Monday, August 20, 2012

The Newsletter

I have been very busy this summer with all the Fassinating Fassbender projects I have online (along with everything else in my busy life), so much so that I have not updated the FNN newsletter in several months. I did think about it briefly last week when I closed down my tumblr webpage. I wondered if I should cease operations of the newsletter also. Because I don't get much reader feedback from the newsletter, I have no gauge to determine if a) people read it, or b) if the information written is good enough to warrant feedback. In the past, when I did provide an update, someone also unsubscribe from it afterwards (for example, a few people unsubbed after I broke the news about Plan B). Usually it's just one or two people, nothing significant. But when people unsubscribe from the newsletter after a new one was sent out, and there is no feedback from it, you can imagine the position I'm in when thinking about if the newsletter is relevant or not.

Also, there is the Fassinating Fassbender fatigue factor that I need to take into consideration. I update the blog frequently enough where people may think they don't need to be on the mailing list - but, one must deliberately subscribe in order to receive it, so fatigue may not be the reason. But my intentions of the newsletter was to provide sneak peek info and special notices to those who subscribe. However, since the blog has been the primary focus, there has been no need to also write a newsletter.

For the time being, I will keep it, and I would like to send a new email out this week, perhaps as early as later today. I'll see how it goes for the remainder of the year and if I'm not 'feeling it' anymore, I'll just cease sending it out, no big deal, it's cool.

Update: The newsletter has been sent out this evening. Thanks!


Kruschelkasten said...

Ok, my two cents on this topic:
Most of the newsletters I have a subscribtion to are business related so I tend to treat them all the same, you get the information but don't give a feed back (never thought about it to tell the truth and I dont't think they expect a feedback). So don't take it personal if there is no direct appreceation. I only would send a feedback if I'm asked to do that.

And to unsubscribe from a newsletter after you get it is normal. Because if you receive it infrequently, a new newsletter reminds you about this certain subscribtion and you might decide to unsubscribe (for any reason). So I don't see any offence there either.

I guess it is thoughtlessness on our side. I have not subscribed to your newsletter because I was not aware of it.


Simone said...

No, no one is thoughtless, I guess with no comments, along with people unsubscribing, it gave me pause to consider the validity of the newsletter. Especially with the announcement of Plan B, frankly, the sound of crickets was, suprising after than newsletter, which was the last one I believe.

Like I said, I'll test the waters a bit more and if I determine that my plate is getting too full, on top of lack of interest, I'll end it.

thanks for your feedback Christine.

émilie said...

Don't know how to react to your post, that's why I didn't write sooner. I cannot speak for the others but as far as I'm concerned, I liked your previous newsletter, I've kept it in my mailbox. But the fan is an avid reader for whom the rhythm of a blog is maybe more appropriate. Don't forget we are spoiled children: you're working for us and we take for granted your blog, tweets, articles and newsletters! If you decide to stop writing the newsletter, that's Ok, but if you go on, I'll always be happy to receive and read it!

marcia said...

The only newsletter i recieved so far it was about Michael's birthday present (the pictures...), is there more of them? If there is i'm having a problem :( but whatever you decide to do i'm very satisfied coming here (and also at the other blog) because you run very trustable blogs. And it is enough for me.

émilie said...

Simone: your newsletter has brought me interesting information about the hatred of M and N being together. You explained it in your post when the racist comment was posted but the newsletter is useful because you can develop your explanation: sincerely I couldn't imagine that such an awful hatred was so organized and well-spread. So thanks for the newsletter, I've learnt things.

Simone said...

Thank you Emilie, that is exactly what the newsletter is for, to provide more in-depth commentary to a select audience who wants to hear it. I'm glad I was able to help you and possibly others, better understand what the fandom is experiencing, and may continue to experience in the future.

Petra said...

Simone, all I have to say is your diligence in representing the love and concern we all feel for Michael's career and happiness is admirable. We can only hope that the energy and fervor that is use to hate can be matched and overthrown with the same fervor to love. Make it easy on yourself. What ever allows you to give the best of Simone should always be your choice. But, what ever info you have to share will be received by me, thanks.

marcia said...

Simone i just opened the newsletter and i understand that since april there were not new ones so i'm good. Thanks ;-)

Kelly Shelton said...

I read the newsletter and I agree with your commentary regarding Michael and Nicole's relationship. I've read comments on both of the boards you mentioned and the comments I have read range from happy and excited to mean and nasty.
I enjoyed reading the newsletter because in the midst of some of the things I have read about Michael and his personal life recently, it's a breath a fresh air to have something that's positive,encouraging and fun.

Also, I hope you are able to get that second interview with Michael.

Simone said...

Thanks Petra, Marcia and Kelly. I'm glad you all enjoyed the newsletter, and learned a bit more just like I have learned recently. There is a sea of craziness out there in the fandom and as long as it stays away from here, we're all good.


ps. four people unsubscribed yesterday. LOL! Oh well...