Monday, September 10, 2012

FF Quick Hit

Hi guys! I found this cute Fassbender reference in the Globe and Mail (Sept 9) today:

It seems that Michael Fassbender's smile is legendary and memorable, even when he's not around.

And speaking of Fassy, my host had a friend sit with us at the screening of Byzantium, a vampire flick, and she knows I'm a fassinator. So she just told me that Michael attended an after party for Shame last year and her friend is a bouncer there. He said that Michael was very, very nice, and very, very funny. He took a picture with him too and she showed it to me on her mobile. It was a private picture that I could only look at with my eyeballs. And, I shouldn't even write this, I'm going to be a bastard for leading you on, but, according to the bouncer, Michael is just an all around cool, laid-back, hippie-ish, and very, very relaxed dude. :p

One key word is a big clue. Tee hee hee.


Hupsakeek said...

ohh, Simone you are killing me with this info. Every day this guy keeps getting better (on- and off screen) ;)

émilie said...

Agree with Hupsakeek...And LOL for the Michael Fassbender School of Smiling :D

Dionne said...

It was a private picture that I could only look at with my eyeballs...

Simone you're too much. LMAO

Joe said...


Simone said...

Sam, your comments have been removed because they weren't appropriate.

Unknown said...

I don't mean to be rude, but I think you should be careful with how you word your posts. Either be bluntly honest or keep quiet. Some people are taking your insinuations as confirmation of a particularly sleazy blind item that was posted on a gossip blog around a week ago.

Obviously, I know that it wasn't your intent, but people will put the worst spin on things if you post something like this.

Simone said...

I appreciate your feedback Unknown, and perhaps you're right. Because this friendly information given to me was from a friend, talking particulars would have identified the bouncer. Trust me when I say that nothing bad was done. Michael is a sweet and funny guy, and I respect him all the more.

I'll leave it at that and won't post teasing tid bit anymore unless I can tell the whole story.

For what it's worth, I have no idea about the blind item you speak of and I hope you have been a reader of FF long enough to know that I do my part in helping to detract people from rumors about Michael - vigorously.