Friday, September 28, 2012

Michael too Sexy in Spain & Irish Empire

All those people behind Michael smell his sexy.
*Bumped up for TGIFaSSy!*
A very busy day at work today, and lots of reading for classes tonight. But this one picture of Michael in his default 'sexy mode' just takes the cake. I don't need to post anything else, just take this for what it is and go lay down!

In other news, I got my buttons that I ordered from A Fassinating Store and I immediately put one of them on my backpack no I'm not 14 to spice it up. Don't it look cool, and it compliments my Ireland pin that I picked up in Killarney!

And speaking of Ireland, I got a email from a nice dude named Colin who is the owner of Irish Empire. It is a website dedicated to uniting the millions upon millions of earthlings who have Irish ancestry. And I'm 75% sure I'm one of those people... relatives long dearly departed look curiously pale and my mother had a fondness for cooking up Irish themed foods for the family when I was growing up. So this suspicious stuff has to add up to me being connected someway with the beautiful green isle.

Anyway, here is what Colin says:
I recently set up IRISH EMPIRE, a sovereign Celtic nation founded in Cork, Ireland, that specifically targets the Irish Diaspora. My objective is that people of Irish descent take pride in their roots and literally wear their heart wherever they are in the world. 

I’ve been following your entertaining Blog and as you touch on Irish themes...or an Irish man .. I thought this 20 second video will show you the Irish Empire in action ;-)
 May be your readers might be interested in

You can read up more about Colin in this article. I'm so getting that black t-shirt! :D


Unknown said...

I know you said not to comment on the story in the previous post, but I'm a little shocked that you haven't considered that whoever runs the starletsunite tumblr is JUST as crazy as gorillahunter. I don't believe a word of that blog and their alleged "outing" of the gorillahunter blog, which is undeniably toxic and hateful, but could easily be the deranged work of a stalker, not an ex. I think they're both crazy to opposing ends.

Simone said...

That's why I don't want to have an active discussion about it. I provide the link and let people make their own decision, and on top of that, I bumped up this more 'happier' post to move on.

Dionne said...

Simone you did the right thing bringing it to our attention. Adults and people old enough to use the internet will undoubtedly make up their own minds. @Unknown you sound angry, makes me wonder. -_-

Anyway TGIF