Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More of Michael from Venice

Classic Shark Fassy
I don't do this often enough, I wish I had the opportunity, but I don't - what is it you ask? Well, highlight other blogs with good feature stories on Michael. However, Socialite Life is one blog I have used before because they have good images, and although they are watermarked, it's just their nice small size fancy logo at the bottom right side. They also don't gush over Michael or make disrepectful childish comments about him. They are good and clean fun. So with that, let's start the rest of the week with a many more Happy-aSs FassY images from Venice. He's most likely back in London now resuming his work on The Counselor, and in the next week or so, they will move production over to Spain.

My life is so fuckin' great man!
Normal Sharky Fassy

So pretty!


Hupsakeek said...

After a hard day @ work I get rewarded with this nice pics! Thanks Simone. What a natural beauty!

Simone said...

I forget that you and many others are like 5-7 hours ahead, so as my day is starting, your's is ending. Seeing pics of 'Happy-ass Fassy' like these are a great way to start and end a day.


émilie said...

These pics are wonderful! And your captions made me laugh!

Dionne said...

Our boy went full "shark". love it

Chris Jackson said...
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