Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Fassinating Store: My purchase!

As a treat to myself, and to walk the talk, I bought several items for myself from the Fassinating Store at Zazzle last week. The items are made on different production lines, so they ship them out in several shipments. As I stated before, I ordered for me, a mug, one notebook, a keychain, and some buttons. Today I received the notebook and the 'Drink and Be Fassy' mug, and I am greatly impressed by the quality of both products.
I'm pretty impressed with the quality of my journal notebook and mug.

Based on the picture you see here, I have already baptized my mug with some Oolong tea (need the caffeine for studying tonight), and this is my notebook. It is smaller than the standard notebook, it's more like, a journal (6.5 x 8.75) - perfect for writing down notable inspirational thoughts and ideas. The picture of Michael was taken at TIFF 2011 during the Shame Q&A. And remember, if there is something you would want to buy at A Fassinating Store, but it's not there yet, please let me know what you want and I will look into creating it for you. And when you do buy from the store, please provide feedback because it will help future customers in knowing what you bought and what you thought of the quality. I'm going to post my comments when I get all my stuff.

I also want to take a moment to let you guys know that I will be scaling back a bit on posting, especially over the next few days. My classes are kicking my ass already, and I'm behind on readings for one class because I dared to put too much focus on the other class - yes, I have two grad classes, a marketing management and a communication activism class. I put the emphasis this past weekend on the Marketing class because the instructor randomly calls out students to PRESENT an entire chapter. So you have to be up on this shit! And my book is like an encyclopedia, big, black, and heavy, very small writing, lots of case studies, figures, tables, etc. And guess the fuck what? My ass was called up Monday night to present Chapter 5! And guess what again, I was in front of the class teaching them Chapter 5 like I was the teacher... for nearly 90-minutes! Yes! I got witnesses, I'm not lying! I was called up at 6:34pm, and sat my my ass down at 7: 56 pm. Yes, I was looking at the clock! I had a long day. Thank God I was prepared... and I had a gut feeling the professor set me up because I missed the first day of class because I was prancing around Toronto watching movies. So we're even now. Me thinks his selections ain't so random like he says it is! And when I went to my communication class Tuesday night, I realized I only read one chapter, and forgot to read the second one, and some additional readings that was uploaded on our online portion of the class. I dropped the ball. But, I wasn't the only one, and I participated as much as I could. I have a group presentation in that class next week, but there's 4 of us so I won't have to be in the spotlight much.

This is just a minute example of what my life with school is going to be like for the next 12 weeks, so look out for Dionne and Emilie to be posting more when time and info allows them to. I'll still be here definitely, but, I need to scale back for my studies.


Zeninca said...

Good luck Simone ! :-)

Simone said...

Thank you!

Jhessye said...

Simone! Sister you are doing it up! Good luck. 90 minutes of presenting. Reminds me of my friends Dissertation defense about the Florida Everglades. He's got his Ph.D. now. 5 1/2 years. WOOO.

Dionne said...

LOL. @ your description of teaching the class. Best of luck girl.