Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back from TIFF

Hey guys, I am back from Toronto, and back to the meager reality of my life (ie. work and school). I had a great time in Toronto, and I saw 17 films. My favorites were Argo, Cloud Atlas, and The Sessions. There weren't any bad films... although I was left less than impressed with The Master, that in no way should imply it was bad. Some films one must see several times to 'appreciate'.

*For more information and hot celebrity pictures from TIFF12, please visit Theatre of Zen.

Also, I'm sorry if my attempt to make people have a curious smile turned into some grumbling. My tidbit from Toronto about Michael at last year's tiff, as per the latest comment in that thread, made me realize how other people may completely misinterpret the living hell out of an otherwise completely innocuous situation. To help calm some concerns, the event was only about playing a kiddie type game that was initiated by the bouncer and Michael being happy Michael, played along. I know you're thinking, 'That's all?' Yes dammit, that's all, but because this act of silliness was very unprofessional for the bouncer, his name and the bar shouldn't have been identified. The picture of Michael and the bouncer was of Michael wearing that Metallica shirt after the Shame premiere last year.

What I have learned from this is that I need to be careful about what I share on the blog. Yes, I know other random stuff that I keep to myself, but this genuinely lame thing demonstrated to me how easily others can assume other things, so I need to be more responsible in the future. In addition to that, I also want to take a moment to reiterate that Fassinating Fassbender has always been a source of respect and a safe haven for gossipy crap about Michael.

Anyhoo, it now appears that Michael is now in Paris possibly to resume filming of The Counselor in route to Spain. With all the films that Michael has on his schedule for release in 2013, I strongly believe he will have a reason to be in Toronto next year. I can't wait already!


émilie said...

Welcome back :D
I hope too he'll be at TIFF next year, and I REALLY hope Twelve Years A Slave and The Counselor will be shown in European festivals next year!

Simone said...

Emilie, do you think you could make it to tiff next year? I don't know if The Counselor is film festival fare, but 'Slave' will definitely be.

émilie said...

Toronto is too far away for me but I have hopes concerning Cannes, or Deauville, or San Sebastian or Berlin, or London! There are so many festivals, let's hope Steve will choose one of them for the European premiere of his film!

Hupsakeek said...

Welcome 'home' and good to read you had a great time at TIFF, even without Michael ;) It's a pity that not everyone appreciate your playful part on the blog about Michael and the bouncer.I enjoyed it, because it let your imagination wander ;)
So back to the 'real' life, but with with a charged battery and that always good.
Now saving for the coming year ;)

Vera said...

17 films!you really rock, Simone!!!
I only now start to think that attending a film festival looks like an excellent vacation.

Simone said...

Thanks for understanding Hupsakeek!

And yes Vera, I 'only' saw 17, my host bff Glenn is seeing 35! LOL! But he lives in Toronto, so he can do that.

I love with or without the Fassbender, so it's all good and it's going to be my annual september get away. And as a bonus, tiff couldn't happen in a better month because Sept. 30 is my birthday so this tiff fun is MY birthday vacation. :D

ps. I keep forgetting to remind people about my other blog. I've updated it daily while in toronto, and I'm going to write a wrap-up article later today.

Dionne said...

LOL @ people coming here and running with gossip they made up in their heads about your post. Anyway I'm glad you're back Simone.

Still shocked that The Master wasn't all it should have been.

Jhessye said...

Hey Simone,

How was Cloud Atlas? that looked like a really interesting film with the Wachowski Brother and Sister starring Tom Hanks, Jim Sturgess, halle Berry and Ben Whishaw ( I love him) correct?

Simone said...

@Jhessy, please visit my other blog to read my review on Cloud Atlas. thanks!