Sunday, September 2, 2012

Michael in Venice for Your Film Festival! [Updated]

“Your Film Festival has already become one of the most important festivals and the reason is obvious,” says Victori. “There’s no better way for a director to advance in his career than to be given the opportunity to produce one of his dream projects with Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender.”

“The Guilt” was selected as the winner (from the ten films that received the highest number of votes on YouTube) by a distinguished jury that includes both director Sir Ridley Scott and acclaimed actor Michael Fassbender.

Says Michael Fassbender of the jury’s selection, “Choosing a Your Film Festival winner from the ten finalists was a tough decision.  They all showed such creativity and a strong understanding of the filmmaking process.  David is clearly a talented director and I can’t wait to work with him and Ridley on his new YouTube project.” Source: Dateline
Wow, Michael loves his V-neck shirts.
 And the winner of the Your Film Festival is David Victori for 'The Guilt'. Congratulations to David who was honored with the top prize by Michael Fassbender! David will receive $500,000 to make a film which will be produced by Michael and Ridley Scott. (more pics of Fassy to follow, hopefully unwatermarked). These watermarks aren't bad because they ain't interfering with the beauty of Fassy!

Michael Fassbender has the best smile in Hollywood!

Ok, that's it's for now!

If only there was a video of this presentation, I want to hear what he is saying. Surely one will surface soon!

Images: Getty | Gareth Cathermole


émilie said...

Congrats to the winner and OMG, Michael is gorgeous!

Simone said...

More pics are becoming available and I'm posting them as quick as I can.

Yes, Michael does look glorious, and David is a handsome bloke too. Congrats to him!

Joe said...

Michael looks amazing.

Hupsakeek said...

Michael announced the winner of Your Film Festival with an ease of a true star. (We all know he is, but sometimes I think a lot of people are completly unaware of this fact). The pics are gorgeous...because Michael is WYSIWYG!

Hupsakeek said...

Here you can find some pics without the watermark

Dionne said...

He looks good and refreshed liked he's finally had some rest. Very nice and congrats to the winner.

Petra said...

Congrats to David. What a wonderful opportunity for him to work with Michael and Ridley in the production of his award winning film.

Michael as slay me.

Jhessye said...

Hey guys here;s a video of fassy announcing winner David Vitori God Fassy looks hot I love it.