of those celebrities who interacts with fans on the internet, like by not having a twitter account, for instance. It was mentioned at a gossip site noting 'A list actors' who don't do twitter, and along with people like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Natalie Portman... Michael was mentioned as not having one. And the comments posted were nice about these celebrities not getting into the hype of certain social media communication tools and using them for vain self-promotion. Although I do enjoy reading tweets of the few celebrities I follow, I'm very glad that Michael's not involved with it. There's also just too much crap out on the internet, pertaining to him that I'm personally relieved that he doesn't see it as often as some of his devoted fans do.

A comment posted this morning at the FF Pinterest expressed being concerned and upset about some junk found at both twitter and tumblr, with one comment asking what can we do. There's nothing we can do other than ignore the crap, don't give it a new life by bringing attention to it, cut down on the places you visit that is Fassy related, and just focus on the places that is diligent in maintaining a consistent, clean and fun community for Fassinators. I used to get very upset when I saw stupid stuff, and the reaction is just a reflection of the honest support and respect you have for Michael Fassbender. There are a lot of new fans entering the fandom minute by minute, and most of them are gullible to negativity because they don't know better, and some are too quick to judge. This is where FF comes into play. The stronger and more established we are, the easier the new people can find us and come here for accurate information about Michael and his career. So, keep your chin up and expand your options in seeking out Fassy info, but don't become reliant upon medias that tend to allow bs to go unchecked and has a lot of static.



marcia said...

The best thing we can do is ignore it and not answering back bc these people feed on anger if we denied it to them they will fade, they just want attention. And of course they are incredible jelous of Michael's success!

Simone said...

Yeap, that is the best thing to do, ignore them.

I have often wondered about the motive behind some hate comments. And this is just focusing on his career per se, not the other type of hate silliness. I'm curious to know if any D list wannabe actors or friends of theirs who are jealous of Michael's success can be behind some internet crankiness. Because let's face it, even though Michael was a struggling actor himself for a few years, he is in a spot that literally thousands of actors, just like him, wish they were so lucky to be in. So desperate to have opportunities like him, but failing to recognize that he was in their shoes at one point too.

I'm just tossing this out there because I'm really curious about what motives, other than just being insane and mean, that people have that forces them to express such thoughts in public.

It's a tough business being in Hollywood and not having the 'it' factor while seeing someone like Michael getting roles here and there, must make some people jealous. Michael knows that some mysterious people hate him, and that apparently disturbs him a bit.

Anonymous said...

Just like you Simone, Michael is the only one actor that I pay attention to and follow his projects closely. My work and my life don't have much more room and energy for others. And quite frankly, there aren't many actors in our generation who interests me like Michael does.

I also agree with you about celebrities who interacts with fans on the internet. I'm so glad and feel relieved that Michael doesn't have twitter, FB or any of that. There are many ways he can interact with fans, like film festival, screenings and panel QA, all that. I enjoy him talking about his work and his crafts and answering related questions.

As for all that internet crap, there are just too many useless, irrelevant and ignorant comments and information out there. All we can do is to filter them and choose what we want to read and comment base on our own senses. I also believe people with similar minds will eventually find a way getting together. For those haters and mean people, they have their places. Although there is nothing I can do about it, I can definitely decide that place is not for me.

Dionne said...

Michael's not the only actor I pay attention to, I have a handful but he's at the top of the list. TGIF

émilie said...

@Simone: I didn't know that Michael was disturbed by the false and hateful crap we can read sometimes. I hope he knows it comes from a very small minority of people.

Simone said...
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Simone said...

Yes Emilie, Michael mentioned in a recent interview this summer that he knows that people hate him, and it bums him out. He doesn't know where it comes from. It's part of being successful, but one can never get used to it. So yes, he is aware. :/