Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Venice Film Festival Starts Today [update]

Maybe he was born with it, maybe it's Maybelline.
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[Photo from last year's Venice Film Festival] So now that it has been proven to be either wishful thinking or a straight up blatant lie that Michael was going to be a cowboy in that Natalie Portman movie... now what? It's terribly quiet in fassyland with no new valid information about The Counselor filming, or him being in Spain, or Italy for that matter. Sometimes, dont'cha just wish you were a spy and could easily just find out stuff about Michael's public business, just, because? I do.

ps. Yes, I'm aware he's in Spain and was apparently seen with Nicole, but I didn't feel comfortable posting that airplane photo of him from that twitter man.

Update: the convenience of this blog is that you can switch posts around to make the more popular one move back to the top of the page. Since the pics of Michael & Nicole in London surfaced this afternoon, this post got more hits than the Russian Esquire post. Gee, I wonder why?

Images at Contact Music.

They are back in London:

I like this picture A LOT!


émilie said...

I'm happy to see Nicole is still in London with him. I've heard he may go to New-York at the end of Septembre for the Premiere of Nicole's movie.

Joe said...

OMG they are so adorable.

Simone said...

I've never rode on a motorcycle before. I would love to be his passenger one day.

Kelly Shelton said...

Maybe I'm being weird but as much as I love seeing pics of Michael and Nicole, I kinda wish people would stop taking pics of them.

I like the fact they are a private couple and not all in the press with their relationship. I just hope with all of the pics that have come out recently their privacy is not taken away from them.

I hope that made sense.

Unknown said...

It seems like they're basically living together, right? And if she needs to audition, she'll fly back to the States. I can't imagine there's much work for her in London. It's probably a difficult situation for Nicole balancing work and this relationship.

Unknown said...

Okay, take this with a grain of salt, but a Natalie Portman fansite has some info on the Jane Got a Gun story.

Yesterday's Fassbender reports are accurate. There is interest from him, but nothing has been nailed down. As it stands, Jane Got A Gun does not have a shooting date set. In fact, it might not even be Natalie's next film as there are other offers that may come first.

I'm inclined to think it's accurate. It's definitely plausible. I remember that this site was the first to debunk the rumors that Natalie was being pursued for The Counselor. And Vulture may have jumped the gun, but I doubt they had completely false info. I think they were the first to report rumors about him being involved in Prometheus.

Simone said...

Kelly, I understand your concern, and that is why I am very, very selective in the type of pictures I'll post here of M&N. Also, just take into consideration that they are in public and known persons to paparazzi who take their pictures to sell. They are not Brangelina, however, until American magazines like People and US write about them, we'll continue to see just a few pics of them here and there. And that's not a bad thing.

Unknown, I don't think anyone knows about their domicile situation, but as time passes, we'll probably be able to assume what's up. And thanks for the 'Jane' update... I don't know what to think, so, we'll see.