Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hola Michael! (updated)

Updated to add a few filming scenes. Michael easily brings the sexy on doesn't he?

Michael Fassbender is in Spain filming The Counselor in the town of Alicante. In these pap photos with fans, Michael looks a little tired, but still happy to make fans happy by signing autographs. He loves those shorts and flip flops, and we do too!

Sharky Fassy attack move!

Oh I'd be delighted to sign autographs for you!

Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net


Unknown said...

One of the people in the Spanish costume department tweeted about meeting him today. It was cute how bowled over she was.

The messy outfit is endearing.

Simone said...

Messy Michael is cute and down to earth, unpretentious Michael. :D

émilie said...

It's good to see all these wonderful pics. These young people are very lucky, he seems to have spoken with them for a moment! He has something in his mouth again, not a toothpick but a straw or what is it exactly?

émilie said...

Sorry, the pic with the straw is another one! But he's not smoking on these Alicante pics, it's been a long time since we last saw him with a cigarette

Dionne said...

Love the candids with fans. They are the best :)

Fingersmith said...

Ha, that caption on Fassy Shark attack, totally spot on Simone! Messy casual is definitely very Michael. I find it funny that by watching his interviews and pics fans basically know what his fav leather jacket or shorts are. Very low-maintenance and endearing. :-)